Sunday, February 8, 2015


The above is a video for the ignorant poster.

When a child is born and the doctor says to the parents - he is a boy because he has a penis, what scientific evidence does the doctor have to form such an opinion?  None - it is a carry over from a time words and concepts were based on observation by cavemen.

It blows my mind how little people know about the Bible - the Judeo-Christian-Islamic god is anything but compassionate, loving or forgiving.

The Old Testament which is the foundation for Judaism is mostly plagiarized from earlier Sumerian text.

It tells parents to take their children to the town gates and stone them if they disrespect the faith of the parents.  It tells the Israelites it is okay to kill innocent women and children who are not Israelites because only the Israelites are the chosen people of their fake god. 

Historical legend has it that Emperor Constantine saw a vision in the sky telling him with this sign he could conquer - and he did.  He gave thanks to the Christian god and began the process of converting the Roman Empire to Christianity, all the while using claim to an allegiance with God to conquer and kill innocent woman and children.  He bastardized the teachings of Joshua [aka Jesus] for power.  He used this power to call a council to formalize Christianity. For the loyalty of a few church leaders from any number of sects, entire sects of Christian groups were declared heretics and the gospels they claimed were the true gospels were destroyed.  For example the Gospel of Judas in my view tells the truth.

In the ultimate act of faith Judas did as Joshua commanded and betrayed him.  Without the crucifixion there is no resurrection and there is no Christianity.  This is reality.  Joshua understood this and he entrusted this mission to his most loyal disciple - Judas, 

All of these gospels were deemed heretical and kept out of what became the Bible.  The Bishops who worked with Constantine sold their souls to the devil for power.  In the process and endless number of innocent women and children were slaughter in the name of god.

Of, and then from the same chain of faith came good old Mohammed who united the tribes in to war using his false faith.  Again innocent women and children died in the name of this fake -Judeo-Christian-Islamic god.

My faith is with Joshua and no one else.


Other than a social construct first created by cavemen what forms the basis of the idea men have penises and women vaginas?  Nothing.

We now know gender is not defined by genitalia but by the brain, and genetic make-up.  This is an important break through in science which the majority of doctors refuse to accept because they still live in their caves  saying "penis man, vagina women."

All words and ideas are based on observation and social constructs.  None are based in science.  Now conclusions about observation of viruses for example are science but the words to describe it are man made.

The sexuality spectrum we are learning has a million options not only left to right, but for each option on the left to right spectrum there are a million more going north and south.


We now know based on MRI's some men are born with vagina's and develop breasts and some women are born with penises and never develop breasts.  The penis and vagina have nothing to do with gender.  It is a social construct begun by cavemen not based in science.

I do not believe in gender reassignment. The entire concept is a human rights abuse being urged by political forces who refuse to look to the science.

If you are a woman born with a penis, you are a woman.  By going through a surgery to replace your penis with a vagina does not mean you are reassigning your gender.  You were a woman before the surgery and still a woman after the surgery.  There is no reassignment.  At best what is happening is an alignment of your genitalia to meet a fictional social construct, and not your true biology.

There is no scientific proof that women born with penises or men born with vaginas are the result of a biological defect.  It is  medical conclusion based on a presumption about gender defined by cavemen which the medical community cannot seem to get past.

What exactly entitles doctors to say this is a defect?  Where is their proof as to gods intended normal?  They do not have it - they just make their ignorant assumption based on presumptions made by cavemen.


Once a women born with a penis decides she needs to live her life as a the women she is, she really needs good medical and psychiatric help in understanding what is next.

The first well known woman born with a penis to go public was on Oprah once and she said, while she does not regret the removal of her penis for a vagina, it is a mistake for woman to assume they are not all woman because they have a penis.


It is not a question of one right way to proceed.  Some woman born with penises are very happy to dress as woman while taking no further action.  If that is right for them - then that is what they need to do.  Some woman elect estrogen therapy to make themselves more feminine [what ever that means].  Some elect the surgery to invert the penis into a vagina.  The medical community has made great strides in this surgery and are able to use the penis nerve endings to provide pleasure during intercourse once the penis is converted into a vagina.  If this is the woman's choice then she should do it.


Women feel compelled to sever their penis because the social construct says women do not have penises - wrong - they do - they are born with penises all of the time.   There is no scientific evidence this is a defect.  The concept of a defect is based on a social construct created by cavemen.

In the few cases I have helped with the transition I always tell the woman - explore how you feel about your penis.  If you like it - if you like the pleasure you receive from your penis, then why sever it?

I also say if you receive no pleasure from you penis, and will feel more complete with a vagina then go for the surgery.

Sexuality is very complex - some women born with penises are in relationships with women who were born with vaginas.  They are happy.  Some women born with penises are with men and are very happy. Some who have had the surgery are with men or women and are very happy.

My only issue is, do not accept the social construct created by cavemen that men are born with penises and women are born with vaginas.  This is a false social construct.  It is perfectly normal for a woman to be born with a penis and a man with a vagina.  Do not allow social constructs to define who you are.  You know based on your brain whether you are a man or a women and live your life accordingly.

But do not act on surgery based on a false social construct first created by cavemen.  Find what will make you feel complete and go with that.  Do not give into political pressure or your sexual partner's wishes.  You must only be guided by what makes you feel like a complete woman or man.

Today is not even 5 years ago - if you choose surgery and are true to yourself you will find a man or woman to love you as a woman with our without a penis.  Sexuality is very, very complex. 

The concept of homosexuality, heterosexuality, transgender are all concepts born from flawed social constructs and are unreal.

Trust me ladies, there are men who want to live with women born with penises.  They have no desire to be with a man.  But understand having a penis makes you no less of a woman.  Conversely there are women who want to live with men born with vaginas.  They have no desire to be with a woman.  They want a man with a vagina.  Times are changing and your life mate is waiting for the person are and not the person society claims you are.


Anonymous said...

Having a penis when you are born automatically triggers in the doctor's head to tell the mother it is a boy, blimp. Come on man, you can not expect the doctor to know that years down the road the boy is going to like men, you are koo koo dude.

BobbyWC said...

Now moron compare your typical anti reality anti science response to what I actually aaid.

Sexuality is very complex - some women born with penises are in relationships with women who were born with vaginas."

In fact the one I am partly involved in at this time is exactly as I stated in my quote above." The woman born with a penis is moving forward with her life with a woman born with a vagina.

Thank god more and more doctors are telling parent the true gender of their child may not be known until they are maybe three or four.

More and more parents are allowing their little girls born with penises as early as age 4 to live as little girls. Educated doctors trained in this field at about age ten are providing these little girls hormone suppressant drugs so they do not go through puberty. This then allows then as a woman at age 18 to make the final decision.

Your ignorant stamen Cris only made my point more apparent for my readers.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Please provide a link that shows more and more doctors telling the parent that their child's gender may not be know for 3 or 4 years. I have never heard of this.

BobbyWC said...

I did not say at birth - what is happening as more and more toddlers are expressing themselves parents are finding supportive doctors who are willing to explain the reality that the child's gender will not really be known until they can express themselves.

I have seen this in Bela - since she could express herself she has made clear she will not wear a t-hirt, sneakers or even jeans which a boy might where - she has the incredible awareness of being a little girl..

here are some stories

"Tyler, born female, was 2 when he announced to his parents that he was a boy"

Instead of challenging me why not get educated and research the issue.

Over the years I have posted many stories on this issue involving toddlers.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

There is no science supporting sexual labeling is an untrue statement. Men and women have different numbers of chromosomes. Don't confuse this with sexual orientation which is biologically driven and not a choice. There is science on this, too. The science is looking like homosexuality is innate--you are or you aren't but you don't have a say in it.