Saturday, January 24, 2015


This remains Brownsville's potential.  But unfortunately we do not have the leadership to make it happen.  There are a few things happening, which may get us moving in this direction, but without competent city and county leadership, it will be like pulling good teeth from a lion.


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous, Miami is the crossroads to Latin America. Brownsville is the gateway to the hell of Tamaulipas!!!

BobbyWC said...

Wow, do you not know the meaning of potential - the logo is clearly from the past when Brownsville was the gateway - clearly Miami is now a major gateway - although Houston does have a ton of flights into all of Latin America

Brownsville lost on this because of an endless string of incompetent city commissions and county commissions

Bobby WC

R Valdez said...

Hey Anonymous.......Bobby is correct. Brownsville was at one time the Western Division Headquarters for Pan Am. The city of Brownsville was notified in plenty of time that for Pan Am to continue service there with the advent of the jet age the runway would have to be lengthened to a minimum of 7500 feet in order to accommodate the Boeing 707 that Pan Am would fly. Sadly and tragically, the city failed to act and Pan Am closed Brownsville and made Houston their new home. At that time, Pan Am was the predominant carrier into Latin America via Brownsville.

BobbyWC said...

Thank you - my connection to Brownsville is Pan Am. My daddy and older 4 sisters and brother lived on Waco rd. He had some land, chickens - and access to the Resaca.

Several months ago I accidently found the sale of the land and house when he moved to Nicaragua with Pan Am - one thing led to another and a woman who lives on some of the land inherited from her father remembers my sisters - they would play together.

Her grandfather lived across the street and her father bought the land from my father.

Daddy was a radio operator for Pan Am - during the early years of WWII. Before that he was a merchant marine moving military equipment from the US to the UK. With 5 kids he decided it had gotten too dangerous with the U-Boats.

Two of my older sisters remained in Brownsville in some catholic school with the others going to our grandmothers in Virginia - so he thought - that is a story which has to wait until the youngest of the original 5 passes - she made me promise.

One of those sisters remained in Brownsville until she died in 2002.

We stayed in Brownsville in 62' on our way to Nicaragua - they visited us in Utah twice.

I have been coming to Brownsville on a regular basis since 1976, when I moved to Texas - and made the decision to move down here going on 11 years ago.

But your point is taken - Pan Am was everything

Incompetence led to the loss of Pan Am and Southwest going to Harlingen.

The South American countries which use air cargo for produce and flowers are demanding a new port of entry in the US - while Bob Henrick was clearly the wrong person to make this happen, it is only incompetence by our inept city leadership that the city has not taken the lead on this issue.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The ONLY reason Pan Am flew out of Brownsville is because the planes at that time did not have the range to fly out of other cities.

Once the range increased, the flights moved to Miami and Houston.

Brownsville is closer to Mexico City than Dallas. That was he first leg on flights to Central and South America.

Flights refueled in Brownsville, very few passengers boarded.

BobbyWC said...

You are correct. I have made the same statement mamy times. But when it cam time for brownsville to adjust it did nothing