Thursday, February 26, 2015

As of 1 p.m. the county had failed to post the indictments on Joey or his father-in-law. But they posted the indictment of Indian Lake Chief Chambers. Both were arrested at the same time.  I have since learned the delay is from the AG's office.
Not in DA Saenz's press release is Joey Garza was taken to the FBI's office, before the county jail.  He invoked his right to counsel and was then transported to Carrizales

I have confirmed it is for acts during the 2012 primary run-off.  At this moment without the indictment or further information I cannot say if the beneficiary of the alleged acts of wrongdoing are listed.  This is the BV - I do not print stories on speculation - this by his own admission is what Juanito calls Watergate Journalism  - speculation

If the Texas AG's office can prove a candidate was part of the alleged crime - then I say hang the candidate - no sacred cows.

But rather than speculate on one name without proof click for a complete list of all candidates in the 2012 run-off election. 


Up until now there is only one office holder ever directly linked to a politiquera.  That is Abelardo Gomez.  He hired Sonia Solis 's son.  There is zero testimony or evidence to date other than the preceding fact which links the specific acts of any politiquera to any candidate.  But I get it - people will believe any and all lies bought and paid for by Alex Begum.  The FBI continues to investigate the $6,000 donation Alex Begum gave DA Luis Saenz to allegedly charge Josefina Fisher with obscene language: to wit:  "calling Yolanda Begum as fake."  The AG's office is fully aware of what Begum is capable of.  This is part of their pickle.

You will note since Abelardo Gomez pays Juanito you will never see in Juanito's posts that Gomez hired Sonia Solis's son.  Constable Gomez has no problem telling anyone who will listen he pays Juanito for silence.  Why the FBI has not indicted Juanito when Abelardo Gomez is willing to testify to the truth is beyond me.


I first heard this this morning from a source unrelated to the story and then confirmed it through sources close to Joey Garza.  Jonathan Gracia was called out to Cariizales to process inmates.  He picked up the file for Joey Garza which indicated he was ready for release subject to posting bond, and then according to several witnesses threw the file to the side and refused to process Joey Garza.  This one is going to the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  It is no great secret Joey Garza among other candidates worked for Erin Garcia - Gracia's opponent.  Once again Jonathan Gracia shamed the judiciary through his conduct.
There is more coming.  Neither Mr. Garza nor his counsel have been allowed to see the indictments. This is beyond surreal.  This was as of 2:30 p.m.
My view remains the same. If the evidence is there then I want jail time. Also federal judge Tagle said it right, it is time to prosecute the candidates hiring the politiqueras.
Sources are saying investigators have already opened an investigation into witness tampering. I will get to this below.  This is not a done deal.


Until I worked on the Dallas case I did not know people could be so evil as to steal ballots from seniors.

What I learned in the Dallas case compelled me to obtain the Peña/Hernandez trial transcript and forward it to Jonathan White, of the AG's office.  Margarita Ozuna was prosecuted because of my efforts.  Other than in small towns around Cameron county, there has been not one case of ballot tampering in Brownsville or Cameron county since it was announced Margarita Ozuna would be prosecuted.  Yes people, more politiqueras have been indicted, but for acts which occurred before it became known that Margarita Ozuna would be prosecuted.

The election returns since then have shown very few mail ballots compared to years past.  We did see a spike among Republican mail ballots, but that was because of a group in Austin identifying Republican seniors and encouraging them to vote.

In the Dallas case I proved that nearly every statement obtained by supporters of the losing candidate were tainted.  In one case a blind Anglo woman who understood not a word of a Spanish signed an affidavit in Spanish claiming my client stole her ballot.  The DA was not happy.  Then I proved that a notary massed notarized the affidavits without ever meeting the alleged victims.  Every complaint was tossed.  Then witnesses started to come forward to tell us they were told if they did not sign the affidavits they would be prosecuted for election fraud.  By the time I was done with my investigation, the DA actually called not one witness.

The judge, who lost the next election, was so mad he issued arrest warrants for two witnesses who appeared before the grand jury.  One testified my client never touched her ballot, the other tore the judge a new rectum.  After the jury came back with a not guilty the jury foreman accused the judge of being the most unethical judge he had ever met, and he had been on many juries.


I believe my client along with others who worked for the other candidate did in fact break the law.  I never saw the proof, but I heard from enough seniors on both sides to know people were being intimidated.

An overzealous group tied to the losing candidate tainted the evidence through their conduct.  My client was probably guilty of some of the charges, but in the end walked because of tainted evidence.

You cannot have citizens without proper training conducting these interviews.  They will taint the evidence.  A source who already spoke with the AG's office has indicated that if they are brought any evidence of tainted evidence they will toss the charges and consider prosecuting those who may have intimidate or falsified evidence.

What is sad is, I do not doubt that crimes were committed - but if counsel can prove any tainting of the evidence guilty parties will walk because of Begum's over zealous conduct.

My source in Austin has told me that the charges were brought based on political pressure, and that the AG's office is investigating evidence of tainted evidence.

It will be beyond sad if because of dirty games by Alex Begum any guilty party walks.

FINALLY, if you want to believe all of Yolanda Begum's mail ballots were clean and all of Erin Garcia's were dirty - hey enjoy your cool-aide.  I personally believe operatives for both sides probably crossed the line.  This I will not deny.  But that does not mean either candidate authorized it.

I am just glad since the announcement Margarita Ozuna was being charged the entire filthy history of mail ballot harvesting is behind us.

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