Thursday, January 8, 2015


Yesterday after I complained that a response to an open records was non responsive, I received a phone call from the BPD telling me that they do not answer open records requests for the City of Brownsville.

There are a few problems with the story.  I never sent an Open Records Request to the Brownsville Police Department.  The other day I posted a story stating the city was playing games with my open records request concerning the legal memo sent to Edward Camarillo that he could not accept a city wage as a commissioner while working for UTB.  I also asked for any memo, letter or email which verified Rose Gowen was shown the same legal memo and refused to give up her city salary.

The day after I posted my complaint to the BV I receive an email which says.

"Mr. Cervantes,

In the attachment you will find a memo for the information you had requested on December 15 though out information request webpage."

I really did not note who had actually sent the email.  After I opened the attachment - see below  - I simply responded with a statement that it was nonresponsive.

How did Tanya Chio in the BPD get this memo to send to me as responsive to my request unless it came from someone within the city?  Even if somehow the city email system messed up and sent my request to the BPD, which is hardly unlikely, the city clearly had my request in order for Tanya Chio to send me the above memo.  Why did she not call me on December 15, 2014, and tell me it went to the wrong office - namely the BPD.
Tony Martinez knows their is zero law enforcement in Brownsville and Cameron county.  It is sad Brownsville's Chief of Police is now willing to make his organization party to the obstructive conduct by Tony Martinez and Mark Sossi.  Yes, I will file an enforcement demand with the AG, and the AG will in effect give Tony and Mark and additional two months to comply.
It is time we accept the entire thing is a joke and the DA and DOJ are not going to stop what is happening.  The DA and DOJ are essential players in the ongoing corruption.  When you have the wife of a federal judge in the middle of the mess the FBI and DOJ will not touch it.  DA Saenz has been running cover for Tony Martinez since day one.
And for the record, when I got the call Saenz was going to be the lead plaintiff in the Lincoln Park case  I had two emotions - one his name would give us press coverage - two he just provided himself the ultimate excuse for not enforcing the law against Tony Martinez and Rose Gowen - he conflicted himself out.  I spoke of this in my original post in hopes someone would pick up on it - but no one did.
Lincoln Park is lost - Saenz is the client and is calling the shots.  Had the interim appeal been taken it is possible we would have won by now - but it was not - the lawyer does not decide these issues, the client does.  Mike Cowen's intent was solid - but he was played.  He might consider dropping Saenz and Kendall and proceeding with only the third client so as to untie his hands.
As to the one person I thought might be able to replace Vasquez on the city commission, he has decided not to run.  Tony will remain mayor with a solid majority and nothing will change.


Anonymous said...

"The DA and DOJ are essential players in the ongoing corruption. When you have the wife of a federal judge in the middle of the mess the FBI and DOJ will not touch it. DA Saenz has been running cover for Tony Martinez since day one."

How quickly you turn on your new friend Luis Saenz. He is not going to cater to your personal vendetta on this issue. So stop it.

BobbyWC said...

Noneof my long time readers are going to buy your distraction. I investigate and report. I use open records request. If someone chooses to call me that does not make them my friend. Every elected official knows i report the good the bad and tbe ugly. How they handle it is their business. On lincoln park all i could do was state how saenz was now conflicted out in hopes someone would pick up on it. The park issue was too important and Cowen went out on a limb to help. I fully expect cowen to come to saenz. I am cool with that. That is what lawyers do. Under these facts if i were saenz lawyer i would post a comment defendin him, that is cowens job.

Bobby wc

BobbyWC said...

did you really believe I was going to approve such a stupid comment without first verifying it - both the city abad BPD say you are full of shit - hence you comment is rejected.

Bobby WC