Sunday, February 8, 2015


From me, you watch - if he rules against the Obama Administration on immigration he will be the first judge nominated for the court of appeals if a Republican wins the White House in 2016.  Gregg Abbott hand picked Hanen to rule on the Immigration issue. The Republicans know he is reliable to corrupt the process for them.  He proved that in the Villalobos case.  Even all the Republicans at the Villalobos oral argument were baffled by the fact he has barred reference to Raul Villarreal.  They were all baffled by the lack of record of what he knew and when it knew it concerning Raul Villarreal statement "they ARE guilty."  The fact he oversaw the hearing wherein he and his office were material witnesses proves justice was never an option in the case.  This single fact should be enough to grant a new trial - but unfortunately for Villalobos he pulled three of the most anti-civil rights appellate judges he could have gotten.


I, as to so many of citizens have lost all respect for the court system.

The screw up Hanen did including his staff will never be admitted by anyone of them
Where does (The buck stops here) come into play as the boss in judge Hanens postion and as to any top Executive like AV took the many blows from his own staff screw ups in the case of (Livingston), this was clearly one where he had to take the brunt.

Just think people... if you're doing what you can to change the system of the "old compadre" as AV tried to do and indeed did in the DA's office.
(Nobody gives Armando Villalobos credit for all the new technology systems and filing methods that were in dire need of updating to take this very important office into this century!

No one, NO ONE accomplished the much needed and nessasary changes in this very busy department.

As the office were cleaned out and a new office was built, (to meet the demands of victims) cases that were behind schedule from the previous DA's offices where the "right hand talking to the foot" per say,

What, if any changes did the new DA make? "ZERO"

These political and dirty revengeful parties which include the old staff from AV's clean up made in the DA's office which are employeed staff in FEDERAL office's of DEA, and FBI.

Judge Hanen made his bed with corrupted FEDS and political Republican parties!! He needed help get his wife out of the big hole of wrong doings she made for herself.

I have no doubt about it!!

Judge Hanen needs to admit to his mistakes and come clean on this and any other cases!!

God save us all from people like these!!!

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BobbyWC said...

My documentef work goes back to 2008. I have posted multtiple findings against bisd. I had several against Art Rendon. Families which gave me permission to discuss rheir case I did. I have discussed endless complaints related ro Ards. To include bisd refusing childten smaller classrooms. In the case i detailed the abuses by luis segura at stell to include lying about being witness to an assault which never happened. He also lied about anon existent restraining ordet against a father. I documented how i got disability inc to come to brownsville to represent the child who was the victim of luis segura. They came a second time ro train parents in how to file complaints. The Zarates have done nothing bur to protect Rendon and others who are the problem. I have no duty to pull. 10 yesrs of files for you. My long time readers know my long term battle against bisd for special needs children The Zarates have never been there to protect these children