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Juanito point blank lies and says Saenz is denying me access to files - first of all for years now everything in every criminal and civil case is accessible through the public computers on the second floor of the Administration building.  Saenz has zero and I mean zero control over the files.

The custody of the district court files is with Eric Garza - and I am very proud of Eric Garza.  The other day before a document had been scanned into the system I wanted it.  It related to Lincoln Park.  Judge Nelson refused to release the file from his chambers.  Eric Garza sent his staff member back to Judge Nelson's court to remind him Eric Garza, not Judge Nelson controls the files. I got the document.

Montoya's brain dead Watergate journalism skills have him living in a perpetual state of delusions.

I do need Saenz to see any file - I just need access to the second floor public computers or a District Clerk like Eric Garza willing to stand up to the judges and remind them who controls the files.


Who other than someone who beats women would attack a young lady who was the victim of domestic abuse?

In his story, I lost count on how many different ways he misspelled the young lady's name.  Second, she is not my niece - she is a second cousin of a relative of mine.  There is zero blood relationship between myself and the young lady.

Apparently Sorola's check must have cleared because his claims - too convoluted to comprehend - against my nephew are just bizarre.

So here is the deal, Sorola is appointed out of order to represent a man who already had a court appointed attorney.  The original attorney refused to go along with the dismissal based on double jeopardy.  She will testify there was no basis to the claim.  Gus Garza filed the motion to have felony  charges dismissed against the man who caused thousands of dollars in damages to my nephew's motorcycle.  A week later Sorola donated $500 to DA Saenz.  Sorola will be sued for the $3,000.

Somehow in Juanito's convoluted story Saenz taking $500 from Sorola to cheat my nephew out of $3000 is helping me.


The law is clear when a DA abandons a case for years through no fault of the defendant the court is to dismiss it for want of a speedy trial.  It is not complex.  This young lady was in absolute fear of testifying against the man who beat her.  A family member of the man told her if she went to court to testify against him she would be arrested.

This got me thinking - I remembered a criminal trespass case related to when she was a lot younger.  She was in Dean Porter Park when it was closed.  I checked the file.  I learned she was never sent a notice to appear - but numbnuts Judge David Gonzales issued a capias for her arrest anyway.  David Gonzales got his law license bending over for his professors because he knows nothing about the law. 

I reviewed the public file which anyone can access, and found the notice to appear was sent to an address where she never lived.  The file contained the returned notice.  The file also contained her PR bond with the correct address.  David Gonzales being a complete idiot never bothered to check to see if the young lady ever received notice.  His staff a bunch of idiots were too lazy to see if the PR bond had a different address.  So the case sat for years.

I spoke with David Gonzales's administrator and told her the young lady would be appearing in his court to clear this mess up and to get the case properly set for trial.  I was told David Gonzales had reviewed the file, and agreed the capias was bad.

She goes to court and purely by chance the man who beat her was in David Gonzales court for related charges to his arrest.  David Gonzales ordered her detained knowing the capias was bad, and gave her a court appointed attorney who told her  to plead guilty right then and now or go to jail for failure to appear.  This was malpractice -

Contrary to the moron Juanito in the US anyone can speak up  for anyone on any legal matter so long as they do not claim they are a lawyer or charge a fee for their actions. 

Again Juanito fails as a journalist by demonstrating his lack of knowledge of Free Speech.


The US Supreme Court has repeatedly held any individual can tell people and speak for people when their rights are being violated.  The key is you cannot go to court and claim to be a lawyer, or charge a fee when you tell people their rights have been violated.

"We conclude that, under Chapter 33, as authoritatively construed by the Supreme Court of Appeals, a person who advises another that his legal rights have been infringed and refers him to a particular attorney or group of attorneys (for example, to the Virginia Conference's legal staff) for assistance has committed a crime, as has the attorney who knowingly renders assistance under such circumstances. There thus inheres in the statute the gravest danger of smothering all discussion looking to the eventual institution of litigation on behalf of the rights of members of an unpopular minority. Lawyers on the legal staff or even mere NAACP members or sympathizers would understandably hesitate, at an NAACP meeting or on any other occasion, to do what the decree purports to allow, namely, acquaint persons with what they believe to be their legal rights and . . . [advise] them to assert their rights by commencing or further prosecuting a suit."

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The father of the young lady has requested I prepare a judicial complaint.  Your continued advertising with Juanito disgraces the judiciary.  The complaint will be strong.  The false statements contained in the article are so numerous it blows my mind.  This is why Juanito does not actually posts the communications - he just asks you to trust him.  And for the record Juanito nothing was ever accidently forwarded to Melissa - it is called being honest and keeping everyone who needs to be in the loop in the loop.

Juanito is so stupid - he wants you to believe Saenz is talking to me, while telling the story of how I had to go through Cascos to get to Saenz.  Meaning - I had no direct access to Saenz.

His story is simple - Saenz dismissed a criminal trespass case against a young lady rather than face a motion to dismiss for want of a speedy trial.  Saenz knew from the record which was provided to him the capias was defective and the conduct of his ADA had exposed the office to possible litigation for wrongful detention.  Saenz knowing the law compelled dismissal for want of a speedy trial dismissed the case. Saenz was  faced with a victim who was afraid to testify against her abuser in part because of the incompetence of Saenz's staff.  Of course Juanito who has been arrested for beating women would want to victims intimidated into not testifying.

According to Juanito if Saenz's office messes up the indictment it is a crime for me to point it out to Saenz - of course Juanito would believe this - this is how men who beat women like Juanito get off on technicalities.

Art McDonald - the father is mad as hell.  He will raise your unethical conduct as a judge at every level possible.  He is prepared to take the Commission on Judicial Conduct to task with women's organizations if they fail to sanction you.  You were warned Art, but as the poor excuse of a man you are you chose to continue to pay for this smut and attack on a woman who has been beaten twice by the same man.  I would love to have your wife undergo full projective psychological testing.  I want to know what could possibly  make any woman allow a scumbag like you to touch them. It has to be mental illness.

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