Friday, February 27, 2015


The story on Monday.  If litigation follows, and BISD fails to turn over all of my documented complaints against Rita Hernandez, Rose Longoria, and Luis Segura you have received from me, I will turn them over to counsel.  You are toast Minerva and can be assured a new reorganization will be called for.

Dr. Esperanza Zendejas

Zendejas has proven in less than a week on the job she will do the dirty work for those seeking to deny special needs children their right to an education.  She has committed to be Minerva Peña's lapdog, at the expense of special needs children. 

Ask around lady, on the issue of special needs I stayed on Hector Gonzales until he was gone, I stayed on Bret Springston until he was gone.  I a stayed on Carl Montoya until he was gone.  And now I will stay on you until you are gone. You will not be allowed to do your job. You  have no idea how hated you are for caving in to Minerva Peña.  Rita Hernandez, Rose Longoria and Luis Segura are as anti special needs children as you can get.  I will stand with the special needs children - you can stand with Minerva Peña.  Let's see who wins.  Hey lady, is the fact Luis Segura's failed leadership made Stell a failed school not enough for you to see, Minerva played you? - what did she promise you to throw these children under the bus?  Do our children a favor and leave Brownsville now - because BISD personnel after Monday will not lift a finger to help you.


Anonymous said...

Wow, almost a whole week. Only someone with your keen insight into the human character could have seen through her so quickly. And I am sure we are all relieved to know she will not be allowed to do her job. Why don't we just pay out her contract and hire another temp? And after a couple of days, when we see that one won't do what we want we can pay them off and hire a third temp. I bet we can get three or four of them on the string before a permanent super is signed on. And you know, I think that we could save time and effort by not selecting the new super via a committee. You could just do it. It would be another expression of your great love of Brownsville.

BobbyWC said...

You know how I know you are an idiot not interested in special needs children and Brownsville - you do not even have the complete story and you have concluded nothing happened. Something big happened and BISD will be sued.

The Interim-Super intentionally through the special needs children under the boss. She intentionally violated BISD protocol at Minerva Pena's request.

Now how about waiting for the full story before making a fool of yourself by claiming it has no merit.

Because if after you have all of the facts you can defend this woman then you hate children.

The other day someone went at it with me without a concern for the facts and claimed the Area Superintendents do not control the special needs children - they are wrong

Minerva Pena working with Rita Hernandez and Rose Longoria decided that they were tired of being overruled by Special Services so they ended Special Services - got it - obviously you think this is acceptable but it is not and BISD will reverse course or face another lawsuit.

Personally I want the lawsuit because it will cause the parents of the special needs children to demand and end to Minerva Pena and Rita Hernandez

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Minerva Pena working with Rita Hernandez and Rose Longoria decided that they were tired of being overruled by Special Services so they ended Special Services."

Most idiotic statement made regarding services that cannot be denied by a school district. Stupid remarks like this proves that you have no credibility in what you write. How can Pena, a board member, overrule the services that are required by both federal and state laws?

BobbyWC said...

Why do think the number of due process complaint in Rita Hernández cluster are so high? She and her principals will not follow the law. This is why bisd keeps on paying out on de process claims. Pena decide to end oversight by special services in favor of Rita Hernández. Bids will be sued. The parents are not happy. I guess all of the current and past violations never happened. If everyone follows the law why do we even have courts? Do you even think before you post

Anonymous said...

Just google the new super to get an idea of her history in making a fortune from every district she has been in---sorry taxpayers but just watch--people will start getting dismissed---suing---and making a bunch of money---then the kickbacks will commence. Its all a ruse---and NEVER about the children.
Pura drama!!!!!!!!!
Continue to dig Bobby. And I wish the taxpayers in this town weren't so gullible.
Todos se tapan con la misma colcha. Bola de ratas.

Anonymous said...

You really feel you need to call me names? Dude, I thought you might get it but I am not surprised that you didn't. My comment had nothing to do with special needs children. I freely admit I don't know what the district is up to in that regard or the politics of the situation. My comment was about the rush to judgment and the implied threat to somehow prevent the temp super from doing her job. I'm not smart enough to get how that will help the district.

Another thing I don't understand is why you are so offended she " through the special needs children under the boss". The syntax is kinda screwy but I figured you are complaining about the chain of command ---she tossed the problem to her boss to deal with--unsure about this one. Didn't bother to read the rest. I see you can dish it out but you can't take it. And the name calling, too. Typical bully behavior.

BobbyWC said...

No, you are trying to create a distraction and the BV has never played that one.

People all of the time disagree with me and I thank them because they are doing it without a distraction.

I have been clear for years - I will not tolerate Board Members directing the Supers in what to do - you decided to respond when you do not even know the entire story yet - which I said will be Monday -

I know for a fact Minerva Pena gave the order because she told me she was going to give the order - I did not believe it until it happened.

She also is the one who came up with the idea of an interim who would not apply for the permanent position - I know this because she told me so.

This was a set up from square one.

I will not play.

Esperanza chose to go with an order from the Board president instead on calling people in and doing an independent investigation to find out what was going on.

The documented record which will come out in court if it reaches that point will show Minerva has been running cover for Rita Hernandez for years.

Rita does not respect the process. As an Area Superintendent she has no say over the special needs children. She and her staff are to be guided by special services. Rita got a wild hair and decided to use Minerva to distract from her failure. Rita refused to respect the process because she does not respect authority.

You know why she sends her kid to a private school - because she knows people like her are running the district.

This is going to cost the district. I am in the process of preparing an affidavit with dates and phone bills to prove the calls.

Rights were violated - Minerva needs to resign. Esperanza needs to be sent packing.

There is no way Esperanza could have gotten to all of the facts as fast as she did - she acted under orders.

This is exactly what happened to Tony Fuller - Montoya suspended him because he was ordered to suspend Fuller.

This endless retaliation has to stop.

You may support this nonsense of Board Presidents controlling the Supers but I do not - especially when it means protecting an inept area superintendent at the expense of the special needs children.

The BV has never tolerated distractions and I will not now.

If you did not understand the full process or even have all of the facts - why go on the attack?


Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how much knowledge of special education you have. From your expertise and experience in working with special needs students, is Dr. Miller doing a good job with the special needs students of the district? If so, what do you base your opinion on? As the person in charge of the special education program, is it not her responsibility to ensure that all federal and state guidelines are followed by the district?

BobbyWC said...

I will try this again - the Area Superintendents and in particular Rita Hernandez is fighting the process and instead of protecting Special Services in doing their job, Minerva Pena decided to back Rita Hernandez who is tired of Special Services enforcing the rules.

Do you get it now?

I know how it works - I have been to a lot of ARD [special meetings to insure the student is getting the accommodations they need] - it is always the same - no classroom space - the campus is not offering that accommodation - then you complain to special services and the principal gets mad, because they have to follow the rules. Rita Hernandez is tired of special services telling her and her staff what to do.

This is the problem - instead of backing special services, Minerva Pena has decided to back the Area Superintendent Rita Hernandez and her incompetent principals Rose Longoria and Luis Segura as two examples.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am tired of it all.

FBI, when will you end this?

Voters, when will you make real change?

Teachers are tired of it.
Somebody fix this mess.

Thank for your relentless reporting.

Sorry for venting.

Anonymous said...

You fail to answer the question in regard to Dr. Miller. Instead you offered the explanation that M. Pena is controlling the situation. How can a board member make administrative decision in school procedures? Please explain so that your readers can fully understand the scope of the situation. In addition why doesn't Dr. Miller complain to TEA the failure of the school administrators to comply to federal and state guidelines?

BobbyWC said...

My readers are all too aware of how it works. Carl Montoya kissed Presas-Garcia's ass when she was in the majority. He got his job during a 5 minute job opening notice - you think the Board had nothing to do with that?

The second a new election had the majority change, Carl Montoya gave Presas-Garcia the bird and she sued.

The problem is the Board runs the school district. The superintendents are figureheads only.

As to Miller, my story is what I know about Minerva Peña.

My knowledge of Minerva comes from Minerva - I became aware of the shake-up after receiving a call from an insider close to Esperanza.

Insiders here horrified that she made no effort - and I mean no effort to investigate the claims - because had she, she would not have acted as she did.

Just a few weeks ago Minerva point blank lied to me and said the reason Luis Segura still had a job was because Rita Hernandez was protecting him with Carl Montoya and the Board's hands were tied. But then in a follow-up phone call all of a sudden she was lovers with Rita - which was the truth all along.

Minerva is one of those fake Christians like Zeke Silva - so long as you say you love Jesus all lies and deceit are AOK.

How do you know people in special services do not already have lawyers and have not filed complaints?

My sources are telling me they do, and it will all be outlined in a lawsuit. No one in special services is speaking. I am learning information from someone close to Zendejas, who is horrified by her incompetence.

Now how about just waiting until tomorrow to learn what I am about to disclose and is going in an affidavit to be forwarded to the affected people.

Special services is shut down - no one is speaking - you cannot call anyone - but what I have learned from inside sources is Zendejas had no interest in due diligence and my post tomorrow will prove it.

And I will defy Minerva to put into affidavit form a denial of my claims.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"How do you know people in special services do not already have lawyers and have not filed complaints?

My sources are telling me they do, and it will all be outlined in a lawsuit . ."

Your statement may have more clarity now that you have stated that your sources are telling you that the department of special services have lawyers and have filed a complaint. Do you know to which agency has the department of special services filed the complaint with? It seems that special services is totally against the actions of the school district in regard to the lack of services to special need students. Do they have funds in their budget to hire lawyers for such action against the district? Wouldn't the Superintendent of School view such action as insubordination by Dr. Miller and her staff? If your sources is correct, fireworks are going to happen real soon in the school district in regard of the actions of special services. Have you had contact with Dr. Miller regarding such actions against the district? Please keep your readers inform of further updates regarding Pena, Hernandez and those against special need students.

Anonymous said...

So what Bobby, your opinion on Dr. Rita is your opinion. Do you have proof? Also, didn't she have a grievance for more $$$ a couple of board meetings back and won? Why blame when you know thats how BISD works/ BISD keeps promoting these folks higher and higher. Its time for most of them to RETIRE or go follow Dr. Monty in San Antonio. I may have met the lady once and boy does she have some big time attitude and thinks everyone should bow down to her. But again this is BISD, its the culture there. The AA shit don't stink.