Thursday, February 12, 2015


My source is telling me this picture was taken during city hours at traffic engineering.  Do supervisors have so much time on their hands they can take pictures with mayoral candidates?

Raul Villarreal has been warned he has a big mouth and he needs to stay out of the limelight - but he cannot.  I have not posted his picture in the past or released where he works, but now that he sees fit to take pictures with mayoral candidates - the game is changing.

Norton Colvin, defense counsel for Villalobos, Greg Surovic, AUSA who prosecuted Villalobos and Alex Villalobos all have the name of a witness who if brought before federal Judge Hanen and tells the truth will force Judge Hanen to release Villalobos from jail.  He has a few words about Raul Villarreal's testimony to Judge Hanen during the post conviction hearings concerning Raul Villarreal's conduct on the internet and statement about being pro law enforcement.  Remember during oral argument it was alleged "they ARE guilty" is what he wrote before being selected for the jury.  Only the BV was able to get the story on juror 18.  I have confirmed he is the juror because he posted several do not post comments telling me to stop talking about him.

Erasmos' personal life is not an issue in the election - but when he takes pictures with city supervisors during business hours and claims he wants to be an honest mayor the picture becomes part of the election. 

Further his claim he will answer questions is lies - I am blocked from his page - he loves to message me but will not allow me to post on his page because he knows the truth exposes him as the fraud he is.

Like I told him" you have zero chance of winning and in the process will only hurt your family."  Given the forgoing I saw no reason to write about him as a candidate other than he is a candidate. 

But this is a game changer - taking pictures with city supervisors during business hours tells the voters how you feel about their time and dollar.  Just another con artist.

Below is a video of Raul Villarreal working with his boss.  Proceed with caution Mr. Esparza - Villarreal cannot keep his mouth shut and he will be taking down others with him.

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Anonymous said...

That picture could have been taken in your home. There is no evidence that it was taken at the office of the traffic engineers department. Everybody can see that it is a picture of two guys. Nothing more.

BobbyWC said...

Except for people at city hall who witnessed it and notified me right away.

What bothers me are you idiots who think you are going to come on here and lie and get away with it.

What do we know for sure - my sources are solid enough that only the BV knew the name of juror 18 - he is not liked in traffic and cannot seem to keep his mouth shut which is why so many people at city hall know who he is and are willing to report on his actions and statements about the Villalobos trial.

But nice try - you helped no one and only made Erasmos look desperate

There are numerous people at city hall all too willing to talk about this guy and his big mouth.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Erasmo the editor is correct you have absolutely no chance of even coming close to winning and all you will do is embarrass yourself and your family

BobbyWC said...

Did you really think I would post such a comment. In the unlikely even Erasmos makes it to the run-off Tony Martinez will leave him shattered in the street making it impossible for him to ever return to Brownsville - so to what end should I go into his private life.

He really has no idea how much damage he is doing to his family. He really has no clue - and apparently no friends willing to tell him the truth.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

But sir he gets what he deserves. He is a hypocrite and a coward, he spends all day blasting and harassing people, businesses and politicians. He surrounds himself only with people that praise him but forgets all the people he has blocked and everyone outside his page. I hope every single candidate that he is challenging works hard to expose his criminal record, his previous lawsuits, hos residency status and lets everyone know of the big fraud and scum that he really is.
How he can even file, given his criminal record and residency status alone, is beyond me. Im sure my gardener is better qualified to run than he is!