Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Quick summary - I got a call telling me to do an open records request for some very specific documents going back to when Edward Camarillo was on the city commission.  I was told the city attorneys office produced a memo informing Camarillo he could not accept his wage as a city commission while working for UTB.  He decided to not take his wage.  I was told this memo was presented to Rose Gowen and she specifically refused to give up her city wage.  I was told her response was in a document form.

On or about December 15, 2014, I made the open records request.  When the city failed to respond I posted a story on it.  Then out of nowhere I get an email saying it was the response to my request.  It was merely a summary of who took the wage and who did not.  I did not notice who it came from.

I responded it was non-responsive.  Then the next day I get a phone call from the police department informing me they do not respond to open records requests for the city.  There is no way I sent the request to the police.  I used the online request form on the City Secretary's page.  Besides, where did this police officer get this letter informing me who did and did not take a wage but from the city attorneys office.

I then posted a second story with all of the above and then received the following email from assistant city attorney Allison Bastian

Good morning
This email is in response to your PIA request for legal memos or other communication to Commissioners Camarillo and Gowen which relate to accepting city wages while working at UTB or UT. What you received from Ms. Chio is the only document we have that relates to this request. There are no other documents in response to your request.
Allison Bastian
Assistant City Attorney
Ms. Chio is the one who works in the police department who originally sent me the same memo - which she clearly had to have gotten  from the city attorneys office.
If such a memo exists, Jim Goza would know it.  Because Pat Ahumada also refused a wage, but as then mayor he would know it.  Edward Camarillo would also know it.  Any of these three can sign affidavits verifying such a memo was generated.
It is my understanding Mike Gowen was going to do a request for production for the same documents.  If he did he can certainly discuss the matter with Goza, Ahumada and Camarillo as possible witnesses at a motion to compel or for sanctions against the city if any of these three verify the document.  If they lied about the initial memo then we have every reason to believe they lied about Gowen knowing about it and stating in writing she would not give up her wage.
Without an affidavit from any of these three or anyone else who can speak to the memo based on personal knowledge I have nothing I can use for the AG to compel a response.
So if Pat Ahumada more so than anyone else knows this memo exists - he needs to step forward now - at a minimum by informing Mike Cowen what he knows and what he can prove.

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