Tuesday, February 10, 2015

You know fighting for accommodation at our parks for special needs children is admirable, but does nothing to provide them with an education - and that my dear friends is where Sergio and Dolores Zarate have actually worked to hurt special needs children.

During the judicial campaign, I have to admit it was easy to speak with Sergio Zarate.  He asked that I speak to his wife concerning lies being posted by Juanito.  I did and it blew my mind- I am trying to get to the facts to help expose the lie concerning a probate case.  I knew the lie just by reading the story, but I needed her side.  She spoke to me like I was some punk ass kid who just broke into her home.  I was like "what?"  I let it go because I presumed it has to do with having to raise a daughter who is so beautiful, but perceived by her parents as limited because of her special needs.  I told people the story and was told that is who Dolores Zarate is - rude to everyone - even the people trying to help her.  She and Sergio showed their true colors yesterday.

Intelligent people would have let the story go - nope they had to dig deeper.  I really did not think much about how they have worked to run cover for the abuses at BISD concerning special needs until they started to post all of their distractions.


Why did they as a non profit have an expense of IRS taxes?;
Why did they as a non profit have a large payment to the Texas Comptroller?;
Why are they charging DownbytheBorder rent to use Dolores Zarate's office as a base?;
Why are they charging hundred of dollars a year to DownbytheBorder for Internet services?
Why have the Zarates consistently aligned with the worse of the worse at BISD - namely Cata Presas-Garcia and Art Rendon?  A lot more on this in the next week or two

Over the next several weeks there will be a lot more.


To prove the Zarates know nothing and I mean nothing about the needs of special needs children - the challenge posted to me which really got under my skin was - prove BISD has problems with special needs kids not getting what they need.

That so got under my skin I now say to Dolores and Sergio Zarate - rot in hell where you two bastards belong.  Your distractions from your failures, and complicity with the BISD mess concerning special needs children will not fly at the BV

They are so desperate to distract from the fact they have been part of the abuses at BISD through their silence and alignment with the likes of Art Rendon and Cata Presas-Garcia these two completely worthless people want you to believe all is well at BISD.


In 2008, when the Due Process hearings went through the roof under Art Rendon, they stood with Art Rendon and his lies it was all Medicaid fraud.  BISD has nothing to do with whether children receive Medicaid.  He needed to create a distraction from himself and his incompetence so he fabricated an excuse for his incompetence and the Zarates were right there throwing the special needs children under the bus to defend the indefensible - Art Rendon.

For 10 years I have been working with parents at BISD to prepare for ARDS [basically making sure their special needs children are getting the educational opportunities they need].  I had to train BISD staff all the way to the top that they did not to get to use budget restraints to deny a child what they needed.  Over and over again I was told smaller classes were not available in the budget.  We had to fight to the TEA to get idiots like Art Rendon and Kathleen Jimenez to understand they were bound by the law and not by their ignorance of the law.


They were defending his denial of rights for special needs children.


When I documented the abuses and failures under Art Rendon and was attacked by the mouth piece hired by Star Jones [yea baby I know the truth now - to avoid Juanito going to jail for beating his wife and after being on the run requiring the court to issue multiple arrest warrants to get him to appear in court - Star Jones dismissed the domestic abuse charges against Juanito, then left the DA's office to work with Ben Neece to represent the abuser of special needs children  - Art Rendon] Juanito, where were the Zarates - defending Art Rendon.

CORRECTION:  The charging instrument says Family Violence, but the police narrative says he allegedly beat his girl friend after his wife complained his girl friend was allegedly calling her.  The full story is coming - Star Jones in 2008 dismissed the charges while Juanito was blogging and lying for Art Rendon - who represented Art Rendon - Star Jones and Ben Neece.

It was during this period that heated discusses resulted in Juanito approving comments I am HIV+, a child molester and have sex at the gym, to defend the indefensible Art Rendon.  Where were the Zarates?  Defending the indefensible Art Rendon.  The end result was I was $60,000 richer.  Proceed with caution Benny my boy - the discovery rule and obstruction of justice extend limitations - Star Jones really screwed all over you over in addition to abused women.  That story will develop more in the next weeks.  Juanito can write all he wants but I now have the complete file.


When it comes to the rights of special needs children in the classroom at BISD you will never find the Zarates advocating for these children,  They care more about throwing parties and swings at the park than the educational rights of special needs children.

Stell is now a failed school.  Years ago I demanded the dismissal of Luis Segura.  Carl Montoya under the majority of Cata Presas-Garcia refused to bring any disciplinary action against Luis Segura.  The evidence was documented.  The fact his boss Rita Hernandez still has a job with BISD should be all it takes for the Board to fire Carl Montoya - but Rita is protected and all of the special needs children within the Pace cluster will continue to be neglected. Where have the Zarates been on this issue? - dead silent.

In the case of Stell we proved in court that the principal lied in an affidavit about being a witness to an event.  He had criminal charges filed against a little girl as retaliation for the complaints filed against him by the father.  This man has no business teaching or being around children - his school is deemed a failure by Texas and Carl Montoya continues to run cover for him,  And where are the Zarates ?- nowhere to be seen or heard on the issue.

Luis Segura was so determined to punish this little girl that he filed criminal charges on her for pulling another child off of her friend.  It's called aiding someone who is being assaulted.  This is verified in the police report.  Nowhere in the police report is he listed as a witness.  The charges were dismissed after I called in Disability Inc to defend the child.

Luis Segura knowing he could do no wrong in the eyes of Rita Hernandez lied about a non existent restraining order against the father as justification for not responding to the father's demand for a special ARD for his daughter.  He then brought bogus disciplinary charges against the child while denying the father knowledge of the charges or the hearing.  And of course where was the child abusers Rita Hernandez and Carl Montoya - running cover for Rita's boy Luis Segura  - and now it is official Stell is a failed school and Rita Hernandez continues to run cover for her boy Luis Segura along with Carl Montoya

Where were the Zarates fighting for these special needs children being neglected at BISD? Dead silence - defending the indefensible Art Rendon.

In the case of a Hanna student Art Rendon actually called the father and demanded he drop the charges.  The father refused.  The TEA ordered BISD to correct Art Rendon's failures. Art Rendon was then forced out the door.  Do you know what Art Rendon along with Pat Lehman, and Antonio Juarez did the second they got on the Brownsville Housing Authority - they retaliated against the child's mother and took aware her Housing Voucher - legal aid came on and thousands of dollars later in attorneys fees they reinstated the Voucher - I had to help pay the rent for months along with the father. 


Defending the indefensible Art Rendon..

I can go on with Pace, Oliveira, Cummings and more.  I help parents prepare for ARDS, file TEA complaints all of the time, and seek counsel on Due Process violations..

I got Disability Inc., to come to Brownsville to educate the parents of special needs children in how to protect their children from BISD.


Defending the indefensible Art Rendon..


Being special needs does not mean you do not need or deserve an education.  This is lost on the Zarates.  They are about parties, and swing-sets in the parks.

Several weeks ago a group of BISD special needs children in a skills course were taken to Home Depot for cabinet knobs and such.  It was such a pleasure and joy to see these kids learning about the knobs and seeing the excitement in their teachers faces to be able to teach them about such simple things.

Children with any number of anxiety disorders cannot be in a regular classroom.  BISD fought me tooth and nail - budget - budget - no I said you will provide them the smaller class size of 10 students or less and the special needs children won.

Along these lines I have been pushing for a special Truancy court.  When I saw parents with special needs children being threatened with truancy court because BISD was refusing to accommodate the child with anxiety disorders we fought back and won. 

I have documented that the courts have found use of the Truancy courts to discipline special needs children unconstitutional.

I pushed for the new court - but politics being politics it died.  Sofie Benavides fearing it could force the  Commissioners Court  to terminate her daughter's JP court as not needed has fought it, and forces within the City of Brownsville wanting to control the money and hiring process blew it.  Charlie Cabler failed to understand these special truancy courts require one judge - one judge trained in special needs and the social problems in the home contributing to truancy.  No - Cabler wanted all of the municipal judges to handle the cases - this defeated the purpose of the special court so it died. 


Defending the indefensible Art Rendon. and the failed BISD..

Several years back I worked with a group of people who wanted to make a difference and we came up with the money and plan to consolidate to one middle school in the Hanne cluster children with major mental health problems so they could get more focused attention and supervision.  The money was found, the classroom space made available and then nothing because the hopelessly inept Kathleen Jiminez who was protected by Enrique Escobedo and Cata Presas-Garcia said no - the end result was a very mentally ill child allegedly raped another child.


Defending BISD's failures and aligning with Cata Presas-Garcia.


They should have left my post alone - but the second they tried to imply everything is all well at BISD - I had it - it was time to tell the truth about these devils.

More to come about their meetings with Tony Martinez and commitment to help Tony give the city away, in exchange  for more swing-sets for special needs children - yes the Zarates have met with the devil and cut a deal while mocking the most bless Pope Francis after he blessed their most amazing and beautiful child

Their most amazing and beautiful child blessed by God [and now the most amazing Pope Francis] to educate us that the concept of disabled is a social construct to rationalize ignorance, bigotry and discrimination against these blessed children, has been lost in the narcissistic personalities of her parents.

I will continue to fight for these children at BISD, and what I hope the lawyer who contacted me will turn into a request for a federal take over of BISD based on discrimination against special needs children.


Until you understand your daughter is a blessing from God to educate humanity and not a burden, you will never know your daughter or God.  God gave humanity your daughter to educate us with her most loveable smile and you blew it.

My aunt Socorro was Down Syndrome in Nicaragua at a time no services were available.  I admit hers was not that bad.  Had she been born today she probably would have gone on to college - But boy did she put me in my place.  She taught me more about judgment based on social ignorance, and the importance of treating everyone with dignity than anyone else.  Without Socorro to teach me to look into her heart and not her face, I never would have learned the most important lessons in my life.

She had no PhD, but she was the best educator I ever had. She was a blessing to the family.  She was our educator when it came to social justice - the justice of Joshua - aka Jesus.

How blessed we were as a family that God chose us to be blessed with Socorro as our educator in social justice.


BobbyWC said...

The dumbest comment I rejected yesterday was the one which said everyone knows I go to Jessica car wash for free car washes.

I told a friend about it and they laughed real hard. Everyone who knows me and knows my truck knows - I almost never wash it or get it washed.

It is a working man's truck. I haul things in it all of the time. The dents for me are like notches on a gun belt - it means I use it.

They only time my truck gets washed is after I leave the beach. I take it to the first self serve car wash and power wash the underbelly to get the sand and salt off from underneath the truck , and then I give the top a quick rinse.

The claim my truck being washed was just too funny.

And for the record Sergio what did I say about reelecting the incumbents - you are a liar - I made clear I am unhappy with the incumbents for their failure to go to the press with the evidence of the illegal executive sessions. How in hell Sergio is that an endorsement by me of any incumbent?

Only in your delusional lies Sergio.

And for the record in my post I stayed away from the work of your organization - my issue was misuse of the funds.

But you sir decided to make my work for special needs an issue along with BISD - today's post was 100% your doing.

You might want to think about that before continuing down this path.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"So you admit associating with the devil is okay when you have a special needs child, and then being two faced and appearing before his Holiness Pope Francis." I don't get what the Pope has to do with this or how you would know if I ever went before the Pope. I respect the Pope as a humanitarian and even as a religious leader but since I do not believe in God and don't believe in the devil either I have no fear for my soul. I had not intended to bait you with my post so that you are so twisted over it is just gravy. I find it hypocritical that you put limits on what you would do to help your child. I know many people are not willing to go very far. I am not who you think I am (check my ISP numbers or whatever it is you look at that you claim allows you so much information). I guess you are yet to recover from the oxygen deprivation at 18,000 feet.
By the way, when you rant at me for not believing in God remind yourself of you famous tolerance of others acceptance of others. In other words don't be the hypocritical ass you so often turn into.

BobbyWC said...

you're a liar. I have never - ever imposed my faith on anyone - I speak to my faith and compare it to others - but I have never asked that anyone believe what I believe

When did I attack you for not believing in god - what ever it is you are taking out of context.

The only truthful thing you said was about non-believers respecting this Pope--

I know so many, many atheists who adore this Pope and for that I already see him as a Saint.

Now how about doing what your limited intellect will never allow you to do, refuse my claims one by one

Why did the Zarates choose attack instead of refusing the claims - answer they could not refute the claims

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It is sickening the way you bring a little girl with down syndrome and make her the weapon for your assaults.

Anonymous said...

It is more sickening how her parents use that little girl with Down Syndrome to gain political strength, The Zarates are well know ass kissers when it is convenient for them.

BobbyWC said...

You are a two bit con artist. It is your position that is someone running for public office evidence if questionable accounting practices is off limits if they have a soecial needs child. I have not done what you claim. You as the con artist are using this beautiful innocent child as a distraction. Because of people like you one cannot speak of the Zarates without a qualifier related to their work if awareness for special needs children. If i do not put the qualifier people like you will come to their defense based on their work. When I spoke of the Lucio connection I praised them for their work. During the judicial campaign i refused all if the posts concerning the accounting issues for want if evidence. I now have the evidence and I narrowed the discussion to that. Then your side claim every thing is fine at BISD. It is not. your side opened the door to that discussion. Your pathetic attempt to use his daughter to avoid the truth sickens me.

Bobby wc

BobbyWC said...

To be honest i would ass kiss to help Bela. But i would not cut a deal with the devil or use questionable accounting practices to get Bela what she needs. I have no problem with parents ass kissing for their kids. But there is a point the line is crossed


Anonymous said...

. . . you will never find the Zarates advocating for these children, . ."

After reading the whole garbage that you wrote, your point is that the Zarates are not advocating for children with disabilities in BISD. That accusation can be made of every single citizen in this community. How many Brownsville citizens have gone to the Board of Trustees to complaint about the abuse as you have openly claimed to be part of the BISD system? In fact, you as an advocate has failed to address this issue before the Board of Trustees. Why? If you feel so strongly about how BISD is educating the children with disabilities, go before the Board of Trustees and make your opinion be heard instead of accusing people of not advocating for the children.

BobbyWC said...

You're just an idiot defending the indefensible. So it is your position I should go on camera and talk about these children and what is happening.

Are you one drugs?

I have endless emails and phone records of communications between myself and various trustees, AA, and Carl Montoya - every complaint has been documented and sent to them.

They are aware of the TEC's response. I get things done - but according to you because I am not running in front of a camera violating the rights of these children I am doing nothing.

Again are you on drugs.

Further, my issue is not merely not advocating for the special needs children at BISD - it is the fact he has stood with those responsible for the abuses.

Given this FACT - he is part of the problem and cannot claim to be an advocate for special needs children such as he does.

And he does - he will tell you does not limit down by the Border to Down Syndrome Children only

Due you have to get off of those drugs

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Are you one drugs?"

It seems that the only one on drugs is you. Yes, you have endless phone calls and emails; however, it does not mean that you are advocating for the children. Your actions are based on what you interpret as being corrupt and abusive without caring what actually is wrong with the situation. It is all about what "I" have done. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are doing this community any favors that you can be proud of.

BobbyWC said...

The findings against BISD are the proof - every child I work with is in a smaller classroom - some campuses know the second the staff sees me how it will go - they will follow the law - no ifs and or buts

My record for the children is solid - in cases wherein parents gave me permission to tell the story without their child's name I did and I fact posted the TEC findings with the child's name redacted.

With Carl Montoya now gone from BISD, I am hopeful Rita Hernandez and Luis Segura are next

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

". . every child I work with is in a smaller classroom - some campuses know the second the staff sees me how it will go - they will follow the law - no ifs and or buts."

The law is very simple. "Children with disabilities shall receive a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment." Some children benefit from a small classroom and others may benefit from a less restrictive environment such as a resource room or a general education room based on their specific needs. Not all the children are the same. However, countless of advocates play the intimidation game thinking that they know what is best for the child and the gutless school district give in to their demands instead of what the child needs based on evaluations, medical records, teachers recommendation, parents input and other factors that the ARD committee should consider in making a placement.

BobbyWC said...

When I am dealing with a child with mental health issues, ADHD, or some other disorder I have in hand a recommendation from their doctor.

I have been to too many ARDS wherein staff lie to the parents and tell them smaller classrooms are not available. When a pediatric psychiatrist tells me the child cannot handle a regular classroom - there is nothing further to discuss - the child will be in a smaller classroom - the BISD staff do not get an opinion.

In part because I have been to ARDS where the staff is getting the child all excited about getting into the cosmetology program and they want the child who still cannot read or write to take business courses.

When I ask how many children get into the program and learn very few I ask - and "you really believe this child who can neither read nor write can get admitted into the program?"

There is where the conversation ends. Far to many folder teachers are interested in doing as they are told by the principal instead of what is best for the child.

NO, I go into these meetings with a clear recommendation from their psychiatrist, psychologist, doctor and the latest testing of the child.

If the child is in 9th grade and still reads at the 2nd grade level that child is going to be in an extra reading course - an extra math course - I get them on a path to graduate with real hope and not the false hope so many folder teachers recommend like - cosmetology for a child who has not chance of every being admitted into the program.

I will trust their doctors any day before I trust anyone in a BISD ARD meeting - and they all know they are going to do what the doctor has ordered based on what we have learned about their skills level and learning style.

Yes I force the testing of the children for learning styles so we can create a program which caters to how they learn.

Horrible right - I'm such a bully - I do have a Masters in Education and years of teaching experience.

I also have a Masters in American Government with a Thesis - and a JD. I am also government certified in Russian, and Spanish.

I read endless journals on learning styles, neuro-biology and learning styles

For the record I hate the term special needs - my nephew who is studying different education as he calls it got his teachers to agree that "different needs" is better than "special needs."

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"When a pediatric psychiatrist tells me the child cannot handle a regular classroom - there is nothing further to discuss - the child will be in a smaller classroom - the BISD staff do not get an opinion."

The purpose of the ARD committee is to determine the appropriate educational program based on the child needs. Those needs are based on medical reports, psychiatry reports, teachers evaluations, parent inputs and other evaluations. Any member of the committee (parents, teachers, assessment personnel, administrators) has the right to contribute to the students individual educational plan. However, to say that the BISD staff do not have an opinion is incorrect. Why have a group of people meet if they are not going to contribute based on all the information presented to them at the meeting. Any recommendation by a doctor should be highly considered by the ARD Committee in developing the student's IEP and placement. The decision of the ARD is legally binding and cannot be denied or rejected by the School Principal, Special Education Director, or the Superintendent of Schools. That is a fact supported by federal and state guidelines.

BobbyWC said...

You have never been to an ARD - that is clear - who exactly do you think directed the committee members to tell us lies like - no smaller classrooms available for the child because of budget constraints? The principal. Why do you think the TEA had to keep on intervening? You knw how I was able to avoid further TEA complaints? I realized the ARD committees were there for the administration and not the children - that is when their opinion because worthless.

When an ARD member is telling a parent a child who can neither read no write does not need an extra reading course and should instead be taking business courses then the ARD member has nothing to say I want to hear.

Garbage like this would happen every time - until I learned just how little power they had and how much power the parent had.

When an ARD member would lie to a parent and say all children must be part of inclusion, that ARD member would be quickly silenced.

They either knew nothing about the law or were there to carry out the orders of the Administration.

There is a reason why so many Due Process complaints are filed - the ARD committees exist for the administration and not he children.

Do you know how many times I would sit here with parents to have these idiots say they were unaware of the child's medical needs because it never occurred to them to open the child's folder because it was too thick for them to read.

When you learn something about the reality of ARD meetings then we can talk.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Your argument may be correct but your point is not. There are in some cases many school administrators who are ignorant of the law and follow what the department of Special Services instruct them to do which is totally a failure to comply with federal and state guidelines. Budget restraints or difference in philosophical ideas on how to educate children with disabilities is not a reason why services needed by a child should not be provided as stated by federal and state guidelines. Therefore, your argument may be correct. However, your point that a staff member of the school district does not have the right to an opinion is incorrect. As a member of the ARD committee it is your duty to assure that a child receives the most appropriate education as needed. In addition, next time that you attend an ARD, when a recommendation is made regarding a specific class (such as cosmetology) for the students graduation plan, request that the assessment person present the committee the report of the vocational interest and aptitude assessment that indicate such a career field for the student. Just be careful that such report is an extensive report that include an aptitude portion in the assessment.

BobbyWC said...

Now go back and read what I wrote along with the qualifier when then member has no right to an opinion, and if you still do not understand simple English please provide me your name and address and I will bring 5 years old Bela to your home to read it to you and explain it.

Your argument that someone who has proven themselves incompetent gets an opinion is just stupid, stupid, stupid

On for the record most of the time it is the principal at the school telling the staff there is no money in the budget and not Special Services Administration. On that issue we finally have rational informed people who know you cannot use the budget excuse - so stop trying to redirect blame where at this time it does not belong.
Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"On for the record most of the time it is the principal at the school telling the staff there is no money in the budget and not Special Services Administration."

Call somebody with knowledge about school finances in regard to the role of department administrators. For your information, the Administrators for Special Education has the responsibility to manage the special education budget. They determine how many special education teachers are assigned to each school and how much money is budged for each school based on federal, state, and local allotment. Yes, the school principal tell the teachers that there is no money because the Special Education Administrator is not giving it to the school. Furthermore, please do not refer to a child in order to make a point. Now I am going to give you my sincere opinion, failure to provide appropriate services to a child is wrong and it is the ignorance of the members of the school staff including the school principal not to fight for the rights of the child. The action of our board members and main office administrators has failed to provide our students with the proper education.

BobbyWC said...

You are wrong. How is soecial services to budget for the campuses if the principals are nor repirting correct information. They have classroom shortages so the principals have the staff lie during the ards to they do not need to find space fir the students. Ive been rhere too many times. The principals find space tbe second i raise tea. Bisd is run on lies not rules. You need to leave la la land for the reality of what is happening in the meetings