Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The city commission meeting was weird - if we have a new majority of four which includes Debbie Portillo, Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa, Rick Longoria, and John Villarreal I am cool with that.  If they can take control from Tony Martinez I say new day new beginning with all four.

Unless I missed the second and the vote, Rose Gowen could not get a second on her pick for the BCIC.  Tony was in Washington. 

It seemed like Jessica and Debbie buddied up and John and Rick buddied up and the four got what they wanted.  Jessica nominated Debbie for the BCIC, and Rick nominated John.  I do not remember the other two nominees.

If these four can find common ground while locking out Tony - I am a happy camper.  We shall see.

I hope they felt the power and refuse to surrender it.

On Estela Chavez-Vasquez, they read her letter of resignation and then Mark Sossi said she moved out of Brownsville which based on the City Charter meant she could no longer serve.

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