Thursday, February 5, 2015


Looks like Otis is enjoying it more than Juanito.

The first thing is, several sources have informed me that Carl Montoya will resign before the next Board meeting. As a community we need to be ready to demand a national search with the assistance of a community advisory committee.

There are many things going on.  But the one which disturbs me the most is how Carl Montoya has used the administrators to go after one another thereby promoting discord.  The blame is with Carl Montoya and not the administrators.

But I will say, if when the Interim-Super gets appointed he/she does not immediately fire Rita Hernandez and Luis Segura, then they need to replace the Interim.  Rita Hernandez has been running cover for Luis Segura long enough.  She clearly does not care about the kids.  Stell is now on the list of failed schools.  What is left to decide?  Nothing - except Carl Montoya refuses to do his job on this issue.

In considering what I am about to say, remember this ad in how Otis Powers was left out, and Cesar Lopez was blamed for what Otis did.

Juanito's story is basically true.  While he was posting I was on the phone with insiders.  Today was busy.  It appears an attorney is looking at suing BISD over the failure of BISD to fire Rita Hernandez and Luis Segura.  They are both a nightmare.  Any Board Member who continues to run cover for Rita Hernandez and Luis Segura will feel the wrath of the community.
"Others wondered whether it might have been the motive behind the recent reorganization of the board with the replacement of board president Otis Powers by Minerva Peña.

 "Powers knew better than to sign the contract without board approval," said one. "We'll see whether Peña will sign it without it."  
Juanito's own accurate documents show the check was cut on the 26th.  He posted the invoice showing paid.  So no Juanito this illegal purchase of insurance was done under Otis Powers. There is nothing for Minerva Peña to sign.
But you get it guys, Cesar was blamed for Otis;s conduct, and now Otis Powers wants to put the blame on Minerva for something he was already to party to.  The money has already been spent - against the wishes of the board.
On Tuesday there must be an emergency board meeting with all 7 voting to fire Carl Montoya along with a command by the Board to Baltazar Salazar to prepare a formal criminal complaint against Carl Montoya and Lucio Mendoza.  Lucio Mendoza must also be fired.

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