Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I get so much stuff thrown at me which cannot be verified.  But what I can verify is people within the city are anxious to get out a lot of claims.  Sorry - I know how rumors work.  Without an email or document to prove the claim it is going nowhere on the BV. 
But for this mess I blame Martinez and Cabler - if they did not have the city turned up side down with all of this garbage the employees would not be putting out endless rumors and information.  The Titanic had fewer leaks than the COB. 
There are so many individual agendas it is impossible to know who is telling the truth.  But I do know this - it is not healthy for the city or city government.  We are at this point because of the inept leadership of Tony Martinez and Charlie Cabler. 
I grow bored with the claim of fear - if you have the evidence take it to the special task force and not the BV.  Document your visit.  Make sure your claims are verified or documented.  You may get fired, but in the end you will win the lawsuit.  Further, if what you are saying is true, then the person or person's firing you could be charged with witness intimidation.
So to all the city employees - either put up by going to the new federal task force, or shut up.  And for sure stop complaining I am not posting you rumors - False rumors actually help the bad guys.
If you cannot handle people not liking you for telling the truth - then stop telling the truth.  Politics is not for thin skinned people.

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