Thursday, January 22, 2015


While reading several papers on line I have been sitting here since 8 a.m., pondering today's post.  I think every elected official in this county and town could be indicted and their replacements would be engaged in the same corrupt conduct the next day.

I said the other day the only charge I believe the feds may be looking at in terms of Tony Martinez is his conduct with federal Judge Hanen.  Well you saw yesterday in my NYT post how the feds downloaded documents related to that story.

Now that the DOJ needs Hanen to rule in President Obama's favor in terms of the immigration case, Judge Hanen can expect the feds to increase their interest in his ethical lapses.  The system is so broken.

Anyway on today's post, I've lost interest  - the police chief can be indicted tomorrow and he will not change - it is beyond surreal.  I will continue to gather information and documents and forward them to the proper authorities.

Every city commissioner better pay close attention to the NYT's article and the DOJ inquiry.  If any action is taken against Tony before the May election, every incumbent will be tainted for their silence. 

This was not today's post - but if we do have a new city commission majority and they fail to disclose all of the illegal executive sessions and deals, they will see no mercy from the BV.  Power entitles no one to run cover for the past illegal conduct.  If Tony gets touched by the DOJ before May, I will personally call for the resignation of the entire city commission for their silence- no sacred cows.

Until Mark Sossi is on the agenda for discharge, along with Charlie Cabler, after each posting of the agenda I will make a stink the incumbents are not doing their job in protecting the city.

Action now, will increase our chances of a highly qualified candidate getting into the mayoral race.  For now our choices are dismal..

If you are not willing to clean up this city then move aside for candidates who will.

I expect the evidence on Galonsky to be released to the press by Monday 5 p.m. If it is not I will go public on Tuesday and call for the indictment of the entire city commission.

The purchase of the El Cid building from Nurith and Tally Gallonsky was not only illegal, but a violation of the City Charter.  Do what needs to get done to reverse this deal and tell the truth publicly, or face a criminal investigation for knowingly participating in an illegal executive session and then covering it up.

HEY JOHN, Please do tell people how you had to shut Rose Gowen up at the Lincoln Park meeting for calling DA Saenz and Mike Cowen "Fucking Idiots." and then calling Mike Cowen a slob.

Every commissioner needs to consider this a warning shot.  If I have to do it on Tuesday, it will include a call for the resignation of the entire city commission.  If you are unwilling to stand with the people and clean up the mess created by Tony Martinez and company, then resign and allow someone to take your place who will.

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