Monday, February 2, 2015


Well, the Herald finally got caught up with the BV and has raised the issue.  Like I have been saying for weeks, the Lucios are part of the group pushing for Brownsville to give up the land, which means a lower tax base for Brownsville.  While I can write essays for and against, I support Brownsville relinquishing the land, under the right circumstances.

From the Herald:

"Now, Cameron County, Port Isabel and Laguna Vista are again requesting that area lawmakers work to push back Brownsville’s ETJ.
“We want (Brownsville) to pull back the (annexation) strips,” said Laguna Vista City Manager Rolando Vela, who is spearheading the drive. “This is a Cameron County issue. It affects the tax base for the whole county. The development or lack of development impacts every taxpayer in the county. The whole issue is about the future of this county and its ability to grow and not be handcuffed by another city.”
In 2013, state Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., D-Brownsville, and state Rep. Rene Oliveira, D-Brownsville, filed five bills that could have scaled back Brownsville’s annexations. But the bills that focused on land in Port Isabel and other areas died as the legislative session drew to a close.
Lucio, who as the new chairman of the Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations can determine the bills that will be considered for introduction into law, said he will again address the cities’ concerns."
But it is not so simple.  This is why at this moment in our history we need a highly qualified county judge and Brownsville mayor.  I believe this can be negotiated to the benefit of all parties.  We as a county we have no possibility of moving forward as a metroplex so long as the cities are suing one another over land.  It is really that simple.
This is another example of Tony Martinez's complete failure as a leader.
I get it, without cover from a competent mayor, and county judge, as a city commissioner I would be hard pressed to vote for relinquishing the land.  It is a political hot potato.  This is why we need a mayor who can lead.
This issue will continue to divide the county thereby hurting everyone.  I do not want Brownsville to just relinquish the land.  I want it done in a way which benefits everyone equally.  But with zero leadership at the city, and no prospect of a competent county judge taking the helm of the county, this issue will continue to divide the county thereby holding all of us back.
And for the record you will not hear from the candidates on this issue, because as I have already proven - no one wants to talk issues - just distractions and lies.


All of the major cities in Texas are doing the same thing as Brownsville.  Why would the representatives of all the major cities in this state vote to open the door to using legislation to solve this issue?  The people paying Oliviera and the Lucios are being conned out of money.  The votes will never be there.


Anonymous said...

Brownsville's acquisition of the ETJ's was greed plain and simple. Brownsville does not extend services to the ETJ's they acquired. They only acquired highway land in hopes of getting high dollar development taxes. It was freed plain and simple. They should relinquish it and provide services to land they do own.

Anonymous said...

Brownsville's acquisition of the ETJ's was greed plain and simple.

NO, it's greed from all sides. And that's OK. You're either naive or disingenuous if you don't think Sir Roland's whining is based on greed, as well.
Just look (squint, really) at a map of Laguna Vista. All they want is claim to the property tax from future-developed land that'll succeed both the 2nd causeway and a rejuvenated county airport.
Brownsville planners had the foresight to LEGALLY do this (claims of lack of notice/postings are straw-man arguments, at best). Laguna Vista planners were too busy seeding tee-boxes and putting greens. Win some, lose some. Move along.

BobbyWC said...

That was cool to get two opposing views - this is when the BV works best.

My view is, this needs to be worked out if the county is to move forward.

For me it is not about who is right or who is wrong - it is about compromising in the best interests of the county.

Unfortunately Cascos did not have the skills to try and mediate this and no one appears poised to take over as county judge who can mediate this - so let the fighting continue - but all sides take note - everyone loses tax dollars the longer it takes to make the county into a metroplex.

Anonymous said...

How can Lucio be Chairman of anything when the Repbulicans are a majority in the Texas Senate?

BobbyWC said...

Because he is a dinolino