Saturday, February 14, 2015


From Juanito:

" They claim that Garza could no longer correct the sentence because "A trial court has inherent power to correct, modify, vacate, or amend its own rulings, and, as long as it does not by its ruling divest itself of jurisdiction or exceed a statutory time limit, it can simply change its mind on a ruling."

An appeals court in Riles v. State, 216 S.W.3d 836 (2006), quotes precedent that a court is within its authority to change a sentence authority "only a few moments after it had initially sentenced defendant and before it had adjourned for day," not two weeks later. Castro, his oponents say, could have moved for a new trial or appealed his conviction." Close but not quite

Riddle me this Juanito, what does a case from 2006, have to do with statutory law in 1994/95?  Answer for anyone but a complete vindictive idiot, nothing.  What was the substantive change long after 94/95?

Because I consult on everything except the UCC and bankruptcy, I actually now the law as it existed in 1994/95.  And it is not the law Juanito is citing. 

Because I have no proof that the judge properly issued one sentence and then later issued another sentence, I will not comment on the law because I have no proof as to the essential alleged fact.  Did the judge modify the sentence based on a motion?

Once I can prove the judge in fact did modify the sentence based on a motion in 1994, I will outline the law.

If the facts are as Juanito say, the sentence was modified based on a motion, then I suspect Castro will withdraw from the race rather than allow for proceedings.  But because Juanito lies so much about facts, I cannot rely on his rendition of the facts.

But on his explanation - a complete hit and a miss - but as to the substantive effect Castro may have to withdraw.

I cannot check on the original orders until Tuesday.  The court house is closed on Monday. 

I could be wrong, but my recollection is only another mayoral candidate can challenge Castro's name on the ballot.  The City Secretary can then remove it if he is not qualified as documented by the person making the challenge.  But I can assure you, Juanito's stellar legal research will get them nowhere.


BobbyWC said...

misspelling intended = if he wants to be someone's trained monkey for a six pack - then the shoe fits

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Why are you not investigating the Tenaska scandal?

BobbyWC said...

What's to be investigated? Our rates are some of the lowest in Texas. We are at 5-6 cents per kwh Texas is 10-11 cents per kwh. You cannot bring in industry with a modern electrification policy. So if my rates go to 8 cents per kwh that is still less than the state average.

My brother in east Texas pays 9 cents per kwh.

Are you against economic development.

Do you know something about a kick back no one else knows about - please do share your paranoia.

I am so fed up with you anti development paranoid conspiracy theorists - not everything is a conspiracy to ruin your day.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Keke, you really need to get a life - do tell us were your onine gambling debts forgiven in your bankruptcy?

Zeke Silva is the epitome of the fake Christian - here is his definition of being a Christian - if you love Jesus there is no sin for which you will not be forgiven .

Zeke if I were you I would blow my brains out rather than have no purpose in life other than to settle endless scores with people I hate.

Be careful Zeke the court can dismiss your bankruptcy for fraud - be real careful my obsession compulsive troll - you have become unsupervisable and that is when your cockiness will get the better of you and you will lose everything.

You feel better now Zeke?

Your comment is rejected as not having any proof.

Quoting Saenz on the law is like quoting yourself or Juanito - it has no value
Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Zeke, your second comment is rejected for the same reasons. I clearly said if the claims are true Erasmos has problems - you say the documents are real - hence Erasmos has problems - you cannot even read and hate the fact all you paid Juanito for got you a convoluted post which does nothing for what you want.

The following from your post is so stupid.

"You just admitted you don't' know didly but hey what does asking for the documents have anything to do with reality lets just bash Juanito because you enjoy it"

Never happened - I clearly said the law works against Erasmos if the documents are correct - which means I know a lot more than you or Juanito Zeke.

I made the decision last night to go forward with the law because if the documents are real then people will be able to move forward on Tuesday when the courts open up.

Your obsession with Melissa once again gets the better of you - why do I need to go to Melissa? Because when you were lovers with Saenz he gave you everything you wanted.

No my boy, I pay my dollar a page on the second floor. I look up the case print the pages I want and go on my way. I do not need Melissa to give me that which anyone can get on their own if they know how to use a public computer on the second floor.

I will start by publishing the key law and then fill in the story.

This will give your vindictive brain an opportunity to start calling people to pay them to do your dirty work as the false Christian you are.

Bobby WC