Wednesday, January 28, 2015

When as a blogger you use your role as moderator to promote lies and deception so as to promote your own agenda, you fail as a moderator and as a human.

The following was posted on another blog as a comment with no challenge to its truthfulness.  The comment is so absurd only people who need to believe the lies believed it.  It is so verifiably false, why other than to lie and mislead post the comment or approve the comment as a moderator.

"PUB kwh rates are 50% higher than in The Woodlands, one of the wealthiest cities in the US. Of course, in Brownville it is normal for the poor to pay more, no? But the funny thing is all they do in bend over, just like the PRI in Mexico. I wonder if there is a connection."

According to my electric bill and the published rates of BPUB this is simply a verifiable lie.

Depending on how many kWh you use your rate per kwh is from about .05 to .065 cents per khw.

Click for BPUB rates

Depending on the zip code you enter for The Woodlands, which is also known as Spring, Texas for postal purposes - the rate rangers from .085 cents to as high as .115 cents per kWh.  Given this verifiable fact what is this poster talking about?  I will more than gladly post a link which shows a Woodlands zip code with rates cheaper than Brownsville,

Click for comparison of Woodland Rates

If you choose the distraction of Spring is not the Woodlands - try clicking on this link of homes for sale in the same zip code

The average kWh rate in Texas is .11294 cents.

Magic Valley which serves part of Brownsville charges .108 kWh

There is no doubt our rates are going up because of Tenaska - but we still remain cheaper than their local competitor, and the state average.  My bill is actually going down because I have been proactive in being more energy efficient.

Brownsville cannot grow without access to more and cheaper electricity.  Our electric rates make it cheaper for manufacturers to operate here then elsewhere in the state.  If we do not grow our access to electricity we will not grow our economy or bring manufacturing jobs.


A simple full page ad in the Herald comparing rates and then explaining the benefits of Tenaska will end the debate for all except those who believe every deal in Brownsville involves a kick-back.


Anonymous said...

You are so right!

Jim Barton is just as biased as Montoya for his own reasons. He is protecting those boys that work for Ben Neece with softball stories and even claims that Neece wasn't at Cobbleheads with De Leon where many different people saw him all over the room. You always tell it how it is. I don't always agree with you, but you are honest.

BobbyWC said...

Before this is done and over Barton and Montoya will have Galonsky as Brownsville's Moses coming down off Mt. Sinai.

Bobby WC