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Hey - be patient - I do have a story - after this post

I had to go off the Nuvigil because of the headaches.  So I am back to an erratic sleep pattern.  The fog is back.  When I am editing my posts sometimes I am not sure where the words came from - they make no sense.  This morning I restructured a horrible sentence in the tattoo post.  I do think part of the problem is how fast I type.  I think the wireless keyboard sometimes cannot keep up with my typing.

Tomorrow I have another scan which will look at my hypothalamus, pituitary, the entire brain, and nasal and sinus cavity. They keep an eye on it because at this time while neither work, they have yet to learn why.  Small benign tumors can take years to detect. 

Anyway, yesterday in the morning I did as  I planned - I went out and bought a fresh chicken - seasoned it with Tones Rosemary Garlic and a little salt.  You must season the inside of the chicken.

I roasted it for about an hour and a half.  [Her here I a trick  - makes no sense right - so I edit - where it came from I have no idea] Here is a trick to flavor and tender breasts - make sure you put olive oil all over the chicken before seasoning.  I roast at 375.  I start with 45 minutes breasts down.  This allows all of the fat in the back to drip through the chicken and the breasts.  This tenderizes the breasts and ads the flavor of the fat, salt, rosemary and garlic I put inside the chicken.

I love roasting in the morning because it heats the house, and leaves the house smelling of chicken, pork, ham, or a roast beef all day.

My game plan was to then get things going for cream chicken.  Well the fatigue kicked in and before I knew it I was down for over 3 hours.

I woke up at 4:30 and did not really feel like cooking.  But I did and my mood and energy level changed for the better.


Mind you while I was preparing the cream chicken, I was also preparing a pumpkin pie for dessert - lots of bowls and dishes.

I removed the chicken from the roasting pan.  The legs and thighs were pretty small and I had eaten them for lunch.

I pull off all of the meat and slice it into medium size chunks.  I take all of the bones, fat, skin, what ever is left after I strip the meat, and boil it with garlic and celery for an hour, 

Once I had the broth going, I cleaned the roasting pan and put it away.  All fat goes into old jars - fat never goes down the drain or into the garbage.  Something I use is the old soy milk or juice containers.  You can be cooking while throwing little things into the containers instead of putting everything into the trash.  Yesterday I used it for the chicken drippings.  You can add it to the broth, but it was a bit too much fat.

Once everything was clean, I prepared the pumpkin pie.  With the pie in the oven, I cleaned and put away the bowels I used to make the pie.

I took sometime to clean off my counters, except the one near the stove.  That was going to see some use.  I hate dusting so there is always dusty places in my house, but I have to mop my kitchen and disinfect all of the counters every day.  The same for the bathrooms.  Toilets, floors and counter and sinks.  When you come into my house there are only two acceptable smells - my cooking or Buster.

So now the broth was done.  I removed all of the chicken parts and put them in the same used orange juice container I used for the drippings.  So now all I have is broth.  I put it in a bowel and into the freezer.  Again, I wash the pot and put it away.

For the recipe which I will give you, two good size chicken breasts are enough chicken for the recipe.  I have a bowl that I use to eye the amount of chicken I need.  I then use the same bowel and peal three potatoes and slice them into chunks.  If I need a fourth I add it.  I am looking for an equal amount of potatoes and chicken.  I then ad the small carrots into the bowel.  To help with the cooking process, I ad a little water to the bowel, cover it cellophane, and then nuke it. Every microwave is different so I start with 4 minutes and if needed maybe another 2.  The potatoes and carrots are done.

By now the pie is out of the oven and on the cooling rack.  The oven is already to go so I put in  the biscuits.  I like to buy the big flaky biscuits.

With the biscuit in, I enter the final round.


This may all seeming fattening - but it really is not because this recipe should feed four with big servings.

A roux is equal amounts of butter and flour.  In this case it is a stick and a half of butter and 12 tablespoons of flour.  You melt the butter on a medium heat and then slowly mix in the flour.  It will not clump.  Actually guys this is the key to any good gravy  - make a roux on the side and slowly add it to your chicken, turkey or beef drippings until it thickens and you have a perfect gravy.

As the roux is simmering I remove the chicken broth from the freezer.  The fat will now be on the top and easily removed and placed into the old orange juice container.  You now mix in your salt and pepper.  You add the chicken broth and then the milk.  Once it thickens a bit you ad the chicken, potatoes and carrots.  If I have peas in the house I like to ad a can of drained peas.  Make sure when you ad the potatoes and carrots you drain any water in the bowel first.

At about this moment the buzzer for the biscuits goes off and the reward is before you.

You split a biscuit or two on to a plate, and then cover with cream chicken.  It was about 7 p.m.  There is plenty left over for lunch the next day.  My roommate took some for lunch and I will have the rest for lunch.

What could be better on a cold day.  I felt like a million bucks while cooking and cleaning my kitchen.


Okay so you know how to roast your chicken, prepare the potatoes and carrots, and the roux.

Remember the roux is a stick and half of butter, and 12 tablespoons of flour.  You season the roux with 2 tsps. salt and a 1/4 teaspoon pepper.

Once the roux looks creamy add three cups of chicken broth - now pay attention.  When you make the fresh chicken broth boil it down to the point it is just above all of the bones and stuff.  Do not worry if it is three cups or not.  Measure out what you have and then just use water for the rest.  Trust me - if you made the broth as directed when thinned out it is three cups of broth.

Then slowly ad 2 cups of milk.  I use the 2%.  Simmer it until it begins to thicken and then ad the chicken and vegetables.

You are done.

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love the recipes ... love to cook, too ... I wish I had a LARGE kitchen :-(