Friday, February 6, 2015


I puledl these documents earlier in the week based on a request from my readers.  It seams with so much going on I just never got to it.  But how the cases played out Juanito has correct - 100%. 

Except do you remember how I was attacked when I exposed Ed Cyg as a hack for Saenz?
What all the insiders knew was, Saenz was offering Ed Cyg a good job at the same time he was playing Ernie Hernandez and Josefina Fisher Canales.  If you remember Josefina fired his ass, represented herself, forced the corrupt Art McDonald to recuse himself, to then have a visiting judge dismiss the criminal charges Alex Begum allegedly paid Saenz $6,000, to bring against Josefina Fisher Canales.

Saenz uses the process to pay defense lawyers to screw their clients.  Trust me, Armando Villalobos is an angel compared to Luis Saenz.

In the end Ed Cyg turned down Luis Saenz because the deal was only if Gus Garza was fired.  Ed Cyg made it known to everyone - he would never work for Saenz if Gus Garza also worked for Saenz.


Saenz's staff is doing everything they can to jump ship.  Even Gus Garza is now putting out feelers for possible jobs. 

I did receive confirmation investigators are fully aware of the corruption in the case of Hector Negrete and it is being worked on.

I will also say Mary Esther - the couple gave you up - maybe you and Louis will become known as the power couple who lost everything through greed and stupidity.


Anonymous said...

So many at the county loose more than everything,,, they lose their soul , have absolutely no morals, worst of all no conscience

Anonymous said...

My question is Who paid for the VICTIM medical and rehabilitation bills plus his loss of revenue for not being able to work? Did Luis make the Crime Victims unit file a claim on behalf of the victim to make sure ALL HIS MEDICAL BILL WAS PAID IN FULL BY THE TAX PAYERS.

BobbyWC said...

From day one, I went after Saenz for the incompetence of political appointee to oversee crime victims.

If you want compensation you need to go to the state. His office is as anti-victim as they come. Too many victims have been left without restitution.

In the Hector Negrete case the victims who had their motorcycles trashed by Negrete got zilch - nothing.

Laura Betancourt is all too willing to be party to this nonsense.

Only the most incompetent of judges approve plea bargains wherein the victims do not get restitution for damages caused by the defendant. But like so many, many attorneys have told me - they are not sure she even knows how to read because it is clear she never knows what is in the briefs or pleadings.

when it comes to Victims they are nothing more than Saenz's bitches who get in his way of corruption.

I am being told they intend to sue in Linda Salazar's court for compensation - it will be Louis Sorola, Luis Saenz, and Arty Nelson for corrupting the process

It is time they answer in writing for their conduct. More than likely Sorola will get holding the bag, but there will be appellate opinions as to Saenz and Nelson's part in this mess and that appellate opinion should cost them their careers.

Bobby WC