Tuesday, February 3, 2015


NOTE TO READER:  On William Garza comment you need to get me the document.  I will not pursue the story without the document - bobbywc58@yahoo.com.

Montoya's alleged history of not processing grievances will come back to haunt him.  Late last year several female employees of BISD sued BISD and Carl Montoya for among other things not processing their grievances . See lawsuit  58  I will send my Arambula evidence to their counsel.

There is a pattern to Montoya's abuses and BISD needs to end it and end it now.  On Tuesday after Otis Powers is replaced as Board President. the new Board President needs to set for an emergency hearing the discharge of Carl Montoya.

BISD has two attorneys.  One is Baltazar Salazar who represents the Board.  Otis Powers learned this the hard way the other day.  The other is Michael Salinas.  Mr. Salinas and I actually went to law school together and were in the same First Year group for an entire year.

Salinas works for BISD and can be discharged for insubordination.  This is why after Salazar refused to provide Carl Montoya a contract to sign, Salinas provided it - but with an understanding he could be fired by Montoya if he did not do as he was told.  Salinas fails to understand he works for BISD and not Carl Montoya and Otis Powers.

Last April I filed a written complaint with BISD against Martin Arambula.  I was at records with a properly executed authorization for release of school records, and rather than honor the release Arambula called the BISD police on me.  I have openly opposed Arambula for any public office ever since he ran for Port Commissioner.

He tried to get my nephew fired who was working the scales at the landfill.  Arambula wanted to dumb county trash for free.  He actually told my nephew he was running for Port Commissioner and that entitled him to dump the trash for free.  When push came to shove the boss told my nephew to charge Arambula the full fee for dumping county garbage.  My point is I have a history with Arambula.

My complaint against Arambula was never processed.  Carl Montoya held it and never gave it to Board of Trustees.

Michael Salinas told me BISD had no form for the filing of a grievance against a BISD employee by a non-employee and that I should just put it in writing.  I did  and then Carl Montoya dumped it -

In the above lawsuit the former female employees are alleging the same thing.

Mary Rey and I both filed with Michael Salinas formal complaints concerning Shirley Bowman's and Coach Joe Rodriguez's name on the ballot.  Both complaints were never processed.

Instead of complying with the law Michael Salinas runs cover for Montoya out of fear of discharge.  The Board has eye witnesses to this concerning Montoya's contract extension. 

I'm sorry, but BISD cannot have as their in house counsel a lawyer who will get the district sued by following the orders of a corrupt Carl Montoya and Otis Powers.  Salinas needs to be fired for the mess he helped create by giving in to threats of discharge versus protecting his client.

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