Monday, January 5, 2015


The city informed me this morning they did not answer my Open Records Request concerning the legal memo which resulted in Edward Camarillo not accepting his city salary as a city commissioner because he also worked for UTB.  I need this information to seek the assistance of the DA in Travis County to go after Rose Gowen.

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I have confirmed the new First Administrative Assistant DA is in fact someone with effectively no experience to hold such a job, according to some sources. His job is merely coordinating the office but not to try cases.  This is causing confusion.  He handles office matters - liaison's with the commissioners court. A good litigator would fail at such a job- a litigator is adversarial - an Administrative Assistant is all too often the mediator which makes things happens.  Two completely different personality types.

But I will note DA Saenz personally handles the role as the chief prosecutor,  His First Administrative Assistant has no part in the managing of cases.   The rumors are running wild with one source claiming to be someone's friend saying DA employees are saying things are a mess, and then when you speak with the person they call my source a liar.  DA Saenz had no problem taking my call to clarify matters.  Here is the fundamental problem - a rumor starts and then people panic.  I cannot sort out all of the truth - I am just trying to get clarification where I can.

Let's assume what is happening is a bunch of sour apples.  Who do you trust? - there is no one you can trust.  So you have no story other than to say something is happening.  But given the job duties of the First Administrative Assistant criminal trial experience is not required - being able to manage people and the office is important, and for that he appears qualified. 


Saenz states that the 8 Liners were being stored in a city building.  It was time to make a decision.  The EPA informed the DA's office that because of such things a mercury in the machines they could not just be crushed and disposed of.  The cost of disposal was more than the value of the machines.  The machines were in fact sold to a Georgia company, with a written guarantee none of them would be brought back to Texas or sold to a Texas company.  So the claim they are being used in Starr county is false.


On the impending purchase of the new Galonsky building - again sources within the city are telling me things which make no sense.  When I try and verify I get completely different stories.

Either people at the city and DA's office are running scared or we have a lot of sour apples.  Either way this is not good. 

With blogs it is all too easy to just publish what someone is telling you.  I do my best to confirm.  In the post on the Galonsky building I did not just say Tally Galonsky is Abraham's daughter I posted a marriage announcement which verified the claim. 

At this moment there are so many conflicting claims.  All I can assume is there is discord at the city and DA's office and this is not good.  If people are lying to create the discord then they need to be fired.  If they are telling the truth then they need to go over to the FBI office and put their name on the line with an official complaint.

The other choice is - get me documents - but I am not happy how the blogs are now being used for sour apples


Anonymous said...

Shut up Bobby.. no one believes you spoke to the DA himself and he immediately fed you the truth. If it was that simple of an answer then why didn't he just put it in writing to Montoya along with his reply on the Public Information request?

You are truly an idiot if you think we believe you. Or you are more of an idiot if you think we don't know it was Melissa that gave you the information to write it on your blob. And you are more of an idiot if you think DA Luis Saenz doesn't think of you of the biggest idiot of all.

Bobby you been played by the DA. Where is the proof as you always claim you only post stories with supporting documents. At least Montoya had quotes and a copy of the Public information request all you did was post a response typed up by Melissa. SMH

BobbyWC said...

You know what - the story is out there - now how about Montoya do a proper open records request and ask for the document which shows they were sold to a company in Georgia - if he cannot produce it - then he will have a problem.

Melissa gave me nothing.

In fact when Mr. Saenz and started to speak it was about another matter - It was during that conversation I asked him about the 8 Liners and reminded him he promised to destroy them.

So instead of posting nonsense - how about you do the open records request and simple ask for any document which shows the DA's office has sold any 8 liners to a Georgia company and see what happens.

A proper request from square one would have been - "Since DA Saenz took office for his current time has his office sold any 8 Liners. Please produce any document which shows who the buyer[s] were." This request is very narrow and deals only with his office. Its funny Montoya attacked me for taking Saenz to the AG over my Zeke request and no I am attacked because I get information. If he would learn how to write a proper request he might get the information.

Further, you must think Saenz a fool - if he did not speak with me he would know Melissa did. My post effectively would have killed Melissa with Saenz - if we are friends as you allege why would I do that?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What is a "source apple"?

BobbyWC said...

The funny thing is, with this kind of mistake you normally make it once - but I made it three times and failed to see it during editing.

Bobby WC