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EDITOR'S NOTE:  To everyone who just took office - be faithful to your oath - do not be afraid to ask for help if you are not sure what to do - it is evidence of humility which is good - be studious - if you do these things your reputation will carry you through the next election.  I wish each of you the best - now do your best.

The one person whose name has been floating around who might be able to beat Tony Martinez seems to have decided to either not run or wait until the last minute.  The issue is not beating Tony Martinez - it is defeating his majority and hopefully electing a commissioner who can lead the city commission thereby making Martinez irrelevant.

This person, and he knows who he is, has a better chance of taking Estela Chavez Vasquez seat than defeating Tony Martinez.  Tony will not go away without a very pricey fight - I see him loaning himself an easy $100,000 for the campaign and this prospective opponent cannot meet such a financial challenge. 

The Herald will continue the news blackout on the Casa Del Nylon deal.  The key issues we all know about are not commonly known to the community.  One person noted the new special federal task force is on the issue of the Casa Del Nylon - I do not believe it.  And even if they are - nothing will be done until way after the election so it will not matter.

In our form of city government the Mayor, is mostly a figure head. All it takes to shut him down is a majority of commissioners.  This is why knocking out Estela Chavez Vasquez is the key.  If this person would consider that race instead of the race against Tony, he would win, and in effect because of his skills and education end up leading the city commission leaving Tony as an irrelevant figure head.


Claims of corruption cost the Dallas county DA his job,  Virtually every Democrat I know in Dallas county voted for the Republican having reach their end with the nonsense of the now former DA.

Hidalgo County's new DA and Sheriff are promising to clean house.  We shall see what happens.  If they do, it will only leave Brownsville further behind.


The commissioners need to know if they mess this one up, they doom Cameron county and Brownsville.  They need to study who can best lead the county.  The decision cannot be made solely on promises to support what they want.  We need a county judge who can work with all of the mayors in the county and who can hopefully mediate the extra jurisdictional territorial problems splitting the county.  We need a county judge who has studied other successful counties.

This is not the time to choose a caretaker county judge - we cannot lose the two years.  There is too much on the table.  If everything which is possible happens, by 2018, Cameron county can be booming as a metroplex with many good paying jobs - but this is all dependent on a County Commission which sees itself as the leader in making us into a metroplex.

If this county commission can pull this off - I would be the first to support major pay raises for them and the county judge.  It is not like the old days - today a strong county commission is essential for our area.  If they put competence ahead of nonsense politics, I will be the first to support major pay raises for all of the commissioners - we need a county commission which is run by professionals who understand development.  The commissioners need to start thinking in terms of development and as being more than county commissioners in a small county.  In this new world in a county like Cameron our commissioners are key to our future - they are no longer small time county commissioners while the cities rule - no - today the county commissioners are the leaders and it is time they start to act accordingly.

It is time to put the past behind us - while not forgetting the lessons - and make the right decision based on a studious review of what is needed in a successful County Judge, and then selecting such a person.  That person may be a successful businessman or woman most of us have never heard of - all my point is, the commission needs to make the selection based on a standard of credentials which history tells us will make for a very successful county judge.

A successful county judge will benefit every commissioner - which in the end is in their best interest.

I would submit I would love for the new county judge to have a once a month luncheon with all of the mayors to discuss what is actually happening in terms of development and how all of the cities working together when possible can move the county forward.  We need for the mayors to communicate to the county judge what they need from the county for their cities to move forward - it will be then for the county judge to work with the commissioner who represents that city to make things happen when possible.

It is up to us people - we push for a different tomorrow while putting aside our past differences or we continue to obsess about our past differences and get nowhere.

But none of this will ever happen if the past corruption continues.  Over the weekend I realized the story I am holding involves another story.  I will say this and this only - Lucio III if you take that phone call the investigation with all of the supporting evidence and affidavits which should be signed by Monday will be going to the new federal task force.  We both know at least one state agency has some of the evidence -  do not make the mistake of running interference for your friend a second time.  If you do, it will cost not just you your political future but that of everyone who helps you protect your friend

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Anonymous said...

Da Mayor will use his money to help out those that will go along with him. Thats the sad part of trying to compete against a millionaire and his bank buddies.

On another note..Happy New Year!!