Thursday, January 29, 2015


Before the election Cesar I repeatedly told you Otis Powers had switched sides and had cut a deal with Cata Presas-Garcia.  You did not want to believe me - BUT REMEMBER THE AD

Remember how they substituted your name for that of Otis Powers - the big lie - so they would have 4 names.  Do you still think it was a mistake? 


Remember how Otis Powers worked with Carl Montoya to remove "Coach" from the ballot, while allowing Shirley la KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK to keep Shirley La Bowman.   Do you still think it was by chance?

I outlined the law that BISD had no authority to change how your name would be placed on the ballot because they had plenty of advance notice, and did nothing.  But in the case of Shirley she lied about her nick name being "La" when in fact it was "La Bowman," Remember how I outlined the law which said that because she filed at the last minute BISD had no duty to allow her to fix the problem.

JOE - are you going to forget how Otis Powers conspired against both you and Cesar Lopez?

Cesar and Joe if you allow Otis to go unaccountable for his conspiracy against both of you, you both deserve to be trashed.

End it on Tuesday - and then the new majority with the new Board President need to call for an emergency meeting to fire Carl Montoya for employee intimidation tactics to get Michael Salinas to prepare the contract, the illegal signing of the contract, and most importantly the travel expenses in return for voting to extend his contract.

The emergency meeting needs to include a call for Salazar Balazar to ask that the FBI investigate the travel pay for contract conspiracy.  The new majority must also include a formal censure against Otis Powers and Cata Presas-Garcia for their actions in this matter.  Show the courage by doing the people's business

If the four of you allow this to go unpunished you will be the problem, not Otis Powers and Cata Presas-Garcia - now go do the right thing.

If you end Otis and Cata on Tuesday, you will have what you need to open a formal fraud investigation by BISD against Defenbaugh - billing fraud to the tune of $250.000.  It is time someone - anyone force the truth out into the open.  This is what the people of Brownsville want.


BISD has the original draft which they must allow you to see.

From the BV at the time - THE CASE OF REY ARTEAGA

 Below is the Defenbaugh Audit of BISD.  It is a $250,000 fraud and Defenbaugh's own email recommending Commendation for Rey Arteaga proves it.

 On page 9 within the Executive Summary Defenbaugh outlines accusations of criminal wrongdoing against Rey Arteaga.  After finding the claims to be unfounded Defenbaugh, so as to not offend Presas-Garcia then finds "multiple deficiencies and significant shortcomings."  On this issue Defenbaugh could not list one thing to support his findings.

Unfortunately for Defenbaugh there is his email with his true findings.

In the email Defenbaugh states Rey Arteaga should be commended for how he runs the Maintenance Department.  This is a smoking gun which I believe to be powerful enough that BISD's insurance company would settle with Rey Arteaga for $250,000 without so much as a fight.

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Anonymous said...

Bobby, the only thing on these folks mind is the Super Bowl. They don't have time for depressing stuff like what you bring up. I submit the following:

Usually when you don’t want to be involved with something, the easiest thing to do is stay away. Can’t do that with the Super Bowl. It’s in your face just about everywhere you look. Super Bowl hype is unavoidable, sort of like “Have a nice day!” was in the ‘80s.
Some traditional and cultural eccentricities that humans participate in tend to promote hypocrisy, violence, consumerism, divisiveness, and plain-old commercialism. Professional sports, especially American football, are among the most insidious institutions that the human race has bestowed on itself. I’ll go as far as to suggest that professional sports are behind organized religion on the insidious scale only because theological competition has killed far more humans than competitive sports. But now, professional sports, as a part of our economic system, are too big to fail. The bigger the better; spend more and you will be entertained. The only carbon footprint being considered on Super Bowl Sunday is the one where somebody stepped through the charcoal briquette ashes you dumped in the back yard.
Americans have sometimes described The World Cup, that’s soccer for the uninitiated, as an event that the governments of poor countries use to get their citizens to forget their miserable conditions. Here in the USA, we gladly pay for the distraction ourselves.
Enjoy the Sunday, with or without the Super Bowl.