Thursday, February 26, 2015


A quick word for the failed journalist and smut writer commonly known as the IMP - learn English or admit you simply are a failed journalist because the concept of the truth and integrity elude you.

In journalism, a leak is 5. a disclosure, often intentional, of secret information.  Now pay attention IMP - if all of my documents from DA Saenz office are through open records requests which can be verified by anyone - even a failed journalist and smut writer - then it is not a leaked document. 

You are a coward without honor who will never get over the fact Saenz PIO looked at you and walked away.  Deal with the rejection - do not become another Amit Livingson - because right now you sound like a man seeking vengeance over rejection for being less than a man.

In the above document from the 2010 tax return you see a notation of $6,184.57, to the State Comptroller.
I did an open records request to learn what this was for.  The response from the State Comptroller's office is they have no record of any payment at any time for any reason from DownbytheBorder to the State Comptroller's office.  I was concerned enough with the response that I followed up with a phone call.  They found their account.  I was told there is no history of any payment to the State Comptroller's office because they are tax exempt. 
So the questions is - is this just bad accounting by Sergio and Dolores Zarate,  or what?

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BobbyWC said...

You blow my mind IMP - your moronic comment made me laugh - I needed that as I head out to the eye surgeon - the llorana came to me last night - your mommy is not happy - I will be posting that conversation

Bobby WC