Wednesday, February 11, 2015


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I must say, I have been at this a long, long time and have never seen an opinion issue so fast - less than a week.  The only issue in the case is one of the hottest issues in criminal law at this time - jurors accessing the internet.  Given this is a new area of law, not only is it shocking the court with unprecedented record speed issued an opinion, it ordered the opinion not published although it involves what might be the hottest issue in criminal law at this time. 

As I have said, it was a con from day one.  Villalobos and his family are to blame.  His family actually believes he is 100% innocent.  They actually believe he had nothing to do with the release of the FBI 302 interviews.  They are in complete denial.  Between Villalobos' incompetence in directing his defense and his family's ignorance of the law and process, he never had a fighting chance.

They have the proof in terms of a witness who will verify Raul Villarreal was less then honest with Judge Hanen during the post conviction hearings.  They should have acted on it.  They did not.  They had so many opportunities to make a difference and chose not to.  Villalobos will now do his time.  No one is going to help.  His brother without a doubt was and remains Armando's worse enemy in this matter.  He is in complete denial of reality, and as part of that denial refuses to expose the truth.

Click for Opinion  - remember what I said - he had the three most anti-civil rights judges on the court.  Given this reality, what made them think the decision would go any other way, is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

Every dog has his day more to come. thinking you are above the law may work in favor for a while but the truth must and will always prevail.

BobbyWC said...

He will do his time - the Supreme Court Justices will not even read the brief if a Pet is filed - it will not make it past the law clerks.

No one will do the Habeas for him because of the public corruption.

His brother will go on believing it was all one big conspiracy.

His mother is in complete denial.

His family is so divided they cannot agree on the time of day.

Between Armando's contempt for the law and his family, and his family's belief they are better than everyone else he will do his time.

When he gets out his children will not know him as anything but the father who sold them up the river rather than tell the truth about the greater corruption when he had the chance.

Dan Morales children will not have anything to do with him = this is Armando's future

No family, no job

Bobby WC