Sunday, February 15, 2015

I went to my second ever political fundraiser.  Bela and her mother were invited to Jessica Tetreau's campaign event so I went about 4:30.  I spend very little time with Bela except when I was trying to interview César.  People were leaving and I had promised to drive her and her mom home.

Full disclosure - Carlos Elizondo forced me to drink something browns with tequila in it.  That was free.  Then to my amazement Bela wanted a piece of cake, so I had cake.  So to my detractors I got a free drink and a free piece of cake.

But I also met with a lot of elected official and candidates.  Carlos Masso proved once again that we can agree to disagree and still have civil conversations on any number of issues.  This is how it should be.


Impressive is the word which comes to mind.  He has fumbled along the way in his campaign - but he is a first timer.  He is a quick study and I think the campaign will get better.

But what I care about is ideas and whether or not he has researched the subject matter enough to have an informed opinion.  I believe he has.

He has studied economic development and what it takes for a city to develop.  He is not mere ideas - he has looked at models of development.  He has studied deregulation of electricity and its impact on Brownsville.  He is aware in Brownsville there is more than just the BPUB.

Before law school he studied economics.

He has a good background in the legislative process - which will be key in helping to bring resources to Brownsville.

He will be a fresh voice for Brownsville.

His only known opponent is Robert Uresti.  Robert clearly cares deeply for Brownsville, but he is not prime time.  César brings to the table the finesse needed to work with diverse opinions.

I watched for over an hour how he interacted with other elected official and future candidates.  It was easy for him.  This is key to being a leader. 

My view is he will study the issues and do what is best for Brownsville based on looking at all variables.  He will not be a Tony Martinez yes man, but conversely he will not oppose Tony for the sake of it.  It seems to me he will look to each vote and vote based on what is best.

My interest in César de León is his sense of commitment to being informed about the process of moving the city forward.   If he is informed as to the process and what is needed, then I can trust he will make intelligent informed decisions.  This is what I care about in the end.


Michael Cowen said...

Did you ask him about Lincoln Park?

BobbyWC said...

No, my goal was to get a sense his knowledge related to economic development. My sense though was he does not see UT as urgent for development. We did not discuss UT. But he never mentioned it in terms of prioriies facing Brownsville. He seems to understand investment has to be infrastrucure in order to bring in factories. He is very comfortable with those opposing the Lincoln park group. In fact they asked i get to know him. Direct questions turn candidates off. I wanted to know him. There are things I am not disclosing. But I very comfortable with the lawyers he is close to. The only negative is he is kind of bright eyed about running. He will get use to it.

BobbyWC said...

I forgot. A source confirmed for me UT does not want Lincoln Park. This is consisted with another source who claims UT Trustees told him they are done with Tony

Anonymous said...

You see bobby you should not be judging before you get the facts straight..

Anonymous said...

Good question by Mike Cowen blimp. Did you know that Cesar is a close friend of Galonsky's? Did you know that he would continue to run cover for the land deals? Of course you didn't. You are to busy mesmerized at someone giving you the time of day.

BobbyWC said...

Everything I have said in your moronic post I have already published.

Your problem is your child like simplistic mind. You assume because someone associates with someone they are lovers - they are not.

There are plenty of people in this town who are on the opposite political spectrum as me, but we talk and have civil conversations.

Carlos Masso and I can always talk, and agree to disagree.

This is how real adults act.

I get it - you are a child and think like a child. Not all adults who associate with one another are lovers.

Bobby WC