Monday, February 2, 2015



The Local Agreement each of the above entities signed with DA Luis Saenz is a bad as the one Saenz signed with Lowkes International.

There are multiple agreements.  Sheriff Department,  and Brownsville, Harlingen and San Benito police departments.  None of them expressly required that forfeited property be auctioned off.

The Sheriffs agreement implies that the 8 Liners will be actioned off.  I say implies because it provides for reimbursement of costs related to an auction, but does not say they must be auctioned off.

The law:

Art. 59.06. DISPOSITION OF FORFEITED PROPERTY.  (a)  Except as provided by Subsection (k), all forfeited property shall be administered by the attorney representing the state, acting as the agent of the state, in accordance with accepted accounting practices and with the provisions of any local agreement entered into between the attorney representing the state and law enforcement agencies.  If a local agreement has not been executed, the property shall be sold on the 75th day after the date of the final judgment of forfeiture at public auction under the direction of the county sheriff, after notice of public auction as provided by law for other sheriff's sales.  The proceeds of the sale shall be distributed as follows:

Based on the law, Da Saenz's office had no legal duty to auction off the 8 Liners.   They were signed by Saenz.  Sheriff Lucio, and the police chiefs for Brownsville, Harlingen and San Benito all get an "F" for not providing for an auction.  Their incompetence just as much led to this mess. Hopefully all 4 agencies will demand an amendment to  the agreements, to mandate auctioning of the property.

While the agreements show a lack of competence by everyone in terms of mandating the auctioning of the property, I am at a loss as to why Saenz chose to delay release of the Agreements.  Although they reflect the same level of incompetence found in the Lowkes contract, the agreements were followed in terms of disposition of the 8 Liners.

I am dealing with my 3rd sinus respiratory infection in 4 months.  My appointment with the specialist is not until next week.  If I made a mistake in terms of reading these agreements, simply tell me which one and the ¶ where it says different.  I will gladly change the story if I made a mistake.


The COB, if no one else needs to demand a new agreement which mandates the auctioning of property unless it is not cost effective.  The abuse in this case is more than sufficient to justify a new agreement.

Local Agreement Sheriff's Department

Local Agreement City of Brownsville

Local Agreement City Harlingen

Local Agreement City of San Benito


Anonymous said...

Mellissa and Luis just gave you a bunch of nothing. They played you again Bobby. The documents don't mean anything. How much is Luis going to keep? How much did he grossed from ALL THE SALES? Ask the hard questions and quit throwing soft balls.

Dude you are getting played expecting us to believe this crap from Luis Saenz.

BobbyWC said...

Since you have all the answers why not produce the evidence. Your obsession with Saenz is getting in the way of your brain, i now have his response. The feds have his response. If he is lying he just made things more difficult for himself. I am not going to disclose to anyone what i know. I will continue the investigation. He is not going give me an interview. But i can continue to collect documents and verify. Further Zeke your obsession with Melissa gives you away. The documents came from Mike Kendall. Hey Zeke were your gambling debts discharge in bankrupcy? I will continue to develop tbe story. Your moronic idea that Saenz at this point is going to answer questions. And for the record the documents prove he complied with the agreement. They also show local law enforcement got played. Saenz is sinking fast. You just do not see it Zeke because you are obsessed with Melissa. You also fail to understand the feds are protecting him. Its a process which requires patience - something a gamblet and former drinker does not have. If you wsnt Saenz so bad how about getting your boy sober long enough to do some real research. You'r e playing with the feds Zeke and are too stupid to know how to proceed with caution

BobbyWC said...

While I expect nothing from the Brownsville city commission other than to declare a city holiday in Saenz's name, Harlingen will change the agreement thereby causing him problems.

I think there is a good chance San Benito will also change the agreement.

I have no idea what Lucio will do.

The feds are besides themselves. They got in bed with him when they ordered him to not prosecute Oscar de la Fuente and cannot now expose him without exposing themselves and turning Villalobos conviction upside down.

At some point they might get him to resign for heath reasons or maybe not run for reelection.

I know for a fact ADA's are actively looking to jump ship - it is going down fast. It was you Zeke defaming everyone and anyone who challenged you and Saenz - my position has never changed - you are just to stupid to understand the process

Do you really think it is by chance both Saenz and the State Bar gave Oscar de la Fuente a pass.

Do tell my readers how to unravel all of this. The FBI and DOJ will self destruct is Saenz squeals - so what is your proposal.

He will not win reelection - his reputation is shot.

That is all we are going to get - he is 100% protected by the feds.

Bobby WC