Wednesday, February 4, 2015


According to the online docket sheet, Administrative Judge Rolando Olvera assigned Judge Wittig on February 2, 2015, to preside over the Lincoln Park case.  Who is this man?

He was assigned to the case wherein I sued Robert Sanchez and company.  Robert Sanchez attorney at our own mediation, Monte English, was bragging about how he had just done a mediation with Don Wittig's mediation firm at the same time he was the judge in our case.  Needless to say once I learned of the unethical conduct and informed Judge Wittig he removed himself from the case.

The money paid for the mediation in the unrelated case went to benefit the mediation firm.  It did not matter that Judge Wittig did not oversee the other mediation in the unrelated case.  What mattered is he concealed it, and his firm benefited financially.

We are screwed on Lincoln Park if Tony retains a majority on the commission - which seems inevitable.  All he has to do is hold on to his seat and the At Large Seat.  I terribly dislike Rick Longoria, but Roman Perez with his self perceived inflated ego is going to do everything he can to spit the vote and deliver the victory to Tony's candidate.

Roman Perez by his own admission is vindictive.  I will never forget when he told me the V associated with his failed blog was for Vendetta. 

Last time around when I confronted him about his bogus claims on the internet through another blogger he told me he did not have time to read the blogs.  They were beneath him. 

He is playing the same game this time around with Rick Longoria and this time using Barton to post moronic misleading posts.  Of course Roman again will claim he is unaware because the blogs are beneath him. 

Tony will retain his majority and Lincoln Park will be lost.

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