Saturday, February 7, 2015


When I typed the word "word": this is where my brain went.  For your enjoyment

Okay, first the more candidates mean more people doing the block walking telling the people the truth about Tony Martinez.  The first round is to insure he does not outright win with a majority of votes.  The more candidates the better - because different armies of anti-Tony candidates will educate the people of Brownsville in a way the Herald has refused.

I basically believe the more candidates the better.  We need a diversity of voices.


On Brenda Joyas the word comes from people in the city that she has in fact picked up a packet.

I like her Facebook page.  It shows a very diverse person who is a bit eclectic - I like eclectic.  You know when Linda Gill ran for BISD I am the only blogger who opposed her who refused to bias people against her by posting pictures of her tattoos.  It is an expression of who you are - I have three and on my next visit to New York I intend to get a fourth.

On my right butt cheek I have George of the Jungle and Curious George both swinging from a tree, and on my left pec I have a Teddy bear in a leather jacket with boots.  Maybe tomorrow I will post very cropped pictures of both.  For my birthday I want a 1800's strong man on my calf.

I am personally not against the bike lanes.  They are consistent with great parks.  This is why I am at a loss over Rose Gowen's support for moving Lincoln Park.

Brenda is aligned with Rose Gowen on the bike lanes.  I have no idea how she feels about other issues - but without knowing more I am still open to her.  Now, I was indifferent about the 6th street bike lane, but now that it is done - I am against it - no bike aficionado would even consider using it - its design makes it very dangerous for the bike riders and cars.

Brenda will get the majority of the blind female Latina vote -  this is good to the extent it makes it harder for Tony to win a majority in round one.

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He claims to have an army of follows.  We shall see.  But even if he can only get a handful of people to help him, he is still educating the people about Tony - and again this makes it more of a challenge for Tony to win in round one.

Round two is where we see if the losers will unite their armies to go after Tony in the run-off with the second place winner.

Guys even if you are not running, there is nothing illegal if you form a group to block walk to educated the community just how bad Tony Martinez really is.

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Anonymous said...

More bike lanes and fewer paved streets in Brownsville. I love biking, but I also love to cruise around the city without going over all the damn potholes and flooded streets.

BobbyWC said...

It is about finding candidates who can find that balance and be more responsible with our limited resources - Our weather is an asset and we need to use it as an asset - parks - bike lanes etc - while properly funding the repair of our streets - and the end to bad real estate deals.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Erasmo doesn't have a meatball's chance on his own plate. Just sayin'.

BobbyWC said...

But that's not the point - hater - the point is - whether you can win or not - the more people with campaign workers block walking and educating the people about Tony Martinez the better - but I guess you would prefer they not be educated about Tony Martinez

Bobby WC