Wednesday, February 4, 2015


When it comes to the law, I probably have forgotten more at this point than most lawyers ever knew.  It hit me last night, and I need to go get another document in a related matter.  Hopefully before noon I will have it up.

At this point I will say with 100% certainty Judge Arturo Nelson was a willing participant in this corruption.  The only other conclusion is, he is brain dead.


What reason could Judge Nelson have had to appoint Louis Sorola out of order as Negrete's attorney when all the attorney had to do was stand there and smile while ADA Gus Garza told the court the felony charge had to be dismissed on Double Jeopardy claims?  The answer is none and that is how we know Nelson was part of this.

Mind you this Negrete guy has a long list of criminal charges including a felony DWI.  The misdemeanor cases are endless.

Leticia Barguiarena was appointed to represent Hector Negrete in 4 cases.  Three misdemeanors and one felony.  Two of the misdemeanors and the felony were related to one incident.  Leticia Barguiarena got Negrete time served of 76 days in all three misdemeanor cases.  There were reckless driving, and criminal mischief and Assault Bodily Injury.  The latter two occurred at the same time.

So here is the question - why did Negrete have to plead guilty to the last two if conviction on one meant DJ as to the other because they were part of one criminal act?  Answer - different victims different crimes.

Solora took over for Leticia Barguiarena based on an appointment out of order because Saenz and Nelson needed to make sure they had an attorney who would play ball. It is that simple.

This guaranteed dismissal on DJ grounds of the felony case 1316.


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Are you following villalobos' oral argument in houston today? Audio should be up soon

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