Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I handed to the Brownsville City Commissioners what they needed to take down Tony Martinez, while opening the door to a possible competent candidate for Mayor, and what did they do?- they left for Austin to party - shameless worthless people.  No incumbent should be reelected.

I handed 4 BISD Trustees public knowledge of the contract for travel expenses deal cut between Carl Montoya and Cata Presas-Garcia and what did they do, they put on the Agenda the removal of Otis Powers as the Board President.  If Carl Montoya fails to resign before Tuesday night, I suspect he will learn what it means to experience total and complete public humiliation and the end of his career in a most public way.


Administration officials are coming forward - they are inviting the FBI in to interview them - they are ready.  Apparently Juanito finally got something right and I was wrong - yes my friends it actually has happened.  Baltazar Salazar has broken ranks with Otis Powers.  He was not in fact party to the contract for travel scam between Preasa-Garcia and Carl Montoya, as the BV reported.  Montoya acted on his own in terms of ignoring Salazar's legal advice.

Carl Montoya went behind Baltazar Salazar's back and gave into Presas-Garcia for her vote on the contract extension.  Apparently Salazar is going to run cover for no one and is already talking to close associates.

Salazar refused to give Carl Montoya the contract to sign after the Board Item of reviewing Montoya's contract was approved for Tuesday's agenda.  Sources are saying, Otis Powers attempted a direct order and Salazar refused in that he works for the Board and not Carl Montoya or Otis Powers.

At that point Michael Salinas who works for BISD, was ordered to copy and past a contract and deliver it to Montoya for signature.  He was told if he refused he could be fired for insubordination. 

He should have held because the new majority would have protected him.  But Michael did what he always does, he ignores the law and does as directed.  This is exactly what he did repeatedly under command of Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon, and Pat Lehmann when he was counsel over at the Brownsville Housing Authority.

The willingness of BISD administrators and staff to get all of this out in the open is actually quite amazing.  They know there is a new majority and their jobs are safe.  There is no one in the Administration building unwilling to tell the truth.  They want Carl Montoya escorted out of the building against his will.

This is the black and white difference between the cowards who have run from their sworn oath as commissioners at the COB, and the 4 BISD Trustees who put word out the staff are protected if they tell the truth

No one will hold back to protect Otis Powers, Cata Presas-Garcia or Carl Montoya.  There is a claim that Carlos Elizondo was party to all of this in a knowing way, beyond merely agreeing to extend Montoya's contract.  I have not been able to confirm this claim.  Short of an email or text from Carlos Elizondo verifying his part, I think the most they have is an inference.

If Carl Montoya has any commonsense left in his pathetic body he will resign on Thursday.  He will not.  Otis Powers will negotiate holding onto his power until the moment before the vote.  If the vote is cancelled then we know a blackmail has occurred.  It has gone too far to turn this boat around.  Both Otis and Carl are too stupid to just resign and pray this all goes away.

How sad our city commissioners chose to run to Austin and party instead of fighting for Brownsville.  Their conduct should be handled on election night. 


Anonymous said...

I hope you can see how futile your crusade is Bobby. You publically said you would block walk for Jessica and she is partying in Austin. When elected officials read or hear things like this, they get a sense of I don't know what, but I agree they should have been here to take care of the people's business, not taking worthless trips to meet their elected representatives in Austin. The representatives should visit their areas.

BobbyWC said...

I have made my position clear on the incumbents - conversely that does not mean I endorse or support any challengers.

I will never vote for anyone tied to the Lucios or Martinez - neither serves the people - they are a joke and hopelessly corrupt.

You know why you never see me posing with elected officials? Because my self esteem is not that low.

I remember maybe I was about 16 and I was invited to a screening of Jaws at an embassy party in Managua - I was told Somaza was going to be there, along with several Congressman from the US. It would be good for me to meet these people. I said no - hanging with politicos has never been my cup of tea - It leaves you compromised in indebted.

When you choose to go party instead of standing to fight for the people it says all the people need to know about you.

You do not run from the battle ground in the middle of a fight because you have a chance to go pretend to be doing something.

I know the legislative process. The major Bills were already filed and well on their way through the system before our elected officials ever arrived in Austin.

It was noted to me this morning that some of our elected officials have apartments in Austin - so no cost as to lodging was incurred.

They may have learned things about how the system works - but that they should have learned in high school.

The Lucios and Oliviera should be holding public information events in June before the session so they can inform our elected officials June is the time to be pushing for what they want - not the end of January.

It is a con job party to allow our elected officials to party in Austin at the expense of the taxpayers.

Bobby WC