Friday, February 27, 2015


When I first read the comment by a reader I thought a set up - it was too bizarre to be true. But John Villarreal has confirmed to several sources the story is true.  While engaged in criminal walking quorums Alex Dominguez has claimed for himself the title of new county judge.  He claims to have the votes.  John Villarreal has verified commissioners have met to vote Alex Dominguez in as the new county judge and then John Villarreal as Alex Dominguez's replacement.  The problem is, in order to carry out this conspiracy Alex Dominguez and John Villarreal both had to be party to a criminal walking quorum.

It does not end there.  Sofie Benavides will not run for reelection.  She and her worthless niece [correction from daughter] Lynette Benavides have come up with this scheme that Sofie will file to run and at the last minute withdraw and then her niece Lynette will file.  The idea is, no one would try and run against Sofie so at the last minute when she withdraws and her niece files, the family kingdom will continue. 

Two sources have told me that Lynette is openly bragging about the scheme created by her and her aunt.  John Villarreal never known to keep his mouth shut is already bragging about being a county commissioner.

Complete idiots.

For the record I do not believe Alex Dominguez will be able to secure the votes - but I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

"...Alex Dominguez and John Villarreal both had to be party to a criminal walking quorum."

Explain your statement, "criminal walking quorum".

BobbyWC said...

BobbyWC said...

Hey Imp, I know you think you are more important than special needs children and abused women, but you are not - la llorana is coming - it is a story of no consequence which means it gets in line behind special needs children and abused women.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Obviously Imp you are sitting there festering on the verge of another meltdown and shutting down your blog to go to your non-existent beloved New Mexico - which you will cancel for what ever reason at the last minute -0h have you ever even been to NM?

Your endless threats and attacks on my deceased mother only verifies to everyone what we already know - you obsess.

You really do not get it - I allowed you to fester for months by not acknowledging your attacks or existence - you reached the point of a near breakdown - so I responded out of sympathy - now you threaten action -

You will wait until I am ready - until then you will continue to fester and go into your manic depressive states.

I need post nothing to get you to meltdown - all I have to do is do nothing - and it kills you.

Go ahead - post what you want - who will read it unless Jerry reposts it for you.

Jerry is under one restraining order for speech he regularly breaks then deletes his posts rather than be a man and sit in jail to challenge the infringement on his speech - lets go another round

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

the votes for Dominguez,i think will be cascos, sofie and garza

BobbyWC said...

Cascos as a holdover cannot vote for his replacement. Further, under the rules as a commissioner Dominguez cannot vote for himself - So cascos and Dominquez are out. Further Dominguez would have to resign before seeking the appointment of county judge.

This is going to take a lot of trust and good negotiations to find someone.

My fear is they go with a caretaker which means we have no effective leadership on commissioners court.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Cascos as a holdover cannot vote for his replacement."

He ABSOLUTELY can. And given the chance, will. The constitutional holdover provision grants him ALL powers of his office until he's literally replaced.

BobbyWC said...

You are wrong - this AG opinion says he does not have the power as a holdover to vote for his replacement.

Now I have posted an AG opinion which says he does not have the authority to vote for his replacement - instead of posting nonsense because that is what you want to believe how about posting an AG opinion, or case which contradicts this AG Opinion

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What part of:

"The holdover trustee's term of office has already expired..." in the IMMATERIAL AG opinion you cited are you struggling to comprehend?

Cascos's third term began in January. He holds over with full powers until either he takes the oath of SoS office or his successor takes the seat. Simple as that. You're the one that's mistaken. Take a breath and think it out logically.

BobbyWC said...

You are dead wrong.

First, before there is a vacancy Cascos has to resign. Until then a meeting to elect a new county judge cannot even occur.

Cascos is due to be sworn in on March 7, 2015. He is not going to put himself in the middle of a legal controversy the first week he SOS.

But the law - okay - no judge or competent lawyer is going to quote underling background facts as a statement of law. That is what you are doing.

The AG opinion is based on the law concerning a de jure officer. A de jure officer can be someone whose office has expired and his/her replacement has not qualified - Think of the case of Sylvia.

But a de jure officer can also be someone who has resigned and no replacement has yet been appointed.

But the opinion is very clear - it is based on the law of de jure officer - After Cascos resigns he will be a de jure officer, and will not be allowed to vote for his replacement. The AG opinion is black and white.

Your problem is you want Cascos to be allowed to vote and no AG or case will change your mind.

The AG opinion says a de jure officer as a holdover is not a member of the board - and therefore cannot vote for the replacement.

No where in the opinion does the AG say that the law of de jure officer is different because in this case the vacancy is due to the replacement had yet to qualify. That is merely a factual recital of the background - not the law - the law is based on the law of de jure officer.

The current statute is black and white - only members can vote - The AG opinion says holdovers are not members - it is black and white - you just do not want to see it.

As to John Villareal the new County Judge would make the appointment to replace any commissioner who is elected as the new county judge.

This means even the issue of the replacement of the commissioner who moves up would be part of the negotiations.

Do you actually believe all of this is happening without the commissioners meeting privately or on the phone to discuss options.

It is all illegal

The current law.

see 87.041

Only members can vote - the AG opinion holds - holdovers are not members.

Having relied on the law, and not a personal bias, let me say - AG opinions are like - well you know what - everyone has one.

My personal opinion is the AG has made a mess of the law on holdovers. It needs to be fixed by the legislature.

But Cascos will be voted fool of the century if after being sworn in as SOS he gets involved in this mess.

If a court void's his vote his career as SOS will come to a crashing end.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If Alex Dominguez ever get to be County Judge, Zeke Silva will feel like he is the Judge, bad, bad for the County

BobbyWC said...

And if Alex refuses to do as he is told, Zeke will get on the internet to trash him as a mistake

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, Cascos can't vote for his replacement before March 7 because he hasn't resigned? Even if he did resign under this AG Opinion, he couldn't vote for his replacement as a holdover?

BobbyWC said...

That is what I am saying. You cannot vote for a replacement until there is a vacancy. There is no vacancy until he resigns.

The AG is very clear - under the de jure officer doctrine a holdover is not a member of the body. The law is clear, you must be a member to vote for the replacement.

But there is no vote until there is a vacancy and there is no vacancy as of this time.

Cascos would be a fool to try and vote - but he is the epitome of greed so he may be dumb enough to compromise his swearing is as SOS.

I cannot find a current agenda for Commissioners court - it may be there, I just cannot find it.

So it seems to me Cascos at this point has no reason to even go to the Dancy building.

The smart move is to resign this week and walk way from Commissioners Court.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, any idea as to who will be appointed County Judge?

BobbyWC said...

No idea, all I know for sure is John Villarreal wants to know who spilled the beans - John is just stupid - he spilled the beans and the beans spoke to me

Bobby WC