Friday, February 27, 2015


The story on Monday.  If litigation follows, and BISD fails to turn over all of my documented complaints against Rita Hernandez, Rose Longoria, and Luis Segura you have received from me, I will turn them over to counsel.  You are toast Minerva and can be assured a new reorganization will be called for.

Dr. Esperanza Zendejas

Zendejas has proven in less than a week on the job she will do the dirty work for those seeking to deny special needs children their right to an education.  She has committed to be Minerva Peña's lapdog, at the expense of special needs children. 

Ask around lady, on the issue of special needs I stayed on Hector Gonzales until he was gone, I stayed on Bret Springston until he was gone.  I a stayed on Carl Montoya until he was gone.  And now I will stay on you until you are gone. You will not be allowed to do your job. You  have no idea how hated you are for caving in to Minerva Peña.  Rita Hernandez, Rose Longoria and Luis Segura are as anti special needs children as you can get.  I will stand with the special needs children - you can stand with Minerva Peña.  Let's see who wins.  Hey lady, is the fact Luis Segura's failed leadership made Stell a failed school not enough for you to see, Minerva played you? - what did she promise you to throw these children under the bus?  Do our children a favor and leave Brownsville now - because BISD personnel after Monday will not lift a finger to help you.


When I first read the comment by a reader I thought a set up - it was too bizarre to be true. But John Villarreal has confirmed to several sources the story is true.  While engaged in criminal walking quorums Alex Dominguez has claimed for himself the title of new county judge.  He claims to have the votes.  John Villarreal has verified commissioners have met to vote Alex Dominguez in as the new county judge and then John Villarreal as Alex Dominguez's replacement.  The problem is, in order to carry out this conspiracy Alex Dominguez and John Villarreal both had to be party to a criminal walking quorum.

It does not end there.  Sofie Benavides will not run for reelection.  She and her worthless niece [correction from daughter] Lynette Benavides have come up with this scheme that Sofie will file to run and at the last minute withdraw and then her niece Lynette will file.  The idea is, no one would try and run against Sofie so at the last minute when she withdraws and her niece files, the family kingdom will continue. 

Two sources have told me that Lynette is openly bragging about the scheme created by her and her aunt.  John Villarreal never known to keep his mouth shut is already bragging about being a county commissioner.

Complete idiots.

For the record I do not believe Alex Dominguez will be able to secure the votes - but I could be wrong.


I interviewed César twice now - he is clear he will never vote to relinquish Lincoln Park to U.T.  He is not tied to Ben Neece.  He is an independent minded person who will take Tony Martinez to task on Lincoln Park.  I withheld this until now because I feared Tony Martinez running someone against him.

Juanito point blank lies and says Saenz is denying me access to files - first of all for years now everything in every criminal and civil case is accessible through the public computers on the second floor of the Administration building.  Saenz has zero and I mean zero control over the files.

The custody of the district court files is with Eric Garza - and I am very proud of Eric Garza.  The other day before a document had been scanned into the system I wanted it.  It related to Lincoln Park.  Judge Nelson refused to release the file from his chambers.  Eric Garza sent his staff member back to Judge Nelson's court to remind him Eric Garza, not Judge Nelson controls the files. I got the document.

Montoya's brain dead Watergate journalism skills have him living in a perpetual state of delusions.

I do need Saenz to see any file - I just need access to the second floor public computers or a District Clerk like Eric Garza willing to stand up to the judges and remind them who controls the files.


Who other than someone who beats women would attack a young lady who was the victim of domestic abuse?

In his story, I lost count on how many different ways he misspelled the young lady's name.  Second, she is not my niece - she is a second cousin of a relative of mine.  There is zero blood relationship between myself and the young lady.

Apparently Sorola's check must have cleared because his claims - too convoluted to comprehend - against my nephew are just bizarre.

So here is the deal, Sorola is appointed out of order to represent a man who already had a court appointed attorney.  The original attorney refused to go along with the dismissal based on double jeopardy.  She will testify there was no basis to the claim.  Gus Garza filed the motion to have felony  charges dismissed against the man who caused thousands of dollars in damages to my nephew's motorcycle.  A week later Sorola donated $500 to DA Saenz.  Sorola will be sued for the $3,000.

Somehow in Juanito's convoluted story Saenz taking $500 from Sorola to cheat my nephew out of $3000 is helping me.


The law is clear when a DA abandons a case for years through no fault of the defendant the court is to dismiss it for want of a speedy trial.  It is not complex.  This young lady was in absolute fear of testifying against the man who beat her.  A family member of the man told her if she went to court to testify against him she would be arrested.

This got me thinking - I remembered a criminal trespass case related to when she was a lot younger.  She was in Dean Porter Park when it was closed.  I checked the file.  I learned she was never sent a notice to appear - but numbnuts Judge David Gonzales issued a capias for her arrest anyway.  David Gonzales got his law license bending over for his professors because he knows nothing about the law. 

I reviewed the public file which anyone can access, and found the notice to appear was sent to an address where she never lived.  The file contained the returned notice.  The file also contained her PR bond with the correct address.  David Gonzales being a complete idiot never bothered to check to see if the young lady ever received notice.  His staff a bunch of idiots were too lazy to see if the PR bond had a different address.  So the case sat for years.

I spoke with David Gonzales's administrator and told her the young lady would be appearing in his court to clear this mess up and to get the case properly set for trial.  I was told David Gonzales had reviewed the file, and agreed the capias was bad.

She goes to court and purely by chance the man who beat her was in David Gonzales court for related charges to his arrest.  David Gonzales ordered her detained knowing the capias was bad, and gave her a court appointed attorney who told her  to plead guilty right then and now or go to jail for failure to appear.  This was malpractice -

Contrary to the moron Juanito in the US anyone can speak up  for anyone on any legal matter so long as they do not claim they are a lawyer or charge a fee for their actions. 

Again Juanito fails as a journalist by demonstrating his lack of knowledge of Free Speech.


The US Supreme Court has repeatedly held any individual can tell people and speak for people when their rights are being violated.  The key is you cannot go to court and claim to be a lawyer, or charge a fee when you tell people their rights have been violated.

"We conclude that, under Chapter 33, as authoritatively construed by the Supreme Court of Appeals, a person who advises another that his legal rights have been infringed and refers him to a particular attorney or group of attorneys (for example, to the Virginia Conference's legal staff) for assistance has committed a crime, as has the attorney who knowingly renders assistance under such circumstances. There thus inheres in the statute the gravest danger of smothering all discussion looking to the eventual institution of litigation on behalf of the rights of members of an unpopular minority. Lawyers on the legal staff or even mere NAACP members or sympathizers would understandably hesitate, at an NAACP meeting or on any other occasion, to do what the decree purports to allow, namely, acquaint persons with what they believe to be their legal rights and . . . [advise] them to assert their rights by commencing or further prosecuting a suit."

Click for NAACP v. Button


The father of the young lady has requested I prepare a judicial complaint.  Your continued advertising with Juanito disgraces the judiciary.  The complaint will be strong.  The false statements contained in the article are so numerous it blows my mind.  This is why Juanito does not actually posts the communications - he just asks you to trust him.  And for the record Juanito nothing was ever accidently forwarded to Melissa - it is called being honest and keeping everyone who needs to be in the loop in the loop.

Juanito is so stupid - he wants you to believe Saenz is talking to me, while telling the story of how I had to go through Cascos to get to Saenz.  Meaning - I had no direct access to Saenz.

His story is simple - Saenz dismissed a criminal trespass case against a young lady rather than face a motion to dismiss for want of a speedy trial.  Saenz knew from the record which was provided to him the capias was defective and the conduct of his ADA had exposed the office to possible litigation for wrongful detention.  Saenz knowing the law compelled dismissal for want of a speedy trial dismissed the case. Saenz was  faced with a victim who was afraid to testify against her abuser in part because of the incompetence of Saenz's staff.  Of course Juanito who has been arrested for beating women would want to victims intimidated into not testifying.

According to Juanito if Saenz's office messes up the indictment it is a crime for me to point it out to Saenz - of course Juanito would believe this - this is how men who beat women like Juanito get off on technicalities.

Art McDonald - the father is mad as hell.  He will raise your unethical conduct as a judge at every level possible.  He is prepared to take the Commission on Judicial Conduct to task with women's organizations if they fail to sanction you.  You were warned Art, but as the poor excuse of a man you are you chose to continue to pay for this smut and attack on a woman who has been beaten twice by the same man.  I would love to have your wife undergo full projective psychological testing.  I want to know what could possibly  make any woman allow a scumbag like you to touch them. It has to be mental illness.

When it looked like Tony Martinez was going to dump Cabler two years ago, I made it a big issue that Tony's candidates needed to be sent packing.  There is a danger in a City Manager allowing a bad mayor to run the show.  And this is exactly what Charlie Cabler did to keep his job.  There must be consequences.

BUT LET ME SAY:  I met Charlie once at the Houston airport.  We were both on the last fight of the day.  He and his son were very pleasant to speak with.  They were basically just all around nice people.  I also spoke with him once on the phone.  We discussed this issue of the truancy courts moving over to the city, and a lie Juanito had put out about a good city employee claiming she someone how illegally took a picture of Carlos Elizondo.  Charlie appreciated me sticking up for the employee.  Juanito had to retract his story.

Good people need to learn to hold their ground against the Tony Martinez's of the world.  I do not think Charlie Cabler is a bad man - he is very personable and easy going.  I get people have to do what they have to do to protect their family by protecting their job.  That fine line of when you say no and chance losing your job versus, and going along is a line nearly impossible to identify at times.  But when you sit back and say nothing in the face of illegal conduct - you have crossed that line.


After Ben Neece was arrested on charges of assault and possession of marijuana, the city was within its right under Texas law to impose random drug testing. They now had reasonable suspicion.  This is what the law requires.  As is the case in Cameron County the political machines went into overtime and came up with the excuse there was no evidence.

From Ben Neece's mouth

"Neece told deputies he slapped his wife and pushed her with his feet and she stabbed him with a kitchen knife while at their home, according to reports. He later told investigators they had both been drinking until 3 a.m. that same morning.

When deputies arrived at the Neece home they reportedly found 7.8 grams of marijuana on a bed, according to authorities. Neece later told investigators the marijuana was his, Reyna said."

If you believe under these circumstance you and I would have walked you are nuts.

Charlie Cabler decided wife beating and possession of marijuana by the Chief Municipal judge is AOK - Sorry Charlie it is not - it sent a message to the children of Brownsville that beating women and smoking pot is AOK.


Abraham Galonsky was allowed in executive session to negotiate the Casa del Nylon deal.  It was only after the deal was closed the truth came out.  It was as the deal was closing that a commissioner asked me about the ethics of Tony Martinez's partner Horacio Becerra being part of the negotiations.  It was all illegal - where was Charlie Cabler?  Silent to protect his job from the wrath of Tony Martinez.

Abraham Galonsky was part of the lie that he owned the El Cid building.  He was in executive session in violation of the law negotiating for the sale of a building which belonged to his daughter Nurith Galonsky.  Nurith by law was prohibited from negotiating a deal with the city.

While it is true during the final executive session Charlie Cabler informed the commissioners of the truth claiming ignorance until that moment, he still failed to act as a city manager to protect our interests.

Charlie Cabler does not work for Tony Martinez.  He should have called a press conference and told the people the truth.  At that moment Tony would have lost the 4 votes needed to fire him.  But Charlie played it safe and allowed us to be screwed again, while the law was blatantly being ignored.

Sorry Charlie - while at a personal level you and your son seem to be very nice and likeable people - the people's business comes first.  I do not expect absolute compliance with the law, when we all know Tony Martinez would have fired you for the slightest dissent, but the Galonsky mess crossed the line.  On that one you should have called a press conference.

By all accounts Tony will be a lame duck mayor if he wins.  It is  time the truth comes out and Tony is sent packing.


While this is a post of hope, the next will be why Charlie Cabler has to go if the hope is to be realized.

Well today we shall know who makes the ballot and who does not. 

I do not want any group on the city commission which always agree.  But I do want a group which can undo the mess made by Tony Martinez, Charlie Cabler, and Mark Sossi.

I have seen Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa, Rick Longoria César de León interact together and it is good.  I have spoken to all three on policy and it is good.  There is information I have learned which I have withheld because I do not want last minute potential candidates to jump into the race.  What I have learned I will post once the deadline is officially past.

But I can say with certainty these three together bring great hope and potential to Brownsville.  We will finally get past all of the nonsense.  If John Villarreal holds on the key issues, or Debbie Portillo flips which is still in the cards - especially if these three win, even if Tony wins as mayor he will be powerless.  Knowing Tony the way I do, he will just stop showing to the meetings - only to appear on that rare blue moon to avoid removal from the commission.

If César does not fix his ballot problems, the good news is Robert Uresti has a good heart and loves Brownsville.  He does not get policy - but he will try and learn.  While there is no issue César is the better choice, Robert Uresti winning by default will not be bad for Brownsville.  It will take some polishing, but his love of Brownsville will guide him in the right direction.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

When the bloggers you endlessly defend are failed journalists, it should surprise no one Jim, your research once again sucks, and is all wrong.

In 2012, the city did not create a 60 day rule concerning the posting of campaign signs they amended it to get rid of the 60 rule created in 2007.

From Ty Johnson:

"The Brownsville City Commission passed the measure amending the sign requirements unanimously, seemingly declaring an open season for political signage ahead of elections. They passed the measure even as they peppered Sossi with questions about how they could limit the length of time signs could remain up before the March primary, which was eventually delayed until May.

Sossi assured then-District 3 Commissioner Melissa Zamora that the city had no jurisdiction because of the uncertainty about the primary, which was true in that case, but no one questioned the sign ordinance amendment, which removed the city’s then-current sign restrictions."

The BV has been writing about the successes at BISD, while also covering its failures.  The BV celebrated Allegiant airlines as something good for Brownsville, while the Imp dismissed it like no big deal.

The BV always covers the good, the bad and the ugly.  Brownsville is the most amazing gem in the rawe.  For those of us who dearly love it, its endless failures leave us frustrated.

But when people just have to bad mouth it for no apparent reason, then they need to be called out.

Jim, stop consulting Ben Neece on the law - it never works.

Yes Jim we get it - instead of admitting you made up just another story you will lob insults - you go girl,  teach your grandson how a real man acts.  Send him by and I will explain to him when while Nena was in the hospital I rejected all the comments getting into your personal life and attacking you for not blogging.  You can explain to your grandson how my conduct was not that of a real man, and how your pathetic attacks are what makes a real man.
He has been festering all day obsessing - as is his wont.  I've lost count on the number of moronic threatening comments he has posted today.  His home is one wherein the coordinates showed up with the IP address.   
The home is probably that of some unsuspecting woman or a family member giving him a couch to sleep on.
Ipm, you never learned journalism is not about the placement of the comma, it is about the accuracy of the story. 
Stop obsessing and go away -
You have spent years bragging about bedding down women who could not resist your charm at first glance and now you want everyone to believe you did not hit on someone you met only once.  You accuse an innocent woman as part of your obsession of unprofessionally leaking information which you know to be a lie, and you say I should apologize.  Imp the Edinburg facility is just down the way from you - go check in.
The most moronic comment was Charlie Cabler has filed criminal charges against me for threatening to kill him - never happened - but in the Imp's obsessive mind - it is real.
Yes Imp trash my mother - that is the style of a failed journalist who cannot even write a good smut novella.
You are the only person unaware threats have no impact on me -

As of 1 p.m. the county had failed to post the indictments on Joey or his father-in-law. But they posted the indictment of Indian Lake Chief Chambers. Both were arrested at the same time.  I have since learned the delay is from the AG's office.
Not in DA Saenz's press release is Joey Garza was taken to the FBI's office, before the county jail.  He invoked his right to counsel and was then transported to Carrizales

I have confirmed it is for acts during the 2012 primary run-off.  At this moment without the indictment or further information I cannot say if the beneficiary of the alleged acts of wrongdoing are listed.  This is the BV - I do not print stories on speculation - this by his own admission is what Juanito calls Watergate Journalism  - speculation

If the Texas AG's office can prove a candidate was part of the alleged crime - then I say hang the candidate - no sacred cows.

But rather than speculate on one name without proof click for a complete list of all candidates in the 2012 run-off election. 


Up until now there is only one office holder ever directly linked to a politiquera.  That is Abelardo Gomez.  He hired Sonia Solis 's son.  There is zero testimony or evidence to date other than the preceding fact which links the specific acts of any politiquera to any candidate.  But I get it - people will believe any and all lies bought and paid for by Alex Begum.  The FBI continues to investigate the $6,000 donation Alex Begum gave DA Luis Saenz to allegedly charge Josefina Fisher with obscene language: to wit:  "calling Yolanda Begum as fake."  The AG's office is fully aware of what Begum is capable of.  This is part of their pickle.

You will note since Abelardo Gomez pays Juanito you will never see in Juanito's posts that Gomez hired Sonia Solis's son.  Constable Gomez has no problem telling anyone who will listen he pays Juanito for silence.  Why the FBI has not indicted Juanito when Abelardo Gomez is willing to testify to the truth is beyond me.


I first heard this this morning from a source unrelated to the story and then confirmed it through sources close to Joey Garza.  Jonathan Gracia was called out to Cariizales to process inmates.  He picked up the file for Joey Garza which indicated he was ready for release subject to posting bond, and then according to several witnesses threw the file to the side and refused to process Joey Garza.  This one is going to the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  It is no great secret Joey Garza among other candidates worked for Erin Garcia - Gracia's opponent.  Once again Jonathan Gracia shamed the judiciary through his conduct.
There is more coming.  Neither Mr. Garza nor his counsel have been allowed to see the indictments. This is beyond surreal.  This was as of 2:30 p.m.
My view remains the same. If the evidence is there then I want jail time. Also federal judge Tagle said it right, it is time to prosecute the candidates hiring the politiqueras.
Sources are saying investigators have already opened an investigation into witness tampering. I will get to this below.  This is not a done deal.


Until I worked on the Dallas case I did not know people could be so evil as to steal ballots from seniors.

What I learned in the Dallas case compelled me to obtain the Peña/Hernandez trial transcript and forward it to Jonathan White, of the AG's office.  Margarita Ozuna was prosecuted because of my efforts.  Other than in small towns around Cameron county, there has been not one case of ballot tampering in Brownsville or Cameron county since it was announced Margarita Ozuna would be prosecuted.  Yes people, more politiqueras have been indicted, but for acts which occurred before it became known that Margarita Ozuna would be prosecuted.

The election returns since then have shown very few mail ballots compared to years past.  We did see a spike among Republican mail ballots, but that was because of a group in Austin identifying Republican seniors and encouraging them to vote.

In the Dallas case I proved that nearly every statement obtained by supporters of the losing candidate were tainted.  In one case a blind Anglo woman who understood not a word of a Spanish signed an affidavit in Spanish claiming my client stole her ballot.  The DA was not happy.  Then I proved that a notary massed notarized the affidavits without ever meeting the alleged victims.  Every complaint was tossed.  Then witnesses started to come forward to tell us they were told if they did not sign the affidavits they would be prosecuted for election fraud.  By the time I was done with my investigation, the DA actually called not one witness.

The judge, who lost the next election, was so mad he issued arrest warrants for two witnesses who appeared before the grand jury.  One testified my client never touched her ballot, the other tore the judge a new rectum.  After the jury came back with a not guilty the jury foreman accused the judge of being the most unethical judge he had ever met, and he had been on many juries.


I believe my client along with others who worked for the other candidate did in fact break the law.  I never saw the proof, but I heard from enough seniors on both sides to know people were being intimidated.

An overzealous group tied to the losing candidate tainted the evidence through their conduct.  My client was probably guilty of some of the charges, but in the end walked because of tainted evidence.

You cannot have citizens without proper training conducting these interviews.  They will taint the evidence.  A source who already spoke with the AG's office has indicated that if they are brought any evidence of tainted evidence they will toss the charges and consider prosecuting those who may have intimidate or falsified evidence.

What is sad is, I do not doubt that crimes were committed - but if counsel can prove any tainting of the evidence guilty parties will walk because of Begum's over zealous conduct.

My source in Austin has told me that the charges were brought based on political pressure, and that the AG's office is investigating evidence of tainted evidence.

It will be beyond sad if because of dirty games by Alex Begum any guilty party walks.

FINALLY, if you want to believe all of Yolanda Begum's mail ballots were clean and all of Erin Garcia's were dirty - hey enjoy your cool-aide.  I personally believe operatives for both sides probably crossed the line.  This I will not deny.  But that does not mean either candidate authorized it.

I am just glad since the announcement Margarita Ozuna was being charged the entire filthy history of mail ballot harvesting is behind us.

A quick word for the failed journalist and smut writer commonly known as the IMP - learn English or admit you simply are a failed journalist because the concept of the truth and integrity elude you.

In journalism, a leak is 5. a disclosure, often intentional, of secret information.  Now pay attention IMP - if all of my documents from DA Saenz office are through open records requests which can be verified by anyone - even a failed journalist and smut writer - then it is not a leaked document. 

You are a coward without honor who will never get over the fact Saenz PIO looked at you and walked away.  Deal with the rejection - do not become another Amit Livingson - because right now you sound like a man seeking vengeance over rejection for being less than a man.

In the above document from the 2010 tax return you see a notation of $6,184.57, to the State Comptroller.
I did an open records request to learn what this was for.  The response from the State Comptroller's office is they have no record of any payment at any time for any reason from DownbytheBorder to the State Comptroller's office.  I was concerned enough with the response that I followed up with a phone call.  They found their account.  I was told there is no history of any payment to the State Comptroller's office because they are tax exempt. 
So the questions is - is this just bad accounting by Sergio and Dolores Zarate,  or what?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


There is a reason why this convicted drunk is a failed journalist - he knows nothing about truth, or investigating.

You see, Zeke Silva cannot get over the fact DA Saenz refused to allow him to indict anyone and everyone who had crossed Zeke or refused to worship Zeke.  He tried day in an day out to get Melissa Landin fired and failed.  DA Saenz finally decided it was time to send Zeke packing.  Since then he is on line blaming Melissa for the impending Armageddon and Saenz for everything wrong with humanity. 

Zeke who misspells the same words every time now wants you to know he has a crack-pot group of lawyers ready to sue everyone at the DA's office for the following non-existed conspiracy. Dude you need to stop asking Alex Dominguez for legal advice.

"Was the release of the DA's Office Sarkis criminal file approved by Saenz? And was the release by Zamora of information known only to the DA, Sarkis and his defense attorney requested and released to affect the city election to fill her old seat on the city commission?"

First of all, in my story on Sarkis, he had no lawyer.  That was part of the story.  You see Juanito's brain is so fried from alcohol abuse, he is not even smart enough to go back and read the original story.

Click for Sarkis Story

A key part of the story, which the email itself indicates was the lack of information in the District Clerk's file which is - wait - be patient - here it comes - PUBLIC.

The file contained the indictment and the dismissal order signed by Limas.  Any fool could have gone to the second floor in the Administration building and gotten the same documents.  Oh yes, the homosexual conspiracy of making court documents public records.  This is how it worked - Melissa called Oliviera and Oliviera had the governor call a special session whereupon they passed a special law to give me access to - wait - here it comes - PUBLIC RECORDS.


Another homosexual communist conspiracy - Melissa called Oliviera and had the governor call another special session so that access to the DA's file after the case is closed would be subject to the Texas Open Records Act.  Click for law - the file was subject to the Texas Open Records Act.

You go Zeke you have your team of crack-pot lawyers keep working on this.  But the ones in your head could end you up in Valley Baptist.  Your obsession with Melissa, Saenz and myself is going to cost you your business. 

The only reason Melissa does not bankrupt you at this point is because the inept lawyers in this town [not all are inept -there are actually some good lawyers] seem to keep telling everyone that by suing Juanito and you they will only bring more attention to themselves.  NOT - people like Melissa fail to understand you are psychotically obsessed.  The posts prove it.  A jury would give her in excess of a million for Intentional Infliction of Emotional distress and defamation.  Do not fret Zeke, her friends have told me the lawyers have convinced her suing you will not stop you.  Yea, but it might get your wife to leave you high and dry.  Then you can pull a McHale and start trashing her on the internet.


This is his new mantra - and every time he prints it the residents of Brownsville run to Walmart for adult diapers because they lose control of their bowels from laughter.

Any real journalist knows that during an election you check for every candidate's public files which include criminal and bankruptcy.  There is a reason Juanito writes for beer and not a paper.  There is a reason the Imp, McHale and Juanito are all failed journalist - they have an aversion to the truth or journalism.  The Imp and McHale have been reduced to writing smut not even perverts will buy, and Juanito has been reduced to a drunk.  They cannot stand the fact Melissa has succeeded.  They fail to understand a good PIO controls information.  That is what she does.  And like I said a hundred times, business, is business.

Hey, Imp - here comes La Llorona with some horrible disclosures. 

So exactly, IMP, McHale, and Juanito how is a blogger running a story on a candidates criminal history and bankruptcy not the job of a journalist?  It is, and each of your failures to know this is why you have each been reduced to failed smut writers or drunks.

The only thing I got from the DA's file, which according to the law is an open record, was the cancelled checks.  The indictment and order of dismissal as signed by Judge Abel Limas was accessible on the public computer on the second floor of the administration building.


Again, do you now understand why he has been reduced to writing lies for beer.

Art McDonald and Oscar Garcia - we hate successful woman and will continue to fund Juanito's defamation and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress of all women.

Ben Neece, to Juanito - remember how I saved your ass - you go - destroy all women and honest people - the Colors dude - the Colors - do not forget the Colors.

To the lawyers and judges, thanks for your support on this one.  I'm going to end it - and if Cabler does not end it soon, then it will be time to end Cabler - starting Thursday.


Click for Judicial Sanction

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


There is a battle of who will oversee the BISD Truancy cases. BISD has been trying its best to work under the emerging rules and concerns related to truancy - but on deaf ears.

The problems in Texas are specifically addressed in the following two articles.

Appleseed Complaint; New York Times

BISD is not all bad.  There are efforts to clean up the problems with special needs, but forces continue to use the budget as an excuse.  A parent with a child at Hanna is going to be having a very special conversation with the special needs teacher.  The child after never liking school is thriving in her third year in smaller classes.  She is anxious to graduate. She has plans.  But they are harassing her on a regular basis to agree to go to regular classes.  She is in 10th grade and reading at about a 3rd grade level.  Why would you take her out of the smaller classes?  Budgets.  But the good news is, the parent has access to the right person to stop the harassment of his daughter.  She is staying put where she is thriving and wanting to be in school.

Bela in prek makes me feel sorry for all the middle income kids who are not being given access to this program.  This child loves school.  She loves homework.  She is writing short sentences.  She is reading.  While Bela and her mom get a lot of credit [ I get a little since, since she was born I have been pushing learning] the teachers and the program also gets a lot of credit.

Truancy is not about kids just not wanting to go to school.  You have kids who have intense anxiety disorders which make a classroom a nightmare.  The parents do not see it and make it worse by punishing their kid.  The teachers assume the kid is bad. 

We need to do a better job listening.

This is where a good truancy judge is needed.  We need a judge who will sit with the child and say - "talk to me - what can I do to help you."  We have kids being abused at home then being punished by our courts.  We have kids dealing with gender confusion and then being punished by our courts.

Those at BISD trying to fix the problem in my book are all A+ administrators.  But like everything else it is about power.

If we take away truancy from the JP courts there is clearly no need for Mary Esther Garcia's court.  Sofie Benavides will fight tooth and nail to keep truancy in JP courts even if it means failing our children.

Cities all over the US are going to specialized truancy judges.  This is what BISD wants.  The goal was to hire a full time truancy judge to work within the municipal courts.  The problem is Charlie Cabler does not get it - or maybe he is giving into pressure from Ben Neece.  Cabler wants the part-time municipal judges to all hear the truancy cases.

Sorry Charlie - that defeats the entire purpose of a specialty truancy court.


Sources in all three JP courts claim they are no longer hearing truancy cases.  Has BISD decided it best to try and solve these problems in house than send them to inept JP's?

The reality is, the right internal mediator can probably ID the problems with the individual children and work a solution in house before sending the cases to court.  Maybe that is the direction BISD needs to go.


Nat Perez today secured a directed verdict for his client Nina Ochoa.  This means Judge Janet Leal found insufficient evidence for the jury to consider to find her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  This is not Nat Perez's first directed verdict in a high profile case.  It is sad that DA Saenz does not know when he lacks sufficient evidence to get a case to the jury.  This trial was an injustice.

My congratulations to Nina Ochoa in clearing her name - and my hats off to Nat Perez for being one of the few who truly acts as an advocate for his clients.

The issue, cheating on the civil service exam.

Click for original story.

UPDATE:  The city has verified for me Brownsville will not have to pay for empty seats.  Also they will be flying MD 80 which seats about 160 people.  This is a good marketing tool for attracting Winter Texans.  The numbers are getting smaller every year and Brownsville needs a reason to get them to settle in Brownsville.  This deal with Allegiant will be a marketing tool to attract Winter Texans. My hats off to all who made this happen.

The below picture is now on the Brownsville Airport page.  They also have a depiction of the new terminal.

Allegiant is a discount airline.  For now it has Texas flights from McAllen, Laredo, and Austin.  From Austin it flies to Daytona, Orlando, and Las Vegas.  Its smallest plane is an Air Bus 319 and holds 156 passengers.

For now USA Today is reporting Year-round service to Las Vegas begins June 4.

Click for Story

Their web page shows flights leaving on Thursday only and returning on Sunday.  You arrive at 6:35 p.m. Thursday and leave Las Vegas at 8:35 a.m. Sunday.  For now the price is $85 each way.  With taxes the cost is $170.  the flight will be nonstop.  There is no indication at this time as to the size of the plane they will use.


Tony Martinez pictured in his Charros day best took the lectern and announced the deal and then instroduced Commissioner Tetreau.  She spoke of her work on the Airport Board and indicated more good things are coming our way.  She then introduced a representative of Allegiant Air who verified the story and pricing above.  Larry Brownsville then stepped up and said that's it nothing further.  No questions - nothing - I cannot tell you the size of the planes they will be using.

You see, Tony could not face the prospect of the public learning the truth, so questions were not allowed.  It is sad Larry Brown closing it out without questions is becoming part of the story. 

No information was provided as to whether or not Brownsville will subsidize for unsold seats.

Nonetheless, Brownsville has one more airline - albeit with limited service.  It will help to draw more winter Texans to Brownsville because Vegas is something they enjoy. 

Monday, February 23, 2015


UPDATE:  DA Saenz's office has informed me that that all of my Open Records Requests were forward to Juanito and any claim to the contrary is false.  He is free to file an Enforcement Action if he believes emails were withheld.  He can hire Neece to contract me at $250 an hour to show him how to do it. LMFAO


Before leaving for the noon press conference being held by the COB, I will post the key story, based on the limited information coming from city sources.  The details will have to wait until after the press conference.  Once USA today went with the story I released it.

BUT I WILL ASK TONY MARTINEZ AND CHARLIE CABLER - what they intend to do about Ben Neece and about how Tony Martinez paid federal judge Hanen's wife city money while federal judge Hanen was reviewing incriminating information related to Tony Martinez's son Trey Martinez.

Why I am up, Buster now likes going out in the middle of the night.


You know Ben Neece your years of drug abuse has fried your brain as much as the alcohol has fried Juanito's.

Ben consider that which follows what you would expect from Santa on Christmas morning because what is about to follow in the days to come will make you wish you were aborted.  Kiss your retirement good-bye.  Juanito is unsupervisable - he is about to do to you, Zeke Silva and Louis Sorola what an AIDS infected whore does to her Johns -

Ben have you ever heard of Metropolitan Services Bureau?

Here is the deal Ben Neece, on Tuesday I am turning over the name and phone number of the person who claims to keep you supplied in marijuana and cocaine.  It is going to the local DEA, and Chief of Police.

I have already emailed Charlie Cabler and the Chief of Police.

We both know Ben, your source will get the deal in exchange for taking you down.

Ben I will not be done with you, until you are done.  I will release the facts as I know them.

I wanted to go away and get to my work.  Now, my goal is your retirement based on facts and reality.


Juanito has announced he is going to print some big conspiracy that DA Saenz did favors for my family members while I ran cover for him. This is 100% false.

To understand how fried Juanito's brain is, he is going to claim DA Saenz is withholding information because he failed to release emails between myself and DA Saenz.  I am certain if he got all of the emails between myself and Melissa Landin he will see wherein she says she is not to give out his email and that everything had to go through her office - hence there are no emails between myself and Saenz.


There is one case wherein Saenz dismissed a case for a relative of a relative.  The case was for being in a park after is was closed.  The case was years old and never prosecuted. Judge David Gonzales was informed by his staff that the capias was defective because there was no proof this person was ever notified to appear in court.  Under Villalobos the court was given the wrong address.  The file showed the correct address.  After David Gonzales was notified by his staff the capias was defective, he [David Gonzales also with a fried brain] had the victim arrested.  She was arrested in front of the man who was being charged with assaulting her.  He was in Gonzales court that day for charges related to the police during his arrest for the assault.

I learned of the old capias because the man who had beat the victim had a family member threaten this young lady with arrest if she appeared in court to testify against the man who beat her.  It got  me thinking and I discovered the old capias.  I complained very loudly to Saenz about how his ADA should have found this first.  In fact I blogged about all of this without ever releasing the victim's name - something which eludes Juanito who never learned the profession of being a journalist - you never release the name of the victim, while the case is live

Saenz was notified how his incompetent ADA did nothing as this happened.  Judge David Gonzales not to be outdone by a moron, on the next appearance had her arrested again for failing to appear years ago, although she was never asked to appear..  This was the second time this brain fried judge had to be told by his staff the capias was defective.  Saenz was so mad that this happened not once but twice while his ADA stood by and did nothing as Judge Gonzales threw the law to the wind, dismissed the charges in the interest of justice.   Saenz did this on his own.  The fact is, had the court appointed attorney done his job he would have filed the motion to dismiss for want of prosecution.  At that point the court would have dismissed the case.

My nephew has requested Saenz be indicted for twice not prosecuting people who have given to his campaign, but victimized my nephew.  Once involved Charles Isbell of International Bingo, and once for Hector Negrete.  The Negrete case is the one wherein Sorola gave Saenz $500, about a week after the case was dismissed on bogus double jeopardy charges.  It was a different crime different victim.

To you Mr. Sorola, you are already looking at being sued for bribing Saenz on that one - are you going to allow Juanito to get you sued also for defamation related to his spin of the facts?  I bet you will - you are that stupid.

There may be a third - but again she was a cousin of a relative.  I have no recollection of bringing the case to Saenz's attention.  What I can say is only after she went at it with her court appointed attorney and Judge Nelson that she wanted her Motion to Dismiss for Want of Prosecution heard did the ADA finally offer a misdemeanor charge I believe with deferred adjudication.  This was all spontaneous by the ADA to avoid what had become a very loud verbal confrontation.  I had nothing to do with it.

So according to Juanito if Saenz refuses to prosecute those who victimize my nephew that is Saenz doing favors for me.

So according to Juanito, if Saenz dismisses an old trespass case against a victim of domestic abuse which Villalobos never prosecuted, while his staff allowed this victim of domestic abuse to be wrongfully detained and arrested in court twice by the brain fried Judge David Gonzales, Saenz is doing me a favor.  No Juanito, when a criminal case is not prosecuted for years through no fault of the accused, it is standard practice to have the case dismissed.  Plus Saenz was trying to get her to testify against the man who beat her.  When the DA is involved in arresting the victim of domestic abuse while in court, it becomes a challenge to get the victim to cooperate with the DA.

Juanito this is not like you running from prosecution for years and then getting the case dismissed by Star Jones so you could blog for Ben Neece to defraud BISD.


Juanito has no story.  His entire post on the 8 Liners is based on the BV's research.  It is his alcohol soaked brain which makes him claim he is writing in the style of the Watergate Era - no Juanito you are confused with truthful journalism which required courage versus your trash defamation and endless lies bought and paid for by the scum of Brownsville, Ben Neece, Louis Sorola, Zeke Silva, Oscar Garcia, and Art McDonald.

If you believe for one second Juanito had $300 to pay for 300 pages you are nuts. 

We all know Juanito will lie and manipulate what ever is in the documents.  The concerned parties and their families have already been notified.  They are prepared to sue Juanito, Ben Neece, Louis Sorola, Star Jones and Zeke Silva, all of whom have paid Juanito to trash people with defamation.

I have demanded Luis Saenz put out a statement that he did in fact release my Open Records Requests, or state why he withheld them.

You were warned Ben, but your brain is too fried to get it.


Trust me guys, making me come back only has me mad as hell. 





Click for history of Juanito's Domestic Abuse and Corruption of the process to get the charges dismissed after he ran from the courts.

So you know how little Saenz helped this victim of domestic abuse understand this:

1.  The original charging instrument against the abuser was defective and I had to demand Saenz correct it.

2.  Saenz's staff refused to aid her as a crime victim and in the end the AG had to intervene to move this young lady so her abuser did not know where she lived.  Saenz and his incompetent staff refused all help.

3.   Saenz's staff had her wrongfully arrested not once by twice.  I think in order to avoid being sued is why he dismissed the criminal charges for being in Dean Porter park illegally.  Such a crime - the inhumanity of hit.

4.   Korina Barraza Assistant District Attorney/Domestic Violence Unit Supervisor at the time under Saenz was so abusive to the victim the victim did not want to testify.  Korina was so vindictive that on a Wednesday before the Monday trial she refused to allow the victim to have an advocate in the room with her during Korina's final interview of the victim before the Monday trial.  Korina then agreed to a plea bargain with the abuser without consulting the victim. 

The victim  cried all weekend in absolute fear if she went back to court the abuser would attack her or Saenz would have her arrested against.  The bitch Korina was determined to settle the score with the victim over my endless complaints over her incompetence.  Korina never told the victim the case was resolved with a plea bargain.  We showed up Monday morning after the victim cried all weekend to learn there was not case because Korina agreed to a plea bargain the previous week without the victim's consent.

Saenz found all of this acceptable.

This is what Juanito is calling doing me a favor.

Only a woman beating drunk like Juanito would make this young lady relive this over a personal score with me.

Guys I do not want to be here.  I have too much on my plate.  Today I missed both phone calls from my eye surgeon.  A huge amount of fat was found behind my left eye.  I can barely see. They are trying to get me in to determine if emergency surgery is needed.

I am pissed I was brought back to do something I do not want to do - this time I am done when Juanito no longer exists.

Juanito we know every bar you go to - if you dare get in a car drunk you are going down on felony charges. I will have every news media on you, Ben Neece, and Saenz if any deal is cut.


Here is the cover letter on the Inter-Agency Agreement which Juanito implies I got without a formal Request.  I blogged about how Saenz was late.  Juanito's brain is just too fried from alcohol abuse to know what he is saying at this point.



We the above Oscar Garcia and Art McDonald will continue to fund Juanito's abuse of abused women.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


The BV is not back - but I have to be fair.  I asked that she give me a general statement for publication.  I received it this morning.  It is not fair she provided the statement and then I not publish it.


Also I am in a pickle.  Some have been friendly about this pickle and one was like - you do not have a choice.  Well I do have choices - so here is the compromise.

I made a commitment to an entity to help people identify and process complaints concerning public corruption.  That is the only obligation I owe to this entity.  So the compromise is this.  I will set up another page - there will be no blogging - just one post telling people how to communicate with me.

While I am still obligated to this entity, I will continue to do the work.  I just cannot do the work and blog.  It is too much.

FYI - my breathing problem the other day was in part related to my gallbladder surgery.  The cystic duct is the size of the gallbladder.  The diaphragm cannot push down when my right lung expands.  This is a rare post surgery problem which has nothing to do with the surgeon - if I need another surgery I would not think twice about allowing him to finish the job.  In laparoscopic surgery the cystic duct is never removed.  In my case the surgeon left it in because he felt it was safer, and the rarity of post surgery problems was too small to chance a problem with its removal.

My surgery was an old fashion incision.  I would not consent to laparoscopic surgery. 

I did not ask pointed questions because I wanted her to express her views on the state of the city without me telling her through questions what I thought is important.  You can read her raw views without the bias of questions created by the interview.

This tells you where her mindset is and is not.  This is the benefit of asking for a raw opinion as opposed to a guided opinion based on questions I think are important.  I know what I think.  I wanted to know what she thinks.  This is the only way a competent journalist would interview a candidate via the internet.

No comments will be taken.  That is what I promised everyone.


"There are so many topics I can write on but since you said you were not going to ask any questions here are SOME of the things I would like to see changed and implemented in the city.

A little background on me first, I am a single parent, hispanic woman with a bachelors in Environmental Science, Permaculture Certification, and Kaufman Fast-trac Certificate in Entrepreneurship. I was born in Brownsville and when my parents divorced I was moved to San Antonio. I recently moved back 5 years ago after being gone for over 22 years and have actively made myself a part of changing things in the city I did not like or at least asking questions as to why things work as they do while researching solutions to them. Since then I have helped build the Brownsville Bike Barn, the only Earn-a-Bike program south of San Antonio, RGVactive! that grew from the Bike Barn to encompass motivating all to be more active outdoors, and the Historic Downtown Coalition which brings together downtown vendors and owners to improve business and infrastructure downtown.

Below are a few things I would like as mayor to have the ability to partner with the community and city officials to implement:

Together, changes and community make courageous choices Use public process to build a community capacity to view change acceptable Take necessary time to build community trust

 Establish a constituency for design excellence

Encourage elected officials to be visionary and think long term Implement workshops on needed change with art, design, infrastructure

Lead with Public investment and private investment will follow Serve the public interest Engage community in active participation with civic engagement Raise the bar

Change Rules of Development Implement new zoning ordinances Allow high density to happen with design planning in mind

Foster neighborhood’s unique identity Engage neighbors in re-writing rules of development

Bring in designers into the civic life of each community Encourage architects to serve on planning commissions, design review panels, and pursue political office. Use public art to delight and provoke thought to encourage citizens to re-engage in public life Provide Neutral Ground: create forums for education about design excellence and community discussions

Engage young people in solving problems and design best places for them Build a youthful enthusiasm and expectation for design excellence Create a taskforce of community leaders that include architects, academics and citizens to vet the design of key public projects

Lead by example Use design competitions from students for new ideas and community partnerships embodying development of public spaces and design thoughts. create a Community Design Center: to emphasize inclusionary aspects of design processes and promote designers as facilitators, problem solvers, activists, and advocates.

Design according to your community values Start conversations with communities to find out specific needs and solutions

City Infrastructure Match city growth with city jobs to bring up and maintain infrastructure Increase city minimum wage to $12/hr in a tier based system Focus on sustainable practices that foster economic prosperity while nurturing and protecting our local environment.

I only hope that with these activities the community can see that we can bring the people back into the government.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to voice my opinion on your blog.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


For years the residents running Palm Resaca have been trying to change the status of the other residents from owners to members.  It was learned some time ago the land on a beautiful Resaca is worth millions. 

Of late they intimidateD many seniors to change their stock from no par - meaning no set value - to $6,200.  The Articles of Incorporation remain as originally filed - no par.

But this is how it works - if the park is sold the shareholders whose stocks now say $6,200 would get $6,200, and those who knew what was going on could easily get up to $60,000 for their no par share.

After yesterday's post the Park manager in a special meeting informed the residents that in fact they have received 4 offers to buy the Park.  The residents are up in arms.

To anyone who has a stock which was changed from a no par to $6,200 you need to hire counsel.  You need to file an immediate complaint with the SEC, and they will forward to the Texas AG for investigation.

The first major step is to send Pat Pratt and her trained monkeys packing by voting no on  the by-law changes.  To everyone running for the Board - see an attorney - your failure to distance yourself from Pat Pratt and her nominating committee will cost you more than you can imagine.  You need to withdraw your name or face the consequences


I am happy to close with this post.  There are a lot of WWII, Korean and Vietnam veterans at Palm Resaca.  I believe based on what I am learning from a large number of residents they are finally willing to stand up to these bullies.  They just wanted to be left alone to live their life in peace - but no - for years it has been one battle after another of the Board trying to make the Park a little Canada while running rough-shod over the rights of the other residents.


For a long time, I kept the BV going until Healthsmart settled.  Well it has settled, but Healthsmart is in financial ruin so the exact terms of payments are still being worked out.  I held for years while being subjected to endless defamation by Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria through their paid drunk Juanito.  In the end BISD may only get about $3 million.  But to the teachers - $3 million in extra school supplies in meaningful.  Cata Presas-Garcia paid Juanito to claim the entire lawsuit was nothing more than a way for the attorneys to get rich.  What else could she say - she worked with Healthsmart to defraud BISD out of millions.

I have so many files on my desk which need processing.  The evidence of corruption at the DA's office, the city and BISD continue to come in.  I cannot do both - processing the criminal complaints and working the BV. 

I am basically happy to see the city might have a new direction come May.  While César de León is a bit young and new to the process, I see him as a good policy wonk who can lead Jessica and Rick on policy for the city, while helping them move their districts forward.  The three seem to like one another.  For me the At large Commissioner needs to be a policy wonk and the district commissioners need to be attentive to their districts.  I think the three will complement one another in a positive way.

Yesterday while mowing - after about 10 minutes I dropped.  My BP hit 210/102.  The problem is fatty infiltration of the lungs which causes shortness of breath upon exertion.  I took an extra dose of BP medicine and an 81 mg aspirin as a precaution.  I got in bed and all was well.

I have access to every governmental agency which is part of Brownsville. The insiders will continue to bring me information and I will continue to guide them.  I have not written about everything which is happening. 

It is time to move forward.  I have turned down too many full time lecturer positions in American Government at both universities and community colleges.  I have an offer I want.  After yesterday, and a personal matter which has nothing to do with Brownsville, I decided to take the job if I can sell the house.  I have a year.  I need to attend to my health.  I need to finish helping the people who are waiting on me.  I will then try and sell the house.  My heart is in teaching.  It is not an option in Brownsville.  Universities and community colleges around the state and in fact country look at my resume and offer me a job.  Because of the petty vindictive politics of Brownsville I am not qualified.

It's been a nice ride.


Brownsville needs to harness its natural resources to move forward.  It needs to dismiss the endless conspiracy theorists who claim every deal has a kick back.

Leave the blogs people - they exist to distract you from the truth.  Only the BV has used the promotion of Brownsville as its logo.

A week from Friday I will lock out readers.  Then in one year I will delete the blog.

To the sources who continue to give me information thanks.  I am still here.  Keep it coming and I will guide you.  But for now, my health and moving forward to teach must be my priority.

Believe in  Brownsville and Brownsville will move forward.  Brownsville has incredible potential - believe in Brownsville - ignore the conspiracy theorists who are paid to distract you from the truth.

If you walk away from the blogs, you will be helping Brownsville.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015



The only thing Juanito has accurate in his story this morning on Saenz is the drug testing was a publicity stunt to address his reputation problems. He fooled no one.

At no time has Luis Saenz ever taken a personal phone call from me - it has never, ever happened.  As to Melissa Landin, her number is listed on the DA's web page as the contact person for the DA.  Anyone can get it.

As to Juanito's obsession with Melissa - he needs beer - he attacks Melissa and the fake Christian Zeke buys an alcoholic beer.  It is that simple.

A few months ago, the Herald published a letter from me listing all of the politicos and Oscar de la Fuente as people Luis Saenz was refusing to prosecute.  Juanito trashed me for that letter and then defended Luis Saenz to the point of defending Oscar de la Fuente who confessed to multiple felony accounts of bribing our former DA Villalobos.

According to Juanito this is me being aligned with Saenz.  During the campaign Juanito and Zeke maligned me on a regular basis for covering the truth about Saenz.  When he took office and put in place political appointees to deal with the victims unit and I went after him for it, Juanito  and Zeke defended Saenz .

I attend an open press conference held by Michael Cowen wherein his client is Saenz, and according to Juanito and Zeke this means Saenz and I are now lovers.  The stretch is beyond surreal.

Juanito and Zeke are the only ones who turned on Saenz.  Saenz refused to fire his PIO at Zeke's request and the relationship ended. Since then Zeke is on line all of the time blaming the PIO officer for every problem and saying Saenz was a mistake - we call this major delusions of grandeur Zeke.

The PIO's phone number is online for anyone to call.  I was never given a personal phone number.  I do not so much as have an email for Saenz.  Everything has to go through his PIO. 

According to Juanito, if Saenz calls anyone to clarify what is happening in a criminal case, or ask them to bring in the witness to speak with his investigator, that is evidence Saenz is the lover of the person he called.

Juanito - I know you are not very bright - and your brain cells are fried - but a pec is not a butt.  Further the pictures are cropped, which could explain why you cannot tell the difference between a pec and butt.


If his perverted friend McHale posts the children of people he does not like or posts pictures of lesbians defecating in each other's mouth or pictures of his uncropped tattoo's McHale is the type person politicos should associate with.  But if I post highly cropped pictures of my tattoos any politico who would speak to me is crazy.

It is not about the tattoos.  It is about the fact I have access to inside sources all over town and he does not.

Why did he not have the story of UT always being late on the rent for the Cueto building.

Why did the BV break the story on Abraham Galonsky?

Why did the BV break the story on Diane Dillard?

Why did the BV 8 months before Juanito even understood the significance of the $35,000 rule break the story Tony Martinez was spending money without the commissions consent?

Why did the BV break the story some 2 weeks in advance that Carl Montoya would resign before the March BISD meeting?

Why was the BV spot on about a search for the new superintendent, an interim who was a former superintendent, and the citizens committee?

Why was the BV the only news source in Cameron county to learn the name of Raul Villarreal, juror 18?

Why did the BV break the story on Rose Gowen working for the UT System at the same time she is accepting a wage from the city - a key fact in the Lincoln Park suit, which lead to Saenz telling the press the BV is the one who broke the story and brought it to Cowen's attention?

The BV has access all over town.  People in every governmental entity have my number - they call me.  Then I verify.

Juanito only has people who pay him to publish trash.  With Zeke kicked out of the DA's office, and Cris Valadez on his way out at the county - Presas-Garcia and Otis Powers are his only sources for anything and they have to pay him to even print that.  That then leaves Zeke to keep Juanito in beer, in exchange for trashing Saenz and Melissa