Monday, February 23, 2015


UPDATE:  DA Saenz's office has informed me that that all of my Open Records Requests were forward to Juanito and any claim to the contrary is false.  He is free to file an Enforcement Action if he believes emails were withheld.  He can hire Neece to contract me at $250 an hour to show him how to do it. LMFAO


Before leaving for the noon press conference being held by the COB, I will post the key story, based on the limited information coming from city sources.  The details will have to wait until after the press conference.  Once USA today went with the story I released it.

BUT I WILL ASK TONY MARTINEZ AND CHARLIE CABLER - what they intend to do about Ben Neece and about how Tony Martinez paid federal judge Hanen's wife city money while federal judge Hanen was reviewing incriminating information related to Tony Martinez's son Trey Martinez.

Why I am up, Buster now likes going out in the middle of the night.


You know Ben Neece your years of drug abuse has fried your brain as much as the alcohol has fried Juanito's.

Ben consider that which follows what you would expect from Santa on Christmas morning because what is about to follow in the days to come will make you wish you were aborted.  Kiss your retirement good-bye.  Juanito is unsupervisable - he is about to do to you, Zeke Silva and Louis Sorola what an AIDS infected whore does to her Johns -

Ben have you ever heard of Metropolitan Services Bureau?

Here is the deal Ben Neece, on Tuesday I am turning over the name and phone number of the person who claims to keep you supplied in marijuana and cocaine.  It is going to the local DEA, and Chief of Police.

I have already emailed Charlie Cabler and the Chief of Police.

We both know Ben, your source will get the deal in exchange for taking you down.

Ben I will not be done with you, until you are done.  I will release the facts as I know them.

I wanted to go away and get to my work.  Now, my goal is your retirement based on facts and reality.


Juanito has announced he is going to print some big conspiracy that DA Saenz did favors for my family members while I ran cover for him. This is 100% false.

To understand how fried Juanito's brain is, he is going to claim DA Saenz is withholding information because he failed to release emails between myself and DA Saenz.  I am certain if he got all of the emails between myself and Melissa Landin he will see wherein she says she is not to give out his email and that everything had to go through her office - hence there are no emails between myself and Saenz.


There is one case wherein Saenz dismissed a case for a relative of a relative.  The case was for being in a park after is was closed.  The case was years old and never prosecuted. Judge David Gonzales was informed by his staff that the capias was defective because there was no proof this person was ever notified to appear in court.  Under Villalobos the court was given the wrong address.  The file showed the correct address.  After David Gonzales was notified by his staff the capias was defective, he [David Gonzales also with a fried brain] had the victim arrested.  She was arrested in front of the man who was being charged with assaulting her.  He was in Gonzales court that day for charges related to the police during his arrest for the assault.

I learned of the old capias because the man who had beat the victim had a family member threaten this young lady with arrest if she appeared in court to testify against the man who beat her.  It got  me thinking and I discovered the old capias.  I complained very loudly to Saenz about how his ADA should have found this first.  In fact I blogged about all of this without ever releasing the victim's name - something which eludes Juanito who never learned the profession of being a journalist - you never release the name of the victim, while the case is live

Saenz was notified how his incompetent ADA did nothing as this happened.  Judge David Gonzales not to be outdone by a moron, on the next appearance had her arrested again for failing to appear years ago, although she was never asked to appear..  This was the second time this brain fried judge had to be told by his staff the capias was defective.  Saenz was so mad that this happened not once but twice while his ADA stood by and did nothing as Judge Gonzales threw the law to the wind, dismissed the charges in the interest of justice.   Saenz did this on his own.  The fact is, had the court appointed attorney done his job he would have filed the motion to dismiss for want of prosecution.  At that point the court would have dismissed the case.

My nephew has requested Saenz be indicted for twice not prosecuting people who have given to his campaign, but victimized my nephew.  Once involved Charles Isbell of International Bingo, and once for Hector Negrete.  The Negrete case is the one wherein Sorola gave Saenz $500, about a week after the case was dismissed on bogus double jeopardy charges.  It was a different crime different victim.

To you Mr. Sorola, you are already looking at being sued for bribing Saenz on that one - are you going to allow Juanito to get you sued also for defamation related to his spin of the facts?  I bet you will - you are that stupid.

There may be a third - but again she was a cousin of a relative.  I have no recollection of bringing the case to Saenz's attention.  What I can say is only after she went at it with her court appointed attorney and Judge Nelson that she wanted her Motion to Dismiss for Want of Prosecution heard did the ADA finally offer a misdemeanor charge I believe with deferred adjudication.  This was all spontaneous by the ADA to avoid what had become a very loud verbal confrontation.  I had nothing to do with it.

So according to Juanito if Saenz refuses to prosecute those who victimize my nephew that is Saenz doing favors for me.

So according to Juanito, if Saenz dismisses an old trespass case against a victim of domestic abuse which Villalobos never prosecuted, while his staff allowed this victim of domestic abuse to be wrongfully detained and arrested in court twice by the brain fried Judge David Gonzales, Saenz is doing me a favor.  No Juanito, when a criminal case is not prosecuted for years through no fault of the accused, it is standard practice to have the case dismissed.  Plus Saenz was trying to get her to testify against the man who beat her.  When the DA is involved in arresting the victim of domestic abuse while in court, it becomes a challenge to get the victim to cooperate with the DA.

Juanito this is not like you running from prosecution for years and then getting the case dismissed by Star Jones so you could blog for Ben Neece to defraud BISD.


Juanito has no story.  His entire post on the 8 Liners is based on the BV's research.  It is his alcohol soaked brain which makes him claim he is writing in the style of the Watergate Era - no Juanito you are confused with truthful journalism which required courage versus your trash defamation and endless lies bought and paid for by the scum of Brownsville, Ben Neece, Louis Sorola, Zeke Silva, Oscar Garcia, and Art McDonald.

If you believe for one second Juanito had $300 to pay for 300 pages you are nuts. 

We all know Juanito will lie and manipulate what ever is in the documents.  The concerned parties and their families have already been notified.  They are prepared to sue Juanito, Ben Neece, Louis Sorola, Star Jones and Zeke Silva, all of whom have paid Juanito to trash people with defamation.

I have demanded Luis Saenz put out a statement that he did in fact release my Open Records Requests, or state why he withheld them.

You were warned Ben, but your brain is too fried to get it.


Trust me guys, making me come back only has me mad as hell. 





Click for history of Juanito's Domestic Abuse and Corruption of the process to get the charges dismissed after he ran from the courts.

So you know how little Saenz helped this victim of domestic abuse understand this:

1.  The original charging instrument against the abuser was defective and I had to demand Saenz correct it.

2.  Saenz's staff refused to aid her as a crime victim and in the end the AG had to intervene to move this young lady so her abuser did not know where she lived.  Saenz and his incompetent staff refused all help.

3.   Saenz's staff had her wrongfully arrested not once by twice.  I think in order to avoid being sued is why he dismissed the criminal charges for being in Dean Porter park illegally.  Such a crime - the inhumanity of hit.

4.   Korina Barraza Assistant District Attorney/Domestic Violence Unit Supervisor at the time under Saenz was so abusive to the victim the victim did not want to testify.  Korina was so vindictive that on a Wednesday before the Monday trial she refused to allow the victim to have an advocate in the room with her during Korina's final interview of the victim before the Monday trial.  Korina then agreed to a plea bargain with the abuser without consulting the victim. 

The victim  cried all weekend in absolute fear if she went back to court the abuser would attack her or Saenz would have her arrested against.  The bitch Korina was determined to settle the score with the victim over my endless complaints over her incompetence.  Korina never told the victim the case was resolved with a plea bargain.  We showed up Monday morning after the victim cried all weekend to learn there was not case because Korina agreed to a plea bargain the previous week without the victim's consent.

Saenz found all of this acceptable.

This is what Juanito is calling doing me a favor.

Only a woman beating drunk like Juanito would make this young lady relive this over a personal score with me.

Guys I do not want to be here.  I have too much on my plate.  Today I missed both phone calls from my eye surgeon.  A huge amount of fat was found behind my left eye.  I can barely see. They are trying to get me in to determine if emergency surgery is needed.

I am pissed I was brought back to do something I do not want to do - this time I am done when Juanito no longer exists.

Juanito we know every bar you go to - if you dare get in a car drunk you are going down on felony charges. I will have every news media on you, Ben Neece, and Saenz if any deal is cut.


Here is the cover letter on the Inter-Agency Agreement which Juanito implies I got without a formal Request.  I blogged about how Saenz was late.  Juanito's brain is just too fried from alcohol abuse to know what he is saying at this point.



We the above Oscar Garcia and Art McDonald will continue to fund Juanito's abuse of abused women.


Anonymous said...

Stay on this story. Neece needs to sit on the hot seat a spell...

Anonymous said...

Boy is he mad !!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

Ben will remain on the hot seat until his ass fires. I will rid this city of the vermin, Neece, Sorola, Silva, Rendon, Zayas, Saenz, Gus Garza, Oscar Garcia, Art McDonald - etc - Mary Esther get ready for the truth - your staff hates you and hates what you are doing on taxpayers time.

It is time people know the entire truth

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

But Bobby you promised you would leave. What about your heart problems? Your new job? Do you actually believe you will get all these people indicted? Wow!

BobbyWC said...

Where did I say I would get these people indicted? We are in Cameron County. I could have video of them raping goats and Saenz for a campaign donation would see no wrongdoing. Which is why I am now working with other law enforcement to bring the criminal complaints directly to the Texas Rangers. Certain law enforcement can call them in, but a private citizen will be ignored.

I said the problem is with my cystic duct impacting the lung - my heart is actually quite strong.

I have respiratory problems which can be fixed. In time they can damage my heart. But for now my blood flow which has been measured is solid with indication of any blockage.

Tomorrow is the CT scan to determine if the cystic ductcan be treated or whether I need surgery.

I have an emergency appointment with an eye surgeon on Thursday for the fat which has build up behind the left eye which is causing a lot of pressure and significant loss of vision. It is correctable with surgery.

Then next week I see the ENT doctor. The CT scan showed significant infection of the sinuses which has caused damage to parts of the nasal passage - the septum needs to be rebuilt for a third time - I may also need another sinus scrapping.

But he may first try high dosages of antibiotics - I do not know.

But know this - I will sleep 4 hours a day to get my desk cleared and to expose these scum

Which by the way includes Carlos Cascos, Cris Valadez, Jonathan Gracia - in Gracia's case I will give as many hours as necessary to the dead client's family to make sure he is indicted and disbarred.

I will be moving on. I want to teach and I will no longer walk away from the position I want.

My resume is solid. The published judicial opinions speak to my skills. The number of mandamuses on my record in Dallas still make the mandamus king. My publications as a contributor to American Government texts in the area of Constitutional Law is well documented and can be verified.

Hey, if need be I can be in Kabul and still do what I do with the BV.

There are too many people feeding me information.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is rejected as pathetic bullshit. Juanito admits I broke the Lowkes story and uses every bit of my research and then you want to post a comment saying I stole the Lowkes story.

Do you actually believe people are that stupid.

You say I spew hatred = I am not the one claiming to be about to print a story about a woman who was beaten and then has an unprosecuted misdemeanor dismissed. This is Juanito using and abused woman to settle a score with me - it is Juanito spewing hate towards an abused woman and trying to use her as a weapon. I guess once an abuser of woman always an abuser of woman.

Zeke, you are going down.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So if you are not to indict them, what do you intend to do to all the people you mentioned, embarrass them on your blog? How noble.

BobbyWC said...

Since when can you embarrass someone with no shame or honor? - they will not be embarrassed by anything.

No the goal is for people to know the truth and how Brownsville is being played over and over again by the same bad people.

The BV and no other blog has as its logo the promotion of Brownsville.

I actually love Brownsville and use my logo to promote it.

All Juanito, Barton, Jerry and the Imp do is tear it down. I do post articles with the positive.

But until we end the influence of these vermin Brownsville can not be the best it can be.

That is my goal.

It is lost on you because you have no moral compass that my readers are reading your comments as someone trying to defend that which has no defense.

All you have done is tell my readers there are people who will always attack the truth about the bad people. You helped no one - least of all Juanito or Neece.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

The difference between me and Barton is I am a man and he is a pathetic worthless weasel. He claims the above paragraph does not exist. He actually believes you are too stupid to read for yourself.

"He lowered the boom on his three blogging counterparts, "Juanito, Barton and Jerry," by claiming they try to "destroy" a city he simply tries to promote. In Bobbyesque fashion, he later removed the criticism of his fellow Brownsville bloggers."

Nothing was ever removed except in his weasel mind.

He promotes himself as means and then wonders why people seem him as having no human value-

Here is the deal between me and Barton - when Nina was sick and he was not blogging I came to his defense and told people to leave him alone - I rejected all sorts of posts.

This is how a man conducts himself. This is lost on the weasel Barton -

Not Barton he has to go with the lies and deception. A man who never has had honor which is why he perceives himself as mean.

he has no stories - he routinely steals from the BV - he says I cannot connect the dots - he loves to say this - but has yet to post one example - why - he believes intellect is the capacity to lie to idiots.

The BV will continue breaking the biggest stories while Barton continues with recycled nothings.

You see Ben Neece keeps him in beer - so he must attack - well Ben - Barton just got you in a lot more trouble - Ben you have no friends - just weasels who go to you for free beer.

Bobby WC