Thursday, February 26, 2015

When the bloggers you endlessly defend are failed journalists, it should surprise no one Jim, your research once again sucks, and is all wrong.

In 2012, the city did not create a 60 day rule concerning the posting of campaign signs they amended it to get rid of the 60 rule created in 2007.

From Ty Johnson:

"The Brownsville City Commission passed the measure amending the sign requirements unanimously, seemingly declaring an open season for political signage ahead of elections. They passed the measure even as they peppered Sossi with questions about how they could limit the length of time signs could remain up before the March primary, which was eventually delayed until May.

Sossi assured then-District 3 Commissioner Melissa Zamora that the city had no jurisdiction because of the uncertainty about the primary, which was true in that case, but no one questioned the sign ordinance amendment, which removed the city’s then-current sign restrictions."

The BV has been writing about the successes at BISD, while also covering its failures.  The BV celebrated Allegiant airlines as something good for Brownsville, while the Imp dismissed it like no big deal.

The BV always covers the good, the bad and the ugly.  Brownsville is the most amazing gem in the rawe.  For those of us who dearly love it, its endless failures leave us frustrated.

But when people just have to bad mouth it for no apparent reason, then they need to be called out.

Jim, stop consulting Ben Neece on the law - it never works.

Yes Jim we get it - instead of admitting you made up just another story you will lob insults - you go girl,  teach your grandson how a real man acts.  Send him by and I will explain to him when while Nena was in the hospital I rejected all the comments getting into your personal life and attacking you for not blogging.  You can explain to your grandson how my conduct was not that of a real man, and how your pathetic attacks are what makes a real man.

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