Saturday, February 21, 2015


The BV is not back - but I have to be fair.  I asked that she give me a general statement for publication.  I received it this morning.  It is not fair she provided the statement and then I not publish it.


Also I am in a pickle.  Some have been friendly about this pickle and one was like - you do not have a choice.  Well I do have choices - so here is the compromise.

I made a commitment to an entity to help people identify and process complaints concerning public corruption.  That is the only obligation I owe to this entity.  So the compromise is this.  I will set up another page - there will be no blogging - just one post telling people how to communicate with me.

While I am still obligated to this entity, I will continue to do the work.  I just cannot do the work and blog.  It is too much.

FYI - my breathing problem the other day was in part related to my gallbladder surgery.  The cystic duct is the size of the gallbladder.  The diaphragm cannot push down when my right lung expands.  This is a rare post surgery problem which has nothing to do with the surgeon - if I need another surgery I would not think twice about allowing him to finish the job.  In laparoscopic surgery the cystic duct is never removed.  In my case the surgeon left it in because he felt it was safer, and the rarity of post surgery problems was too small to chance a problem with its removal.

My surgery was an old fashion incision.  I would not consent to laparoscopic surgery. 

I did not ask pointed questions because I wanted her to express her views on the state of the city without me telling her through questions what I thought is important.  You can read her raw views without the bias of questions created by the interview.

This tells you where her mindset is and is not.  This is the benefit of asking for a raw opinion as opposed to a guided opinion based on questions I think are important.  I know what I think.  I wanted to know what she thinks.  This is the only way a competent journalist would interview a candidate via the internet.

No comments will be taken.  That is what I promised everyone.


"There are so many topics I can write on but since you said you were not going to ask any questions here are SOME of the things I would like to see changed and implemented in the city.

A little background on me first, I am a single parent, hispanic woman with a bachelors in Environmental Science, Permaculture Certification, and Kaufman Fast-trac Certificate in Entrepreneurship. I was born in Brownsville and when my parents divorced I was moved to San Antonio. I recently moved back 5 years ago after being gone for over 22 years and have actively made myself a part of changing things in the city I did not like or at least asking questions as to why things work as they do while researching solutions to them. Since then I have helped build the Brownsville Bike Barn, the only Earn-a-Bike program south of San Antonio, RGVactive! that grew from the Bike Barn to encompass motivating all to be more active outdoors, and the Historic Downtown Coalition which brings together downtown vendors and owners to improve business and infrastructure downtown.

Below are a few things I would like as mayor to have the ability to partner with the community and city officials to implement:

Together, changes and community make courageous choices Use public process to build a community capacity to view change acceptable Take necessary time to build community trust

 Establish a constituency for design excellence

Encourage elected officials to be visionary and think long term Implement workshops on needed change with art, design, infrastructure

Lead with Public investment and private investment will follow Serve the public interest Engage community in active participation with civic engagement Raise the bar

Change Rules of Development Implement new zoning ordinances Allow high density to happen with design planning in mind

Foster neighborhood’s unique identity Engage neighbors in re-writing rules of development

Bring in designers into the civic life of each community Encourage architects to serve on planning commissions, design review panels, and pursue political office. Use public art to delight and provoke thought to encourage citizens to re-engage in public life Provide Neutral Ground: create forums for education about design excellence and community discussions

Engage young people in solving problems and design best places for them Build a youthful enthusiasm and expectation for design excellence Create a taskforce of community leaders that include architects, academics and citizens to vet the design of key public projects

Lead by example Use design competitions from students for new ideas and community partnerships embodying development of public spaces and design thoughts. create a Community Design Center: to emphasize inclusionary aspects of design processes and promote designers as facilitators, problem solvers, activists, and advocates.

Design according to your community values Start conversations with communities to find out specific needs and solutions

City Infrastructure Match city growth with city jobs to bring up and maintain infrastructure Increase city minimum wage to $12/hr in a tier based system Focus on sustainable practices that foster economic prosperity while nurturing and protecting our local environment.

I only hope that with these activities the community can see that we can bring the people back into the government.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to voice my opinion on your blog.

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