Tuesday, January 27, 2015



There is no rule which requires governmental entities respond to open records requests via email.  They are free to timely send them by mail.  The key is the response must be postmarked by the due date.

This story is going public one way or the other.  But with every delay Saenz uses, the presumption will be he is hiding something.

This morning I sent a courtesy reminder on the request concerning the local contract to the extent one exists concerning the disposition of the 8 Liners sold to Lowkes


He hates the idea that I can write a competent Open Records Request and he cannot.  He does not know how to file an enforcement action - so no one seems to fear accountability if they play games with his requests.


"Wightman dug up a contract through his "inside sources" that proved exactly that. He posted the copy of a contract that the DA's Office had drawn up with Lowkes International,a gaming corporation with offices in Georgia and Las Vegas, Nev. with ties to local attorneys Carlos Masso and Rick Zayas."

No, I got the contract through a proper Open Records Request on January 6, 2015.  You see when Saenz told me on the phone he sold the 8 Liners to a Georgia company and hedged in his claim they could not be returned to Texas I thought I need to see the contract because merely selling them to a Georgia company does not mean they cannot be brought back into Texas.  I imagined a follow up story simply saying the contract in fact did not bar their return which meant once they crossed state lines the truck could be turned around and the 8 Liners could be brought right back to Brownsville.

Boy was I surprised when I realized the Lowkes connection to Brownsville.- Further, based on actual facts and an  inference from those facts I do not believe Saenz was in on the con job.

And here is why.  Why would he so fast authorize his office to disclose the Lowkes contract to me if he knew it was a con job?  He had to have known someone would check on the company.  Based on this fact it is fair, albeit maybe wrong, to infer he was not in on it.

So why did he authorize release so fast?  He wanted to counter your story Juanito - it was you who got Saenz to give me the contract so fast, and not Melissa.  And had he known the reality of Lowkes I do not believe he would have acted so fast.  But on the latter I could be wrong - it is merely an inference based on known facts.  It is possible it never occurred to him anyone would check on the name of the company.  Now if this is true, things only get more pathetic for his office.

His best response at this time is he has referred Lowkes International to the SOS for doing business in Texas without legal authority.  The tax penalties to Lowkes could add up pretty fast.  But if he has not done this, then it only makes it appear like he is protecting Lowkes.

The contract Open Records Response from January 6, 2015.

"Good afternoon, Bobby. ADA Matthew Kendall will be formally responding to your request.
Meanwhile, DA Saenz asked that I provide you with a copy of the contract with the Georgia company. The only information redacted is the location of our warehouse. NO MONIES from the sale/forfeiture of 8-liners have been disbursed or expended.
Also, employees at the DA’s Office are classified at HR as one of the three: “Secretary,” “ADA,” or “Investigator.” However, we all have our individual titles. We have auditors, IT specialists, clerks, receptionists, public information officer, etc., but they are each classified as “Secretary.”
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you,
Melissa "

Montoya just cannot stop lying, why?  Because lies is all he has.

From Montoya:  "Now he's threatening Saenz – the county's top law enforcement official – with disclosing some document that he doesn't know exists if the DA's Office doesn't deliver the goods." 

What the hell is he talking about?  When have I ever discussed some document which doesn't exist as it relates to Saenz or demanded he deliver the goods.  What goods?  Bizarro world is all I can say.


Anonymous said...

The worst thing about this Bobby is Melissa Zamora was in it from the very beginning. You think she's your friend but she has been telling Luis for the longest time that she has you tamed. That you eat out of her hand and she has proven it over and over and over again. Trust me when I say she's not after your best interest. All she ever says is Don't worry about Bobby I have him under control.

BobbyWC said...

You love making a fool of yourself. Did she have me under her control when Saenz had Victor Cortez stand at the grand jury room with a gun by his side to keep me from going into the press conference?

Did she have me under control when I successfully prepared the criminal complaint concerning the alleged bribe by Alex Begum?

Did Luis believe she had me under control when he ordered me removed from the press release list?

I realize to people like you who need friends a friend means anyone who talks to you or does their job.

Professional relationships are not friendships. I have never known or met Melissa outside of her professional capacity as a city commission and now PIO for Saenz.

Now I did see her at the grand opening of Wings - but only walking from the parking lot and asked her if she could ask the police to help the funeral line to get past the traffic and into the development behind Wings.

It was a mess and the people going to the post funeral get together were stuck on Central because of all of the traffic related to the opening of Wings and Troy being there.

In my world friends are more than people talking to one another as part of their jobs.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What about "job descriptions"? If they are all classified as "secretaries", are they all doing the same thing? That's wrong at some many levels, pun!