Tuesday, February 24, 2015


UPDATE:  The city has verified for me Brownsville will not have to pay for empty seats.  Also they will be flying MD 80 which seats about 160 people.  This is a good marketing tool for attracting Winter Texans.  The numbers are getting smaller every year and Brownsville needs a reason to get them to settle in Brownsville.  This deal with Allegiant will be a marketing tool to attract Winter Texans. My hats off to all who made this happen.

The below picture is now on the Brownsville Airport page.  They also have a depiction of the new terminal.

Allegiant is a discount airline.  For now it has Texas flights from McAllen, Laredo, and Austin.  From Austin it flies to Daytona, Orlando, and Las Vegas.  Its smallest plane is an Air Bus 319 and holds 156 passengers.

For now USA Today is reporting Year-round service to Las Vegas begins June 4.

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Their web page shows flights leaving on Thursday only and returning on Sunday.  You arrive at 6:35 p.m. Thursday and leave Las Vegas at 8:35 a.m. Sunday.  For now the price is $85 each way.  With taxes the cost is $170.  the flight will be nonstop.  There is no indication at this time as to the size of the plane they will use.


Tony Martinez pictured in his Charros day best took the lectern and announced the deal and then instroduced Commissioner Tetreau.  She spoke of her work on the Airport Board and indicated more good things are coming our way.  She then introduced a representative of Allegiant Air who verified the story and pricing above.  Larry Brownsville then stepped up and said that's it nothing further.  No questions - nothing - I cannot tell you the size of the planes they will be using.

You see, Tony could not face the prospect of the public learning the truth, so questions were not allowed.  It is sad Larry Brown closing it out without questions is becoming part of the story. 

No information was provided as to whether or not Brownsville will subsidize for unsold seats.

Nonetheless, Brownsville has one more airline - albeit with limited service.  It will help to draw more winter Texans to Brownsville because Vegas is something they enjoy. 

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