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The question is which bonding company paid him for the bogus story. OKAY BENNY, you need to pay Juanito and McHale each $2000 a month to shut them up, because by the time they are done with you, you will lose your city retirement.

What makes Juanito so much better than the poorest of the poor being offered pretrial release, while Ben Neece is just letting him out of jail free without even having to post 3% of the bond?  You see according to Juanito he is privileged through his connection to Ben Neece and is entitled to get out of jail for free, while the poorest of the poor should have to pay 10% of their bond before they are released from jail.

The real question is, why did Ben Neece continue to issue more and more PR bonds instead of pulling Juanito's previous bond for getting another DWI?  Ben Neece needed Juanito free to do his dirty work for Art Rendon and the defrauding of BISD and the taxpayers.

I can assure you, after the second DWI arrest in a year, in Dallas he never would have been released from jail because he never would have made bond.  On a 2nd felony DWI his bond would have been so high, not even had his best friends tried to raise the money would he have been released from jail. Also with three DWI's in a year, two of which were felony charges, although reduced to misdemeanors by Ben Neece, Juanito would have spent time in the state penitentiary.

The privilege of being connected. - or Ben Neece's and Star Jones mouth piece to defraud BISD in the Art Rendon lawsuit.  Look at the date of the first  PR Bond.  It aligns perfectly with the date Ben Neece and Star Jones sued BISD for Art Rendon.  They needed their mouth piece out of jail which is why Ben Neece lied and wrote DWI, when in fact it was at least his second DWI. 

In March 2013, the BV documented more than a million dollars was owed on bonds to the county.

"The below link shows every attorney and bondsman who owes money to the county.  Why is there 1.324 million dollars owed to the county with no one taking meaningful action?

You will note former Judge Abel C. Limas owes $30,746.00 to Cameron county in forfeited bonds.  Was this another favor given to Judge Limas by Villalobos."


"As an example, he points to a report by County Clerk Sylvia Perez-Garza issued January 31, 2015, that indicates that there are currently 11 bail bond companies who owe $32,972 in judgments among them."

WOW - either Juanito is misleading his readers as to how much is owed from the lawyers and bonding companies or DA Luis Saenz is a miracle worker in terms of collecting on the outstanding bonds. 

You decide, Juanito lied, or Saenz is a miracle worker?  It is one or the other.  I have no interest in checking - but if the county on its own sends me the real numbers I will post them.
You will notice in the next one Ben Neece writes DWI 2nd instead of 3rd. It's to avoid the felony charge.  His boy needed to be free to blog against BISD and for Neece's client Art Rendon.
Next is the bond for the reckless driving associated with the above DWI

You will notice in the next one Ben Neece writes DWI 2nd again instead of 4th. It's to avoid the second felony charge.  His boy needed to be free to blog against BISD and for Neece's client Art Rendon.
Benny boy, McHale and Juanito will never stop.  They are driven to sink you - you are nothing more than free beer to these two.
How did this happen?  We have an inept city manager and corrupt city attorney.  Nothing in May will change - Ben Neece will continue to be protected and the taxpayers will continue to be endangered. 


Anonymous said...

Bail bond companies are beyond upset at Luis for cracking down on collections.

Anonymous said...

The former county clerk as head of the bail bond board did many favors for the bondsmen in lieu of under the table donations and favors.. one of them was not cracking down on collections or reporting them .... just ask

Anonymous said...

Of course Montoya is a hypocrite but one thing I don't understand. Presuming that his "mouth piece" status is based on his blog and presuming that he has the small readership you claim he has, who is he influencing?

BobbyWC said...

For election purposes in a very small turnout he might influence 50 or so low information voters. The BV is the only blog to tell the truth about readership. In terms of the voting population we basically do not exist. The same can be said for the Hearld. The BV exists to gsther data. The publication of the data is secondary to what I do. Has it occurred to you why only the BV learned the name of juror 18? Has it occurred to you why only the BV gets the specifics on cases with the DA? Nothing is ever as it appears. I am no where by chance and every where by intent.

Bobby wc

BobbyWC said...

My interest in not total readership. It is targeted readership. I have all the readers I need for what I do.

Bobby WC