Sunday, January 25, 2015


EDITORS' NOTE:  These three posts are Monday's posts, unless I get the document I am waiting on from Saenz - then another post will be done disclosing the contents of the local agreement concerning the disposition of the 8 Liners sold to Lowkes to the extent one exists.

The one thing I know for sure is the bloggers and politicos hate an educated public.


The COB has more leaks than the Titanic.   On certain things I go out of my way to get multiple verifications to be sure the claim is reliable.  Nothing prevents anyone whether a commissioner or employee from disclosing anything said in Executive Session.  The only bar is to the Certified Agenda.  Inasmuch as I have never seen a Certified Agenda, I am not sure I would know one unless it stated it is a Certified Agenda.


Charlie Cabler informed the Commissioners that he had just learned, meaning he was mislead up until that point, that the building belong to Nuirth and Tally Galonsky and not their father.  The commissioners were made aware by Charlie Cabler that it was a violation of the City Charter to negotiate an agreement with Nurtih Galonsky because of her position on the BPUB.  Yea Tony's idiots and John Villarreal voted in favor with full knowledge that city manager Charlie Cabler told them they had been mislead and that the agreement violated the City Charter.

Now, why has no commissioner legally gone to the press with this reality?  Answer, there is no one on the city commission protecting the people of Brownsville -  it's all lies and for this no incumbent should be reelected.  It is not a question of voting against Tony is enough - when you help him cover-up his wrong doing you are equally guilty.


This is what I said about ads - to prove a point about the candidates.  They do not want honest debate and discussion - they want to pay people to run cover for them.  I never expected a penny and I said so - but people like Jimmy boy consider facts and reality an inconvenience of morality.

"I do not expect to get any ads - this is more an exercise in the political process.  Politicians want cover before they pay you for an ad - since no cover will be found here - they will not advertise."

I could not have been any clearer - unless you are a hack for Ben Neece and then you just lie.

On the Michael Gonzalez ad - the facts which always seem to elude Jimmy boy - who cares more about lies and distractions than reality.  Such as Juanito by the end of this campaign he will have Galonsky as Brownsville's Moses coming down off of Mt. Sinai because that is what Ben Neece wants.

You see Jimmy boy, the candidate is not liable for ad violations made by a blogger, they are only liable for ad violations made by them.  Maybe within a half hour after Gonzalez's ad appeared on Jerry's page I saw it.  I went to Gonzalez's FB page and the ad was in compliance with the law.  So, if the only ad I know of prepared by Gonzalez is in compliance, why would I consider an altered ad by Jerry as being approved by Gonzalez? 

You see this was one big game by Jerry and Jim Boy, who never interested in the facts just ran with the distraction to protect Ben Neece's candidate while also telling everyone he considers criminal acts to not be relevant.  The sad part is, he sees nothing wrong with defending what he believed to have been a criminal act.  There is a moral compass for you.


I've explained this before - I do a set up - so I can prove a point.  I proved because the BV would have no sacred cows and I cannot be bought, no one will buy ads.  This was the message - anyone buying an ad on any blog is buying it for protection and not to promote honest and meaningful debate.

The election will be covered.  There is no single issue.  I have made this clear before.  Do not presume all of my readers agree on the same issues.  There are people in Brownsville who support Tony Martinez on Lincoln park and the expansion of UT in downtown.  They are mostly people with a financial interest in downtown, but they exist.

There are people both in favor and against Tenaska.  This is a valid election issue.  The candidates need to make their point and defend it.

If we have incumbents who are running cover for Tony Martinez and all of the illegal conduct, even though they vote against his policies, are they not just as equally responsible for what is happening?  The people have a right to know all incumbents are running cover for Tony Martinez and his illegal conduct.

Some people will vote for Sergio Zarate because they favor the city giving up the land obtained under extra territorial jurisdiction.  It will mean Brownsville's tax base going down, which will mean less to spend.  The Lucios are running Sergio Zarate so they have the vote on the city commission to have Brownsville give up the land to Port Isabel.  Like I said I can write essays for and against.  But people need to know which candidates favor giving up the land thereby lowering our tax base, and which candidates do not favor giving up the land.

No one issue should decide how anyone votes - all factors should be taken into consideration, while giving some more value than others.

These debates should be the focus of the election - this is what I offered - but the candidates demanded safe haven  - and as everyone knows - there is no safe haven at the BV - hence there will be no ads.


Anonymous said...

It baffles the mind how we can have commissioners that go along to get along. They do not have any original ideas except when it comes to picking their new charro suit once a year. Rick Longoria has been a disappointment and should just withdraw from running again. He came out and said that the Casa Nylon was a bargain and that he supported the purchase. He and the other commissioners have not stood up against Mayor Martinez's purchases of worthless buildings and contracts to the wife of Judge Hanen, not to mention the bike trail issue that Mrs. Gowen has championed, when money could have been better suited to a higher percentage of the population like fixing our streets. It is time to vote for people that think independently and are finally going to fight for the people, not just wait for a parade where they can get a photo opportunity to post on FB.

BobbyWC said...

Any incumbent who fails to go public by today whether through their FB and TV news media - or the Herald - lmfao - should be voted out.

The first step to moving this city forward must be the outing of all of the corruption - including and especially in Executive Session

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What proves do you have that the Lucio's are running Sergio Zarate? Could it be that Mr. Zarate made his own decision to run for office just like he did in previous elections. Yes, he worked for Eddie Lucio III; but, it does not mean that he is running because the Lucio's are putting him up to do it. Give your readers some proves to make your statement have validity.

BobbyWC said...

You know what i would have preferred to hear is his position on extraterritorial jurisdiction. I think both sides have good arguments. Im not going to disclose a source. What bothers me is you presume being associated with the Lucios is bad. The last time i checked they win elections which to me would seem to be a good thing.

Bobby wc

Anonymous said...

What excuse did Luis Office give you this time for not proving you the documents you requested?

BobbyWC said...

what you are really saying is you have no idea how the system works so instead of finding out you will post an ignorant comment to the internet.

The fact he appears to be holding the full 10 business days to me means his staff is researching a way to withhold the document.

All of my readers know whenever that happens I file an enforcement action with the AG - which is exactly what I will do if the document is not produced.

But here is the deal - Saenz has no duty to respond via email. He is free to send it certified mail so long as it is postmarked today.

So I wait - but on Friday if I do not have it in the mail, I will mail off the request for enforcement to the AG.

On Enforcement Saenz v. me - loses - he has in the past and he will on this one.

But it is possible he put it in the mail - so I have no choice but to wait

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Relax Bobby. I'm actually on your side no need for the insult. I just asked a simple question stating Luis Saenz won't give you what you requested with out making you wait or jumping through going to the AG.

Anonymous said...

Montoya says he wasn't on the trip with Zeke and Saenz. You lied Bobby.

BobbyWC said...

Really Zeke - because this is what Montoya said and not you in the original post from 2013.

"We didn't get to see Saenz's pony tear up the track, but the steaks and the talk spiced up the weekend."

So what you are saying in the original post by you and Montoya you both lied about the trip.

So now we are all clear - nothing you or Montoya says is trustworthy.

Thanks for the clarification

Bobby WC