Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Numerous names have emerged as possible candidates for mayor.  I have interviewed all of them or their representatives.  They see the time not right or do not want to taint themselves or their family by getting into what they see as a three ring circus.  It blows my mind how someone not running for office is newsworthy.  But it does explain why journalism is considered a failed profession.  Not running for office is newsworthy, but doing a story on how the candidates are avoiding any real questions of substance is not newsworthy.  Journalist are worthless.

At this time the only possible alternative to Tony Martinez is Brenda Joyas - the other candidates will not serve Brownsville and in fact cannot win.  The goal must be to beat Tony - but the problem is I know nearly nothing about Brenda.

When we were approaching election day 4 years ago, I started to comment how little we know about Tony Martinez.  When I raised a stink about his lack of water policy he announced he would promote conservation.  He has not even done that.

Tony Martinez knows just about nothing when it comes to developing a city.  He is oblivious to what it takes to bring in development.  We still have no water policy.  Space X is about to need tons of gallons of water and we have no water policy.  But in the end we voted based on anyone but Pat Ahumada.

Pat Ahumada and Roman Perez during this campaign have proven they remain the same weasels they have always been.  Through Barton they are running misleading filthy racist and homophobic campaigns.  If deception is all you have - you have nothing.  His post on William Garza, who I officially oppose, was filth at its worse.  Pat Ahumada tried to get Barton to start a discussion based on rumors and it back fired.  Pat Ahumada will never be anything but a worthless scumbag. 

To want end do you trash Erasmos when he has no chance of winning?  What do claims about his private life have to do with the campaign?  At least he is trying to organize people to block walk and educate the people of Brownsville about Tony Martinez.  Unless there is a line of beer and free food in front of him you will not see Barton block walking anywhere.


I have tried with several candidates to get specifics - it is not going to happen.  I decided sending specific questions is arrogant.  The questions are misleading because they do not tell my readers the truth about the candidate.  Any question I form will allow the candidate to provide answers which they seem I want to hear.  I have asked the candidates to just give a policy statement.  Why?  It tells you what they think is important - not what I think is important.  If they fail to mention the issues you care about - that tells you something about the candidate.

When you print answers to soft questions - answers with no specifics - you are enabling the candidates to say nothing while appearing to be open when in fact they are not.

So although I am trying to learn more about Brenda Joyas, I know nothing about her - except that we both support biking lanes. I have no idea if she understands how to build a city.  I have no idea if she knows what it takes to attract business.  I have no idea if she understands tax policy.  I have no idea if she has a water policy.  I have no idea if she knows anything about modern manufacturing and the demands of the corporate world before they will locate a new factory in Brownsville. ted Cruz is highly educated, but I would not vote for him in a million years - he is driven by blind ignorant dogma with zero knowledge of reality.  A formal education means nothing in terms of being able to guide a city into modern development.

You know how we got Tony Martinez?  No one pushed the candidates to answer difficult questions.  We allowed them to make moronic promises like "I will lower your taxes while increasing spending."  That is how Pat Almighty Ahumada got his name from me.

On the At Large Seat I am open to the person - I do not care about who their friends are - although it could be a factor if I know nothing else. Right now I know nothing else.

I have encouraged the candidates to submit policy statements which inform my readers if they are qualified - nothing. 

So we will vote in May - Tony will win - and Brownsville will continue to crawl against its will to progress instead of a guided leap forward through meaningful leadership.  Why should I vote based on nothing more than Anyone But Tony?- That is how we got Tony.

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