Wednesday, January 28, 2015


UPDATE:  Poor Cata cannot leave well enough alone and forces insiders to scream bloody murder. 

Three board members successfully put on the agenda a request that Carl Montoya's contract be further reviewed to include specific Benchmarks to be met before the extension took effect.  The new contract had yet to be signed when the item was approved for the next meeting.  This is what Juanito was talking about when he said Minerva Peña had changed her mind.  Mind you everything takes three Board Members to agree before it gets on the agenda as requested by a Board Member.

So with the contract stayed how did it get signed?  Well insiders are screaming bloody murder and illegal conduct - including intimidation.  Once the contract was signed, even with the Agenda Item approved, the agenda item was removed as moot - one source is saying one of the sponsors took the position it was moot and removed their agreement to hear the matter.

The list of insiders anxious to verify this criminal conduct to the proper authorities is growing.  Carl Montoya is done with.  Smart money would have him resign immediately.  A smart person would resign immediately after retaining counsel to walk him into the special task force with documents in hand.  Montoya's resignation would end his part, leaving Cata Presas-Garcia, Otis Powers and Carlos Elizondo to go down with the ship.

The only unanswered question is, will Cesar Lopez join the new Cata majority or align with the other three.  This is the unanswered question.  But to be clear, every move is now under close scrutiny for further kick-backs and illegal promises.

Remember Cesar, I told you since before the election through the BV, Otis was now aligned with Cata.  Otis is the one who got Luci to go after you because he could not trust you.  Cesar if you forget what Otis, Cata and Luci put you through, then you will deserve to go down with the ship.


Without Cata Presas-Garcia's vote Otis Powers and Carl Montoya did not have the votes to extend Carl Montoya's contract.  So a plan was devised.   It is all going to the new special anti-corruption task force - with evidence of Otis Powers and Cata Presas-Garcia's ties to the local FBI.

Before the meeting Carl Montoya sent a memo to the trustees basically cutting off nearly all travel except one national a year.  He backed up his memo with the legal opinion of Salazar Baltazar. 

It was a leverage game - lets say for arguments sake the legal opinion of Salazar Baltazar was wrong - it was wrong intentionally.  Carl and Otis knew that without Cata Presas-Garcia Carl Montoya's contract would not be extended. 


They would back off the legal memo sent to all of the Trustees and approve Presas-Garcia's travel expenses beyond those just days earlier Carl Montoya had stated would not be approved, in exchange for her vote.  This was a kick back plain and simple.

The moronic story posted by Juanito was to distract from the fact that after two years of Juanitio trashing Montoya at Cata's behest, Cata in every meeting trying to humiliate Montoya for two years, and Cata suing Montoya for violating her civil rights, she all of a sudden finds God and votes to extend his contract.

Now imagine you are a juror in the Cata case and you hear her explain why she voted to extend Montoya's contract, will it make any sense given the fact you as juror are sitting there because Cata is suing Montoya for violating her civil rights?

I told my readers before the election that Otis Powers was pushing to settle Healthsmart for chump change and that he had made a new alliance with Cata Presas-Garcia.  Had Luci won, the new majority would be Otis, Cata, Luci, and Carlos Elizondo.

If Cesar Lopez is dumb enough to flip to the Otis/Cata alliance, he will go down with them.

Cesar Lopez, Joe Rodriguez, Minerva Peña, and Jose Chirinos, need to put on the Board Agenda the reorganization of the Board for the purpose of removing Otis Powers as the Board President.  They also need to hire independent counsel to verify for purposes of seeking criminal prosecution the deal orchestrated by Otis Powers, Carl Montoya, and Baltazar Salazar to first deny then grant Presas-Garcia the travel expenses she wanted in exchange for her vote to extend Carl Montoya's contract.

Cesar Lopez, Joe Rodriguez, Minerva Peña, and Jose Chirinos, all have more than enough at this point to fire Carl Montoya and Baltazar Salazar at the next meeting.

The question is will they act, or get in on the deal making while throwing the children under the bus.

What is going to the special task force is my affidavit with the names of the BISD staff who verified all of the above for me including allowing me access to the documents.  It will the be up to the FBI if they choose to interview these people.


For travel expenses, Cata Presas-Garcia compromised her lawsuit against Carl Montoya, and exposed herself to criminal prosecution.  She along with Otis Powers, Carl Montoya, and Baltazar Salazar are so stupid they actually thought no one would notice Cata went from claiming Montoya violated her civil rights to voting to extend his contract.

And for the record Rodriguez and Chirinos voted against the extension because of Montoya's part in the bogus audit.

The one person for sure we know who will not act is Luis Saenz.


Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow!!!
It's clear that this woman (cata) is not very smart in her moves!!!

Anonymous said...

"What is going to the special task force is my affidavit with the names of the BISD staff who verified all of the above for me including allowing me access to the documents."

There you again Bobby. Throwing your sources under the bus. Do they know you are going to give up their names? I do not think so. The only ship sinking here is you, bub.

BobbyWC said...

Your pathetic attempt at trying to get my sources to go silent will not work.

They are not as ignorant or stupid as you. My sources are not needed by the special task force to prove anything - there names will never leave the special task force.

But their names guide the special task for witnesses who can help them secure the indictment.

You seem to be saying any witness who is called to the grand jury will be fired by BISD -

good you give new meaning to stupid.

Any one called upon as a witness is 100% protected. Once they are ID as a witness, any relation will only result in further criminal charges against Montoya and Otis and anyone else who tries to retaliate - my sources are the most protected people at BISD at this moment.