Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I only got home just before they went into executive session.  I did not see the vote.  I did see Minerva Peña in the Board President's seat running the meeting.

The more remarkable thing about Otis Powers and Carlos Elizondo is they make Presas-Garcia look honest.  When Carlos Elizondo got caught working with Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria, he swore to his supporters he would not be part of their click.  Carlos Elizondo is such a liar he makes Cata Presas-Garcia look like an honest woman.

Otis Powers just sunk himself by aligning himself with Presas-Garcia.  His base will not forgive him - hell I think Arg Miller can beat him hands down.

What is sad , with Juanito having a new source of funding from Powers and Elizondo, we can expect more defamation and distractions without a care in the world as to how it impacts the children and staff.

The paid drunken mouth piece of Otis Powers, Carlos Elizondo, and Cata Presas-Garcia minutes after the vote claims the new majority is already rigging contracts.  Wow - these are super human people if minutes after the vote while sitting there they are already contacting vendors and manipulating contracts.

Does this mean Otis, Cata, and Carlos will now be for dumping Carl Montoya now that according to Juanito he is already playing with the contracts to favor the new majority.

From Mr. conspiracy based on a check Juanito:  This is minutes after the vote mind you.

"This bunch is moving pretty fast to take control of jobs, insurance contracts, purchasing and staff assignments. In fact, they may be moving a bit too fast for some."

These guys with their speed make Superman look like a turtle in a race.


Anonymous said...

Otis fucking sense of entitlement is appaling!!!

Anonymous said...

Yah dude, your time is up!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everybody saw how disrespectful Catalina was towards the entire board. Does this woman realizes she's the one making a fool of herself?
And the stupid Carlos following into her foot steps!!!

Anonymous said...

Why can they all get along!!!!
There was one very stupid woman talking with her finger up in the air. This lady needs to go!!!

BobbyWC said...

try boink and then I will let it through

Anonymous said...

Carlos Elizondo,
a word of advice brother: stay away from LA bruja caty or catia or whatever her name is. you said you were in for the children....