Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This is the building the city is prepared to buy for $55,000 from the daughters of Abraham Galonsky.  To be fair based on the appraised value by the Cameron County Appraisal District - the price is fine.  Most of the time CCAD appraises below the true value - now I said most of the time.

A few minutes ago a city official informed me that he was surprised this property belonged to Abraham Galonsky's daughters.  I asked why and was told that if after the sale is complete I do an open records request the documents will show it was Abraham Galonsky pushing the sale and not his daughters.

It has been documented the business dealings between Tony Martinez's partner Horacio Barrera and Abraham Galonsky.  These guys just do not get appearance of impropriety.  The fact a city official were shocked to learn Abraham Galonsky does not even own the building once again races the question of, is Tony Martinez playing games and hiding the ball.  Is the LLP in Galonsky daughters' name just a sham LLP to protect his property holdings? 

The picture is from a reader - thanks.

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