Wednesday, February 18, 2015



The only thing Juanito has accurate in his story this morning on Saenz is the drug testing was a publicity stunt to address his reputation problems. He fooled no one.

At no time has Luis Saenz ever taken a personal phone call from me - it has never, ever happened.  As to Melissa Landin, her number is listed on the DA's web page as the contact person for the DA.  Anyone can get it.

As to Juanito's obsession with Melissa - he needs beer - he attacks Melissa and the fake Christian Zeke buys an alcoholic beer.  It is that simple.

A few months ago, the Herald published a letter from me listing all of the politicos and Oscar de la Fuente as people Luis Saenz was refusing to prosecute.  Juanito trashed me for that letter and then defended Luis Saenz to the point of defending Oscar de la Fuente who confessed to multiple felony accounts of bribing our former DA Villalobos.

According to Juanito this is me being aligned with Saenz.  During the campaign Juanito and Zeke maligned me on a regular basis for covering the truth about Saenz.  When he took office and put in place political appointees to deal with the victims unit and I went after him for it, Juanito  and Zeke defended Saenz .

I attend an open press conference held by Michael Cowen wherein his client is Saenz, and according to Juanito and Zeke this means Saenz and I are now lovers.  The stretch is beyond surreal.

Juanito and Zeke are the only ones who turned on Saenz.  Saenz refused to fire his PIO at Zeke's request and the relationship ended. Since then Zeke is on line all of the time blaming the PIO officer for every problem and saying Saenz was a mistake - we call this major delusions of grandeur Zeke.

The PIO's phone number is online for anyone to call.  I was never given a personal phone number.  I do not so much as have an email for Saenz.  Everything has to go through his PIO. 

According to Juanito, if Saenz calls anyone to clarify what is happening in a criminal case, or ask them to bring in the witness to speak with his investigator, that is evidence Saenz is the lover of the person he called.

Juanito - I know you are not very bright - and your brain cells are fried - but a pec is not a butt.  Further the pictures are cropped, which could explain why you cannot tell the difference between a pec and butt.


If his perverted friend McHale posts the children of people he does not like or posts pictures of lesbians defecating in each other's mouth or pictures of his uncropped tattoo's McHale is the type person politicos should associate with.  But if I post highly cropped pictures of my tattoos any politico who would speak to me is crazy.

It is not about the tattoos.  It is about the fact I have access to inside sources all over town and he does not.

Why did he not have the story of UT always being late on the rent for the Cueto building.

Why did the BV break the story on Abraham Galonsky?

Why did the BV break the story on Diane Dillard?

Why did the BV 8 months before Juanito even understood the significance of the $35,000 rule break the story Tony Martinez was spending money without the commissions consent?

Why did the BV break the story some 2 weeks in advance that Carl Montoya would resign before the March BISD meeting?

Why was the BV spot on about a search for the new superintendent, an interim who was a former superintendent, and the citizens committee?

Why was the BV the only news source in Cameron county to learn the name of Raul Villarreal, juror 18?

Why did the BV break the story on Rose Gowen working for the UT System at the same time she is accepting a wage from the city - a key fact in the Lincoln Park suit, which lead to Saenz telling the press the BV is the one who broke the story and brought it to Cowen's attention?

The BV has access all over town.  People in every governmental entity have my number - they call me.  Then I verify.

Juanito only has people who pay him to publish trash.  With Zeke kicked out of the DA's office, and Cris Valadez on his way out at the county - Presas-Garcia and Otis Powers are his only sources for anything and they have to pay him to even print that.  That then leaves Zeke to keep Juanito in beer, in exchange for trashing Saenz and Melissa


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When will Zeke go away

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JOHN 3:16 to all

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ALso, why was there no RFP/RFQ for the web site? None is found on the web site's archives of bids/rfp/rfq.