Thursday, January 29, 2015


"Joanne Cisneros, 36, is accused of taking more than $80,000 while working as the office administrator for Justice of the Peace Tony Torres."

Valley Central

For me the bigger problem is clerks are a real problem in our courts.  This type thing is happening too often.

She was Tony Torres court administrator.

From Luis Saenz Facebook Page

"Investigators with the District Attorney’s Office today arrested a former county employee for third-degree felony theft committed from December 2006 to March 2010.

A Grand Jury Wednesday indicted Brownsville woman Joanne Cisneros, 36. Cisneros stole more than $80,000 while working as the office administrator for Justice of the Peace Tony Torres. According to police reports, a county audit revealed that monies were missing. It was discovered that Cisneros was responsible for t...he daily bank deposits and had stolen payments made to that office.

In 2010, the Brownsville Police Department handled the investigation and filed the case with the D.A.’s Office. The prior administration rejected the case. We re-opened the case that led to the defendant being indicted. We did not want the defendant to think she had gotten away with stealing from the taxpayers"

Before the rumors start - Lilina Cantu currently under indictment from the same JP Office did not work for Tony Torres and would not have had any information to share with DA Saenz in terms of a plea bargain for her own case.


Well the weekend is nearly here so Montoya needs the money.

As is Montoya's way he begins with a headline which contains a false allegation and then around it he spins an incredible story.

The Headline:


In as much as no one has accused Erin Garcia of a bribe arrangement the entire headline is false.  The bizarre part is what he wants you to believe.

He wants you to believe that Armando Villalobos while on bond for his federal indictment for the chump change his client could possibly have paid him, Villalobos paid off Erin to fix the case.  If you believe this you really need help.  Villalobos knew everything he was doing as a lawyer was under scrutiny.  He was not going to gamble his bond over a few hundred dollars.


On the day the case was set on a motion to dismiss, the plaintiffs - the ones now indicted - failed to appear.  When a judge has a motion to dismiss before them and the opposing party fails to appear, the court will dismiss the lawsuit. 

Later that day the plaintiffs did show - they took Judge Garcia to task - in their anger they let slip they had paid her clerk Cantu.

The record shows she immediately went across the hall to Constable Abel Gomez and reported what happened.  It was her complaint which initiated the investigation.

Montoya claims to know everything about this case - but somehow when he writes about it - he gets everything wrong..



Anonymous said...

Luis Saenz is running scared and now indicts this lady, and justifiably so, but what about Oscar De La Fuente? What about Eddie Trevino? What about the daughter of his buddy Peter Gillman?

Anonymous said...

You just can't help yourself can you Bobby? You have become the Mouthpiece for Erin Hernandez and Luis Saenz. Your long time readers know you have flipped. Sad Sad Sad.

BobbyWC said...

No my long term readers know people llke you hate the truth - you want every lie about everything and everyone you hate to go unchallenged - that is what you hate about the BV

Now how about challenging the content of my post - that you cannot do.

I first saw this story on Valley Central last night at 6 while working on a friend's taxes.

My issues was and remains - what is going on with the clerks? We clearly have a problem.

How is that not news worthy?

No one has done more damage against Luis Saenz than me - so how I am his mouth piece is beyond the comprehension of everyone of than a con artist anony than you

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

People keep on asking about Pete Gilman's step-daughter - if you give me her name I will check to see what happened to her case.
There is also the case of I think the niece of nephew of Luis Saenz - I think it was a DWI

I do not remember their names - if someone does I will check the status of those cases.

On Oscar de la Fuente I will never forget one of Margarita Ozuna's hearings. He walked into the court as if he owned the placed - sat down in a chair near the bench and leaned back to wait his turn - when the case was called he said he had worked out a deal with the DA to have his the case dismissed.

It is not just the issue of Saenz, it is also the State Bar. More than enough time has passed for them to sue him for disbarment.

Why has the State Bar not acted?

I think but cannot prove the DOJ to protect their own ordered Saenz and the State Bar to take no action against ODLF.

Think about it - if it were just Saenz not acting then you can put it 100% on him - but both the State Bar and Saenz ignore Saenz sworn confessions?

There is something more than Saenz not doing his job.

My f ear is if he acted under orders from the DOJ, then that would have compromised the DOJ in terms of going after Saenz

The system is hopelessly corrupt

Anonymous said...

Yes both young adults are the children of Diana Gonzalez sister to Luis Saenz wife Delia. So they are his nephew and niece thru law

BobbyWC said...

I need names in order to go by the court house and check on their cases - in all three cases.

On Gilman Montoya is so obsessed with the lies he is paid to print he failed to see a plausible lie he could have posted on Gilman.

I proved his claims about Gilman owning that building were all lies. So he was clearly targeting Gilman

One of his readers handed him a story he could have printed against Gilman which no one could have controverted in the event it was a lie.

A reader told him Gilman's wife works for Rick Zayas - I have verified that - I have not been able to learn a start date.

Rick Zayas handled the 8 Liner deal - Montoya could have done one of his fiction pieces linking Gilman and his wife to the deal and no one could have proven him a liar - Gilman's wife does work for Zayas - I have not been able to find her start date.

It is possible Zayas keeps all of the Lowkes stuff away from his staff so they had no idea - but Montoya could have spinned that lie a million miles and did not - why?- no one called him to tell him to do it - no money no fictitious story

Anonymous said...

Gillman's daughter name is Melinda Gonzalez.

BobbyWC said...

I am not denying your post. I thunk you are correct. Give untul monday to check it out and then i will use your post for a story

Anonymous said...

Caycee and Victor are the names of the niece and nephew. Don't have the last names...but apparently one or both of them worked at the Sheriffs department