Monday, December 29, 2014

I would not wish handling a love ones' affairs on my worst enemy.  My brother and sister in law are not always very helpful.  His kids - two hours away are too busy to help - I'm sure they will be in probate court when the day comes - that two hours will become a short trip.
I went through the same nightmare with a sister - her kids could not help - they claimed ignorance of everything.  It took me months to gather marriage certificates, death certificates, birth certificates - military records - but I stayed at it and got my sister her Korean war veteran widow pension which is now helping to pay for the nursing home.
My brother is entitled to full VA disability because the activation of his neurofibroma can be linked to Agent Orange.  He did two tours in Vietnam.  He really does not need the money - except that it will guarantee between his VA and military retirement 100% of his nursing home care will be covered - which means neither he nor my sister-in-law will have to go on Medicaid.  their money will then be enough to pay for her nursing home care.
It has not been easy - but today an Angel who knew my brother was willing to give me information that maybe she should not have given me - but it is what I needed.  I can now move forward on getting him his benefits.  He will probably pass before the VA approves the request, but then my sister in law will get the benefit thereby guaranteeing payment of her nursing home care.
I have been rejecting comments about certain people not blogging - you know what - sometimes people just need time off.  Sometimes people have private matters which need attending to.  If all you have to offer Brownsville is bad mouthing bloggers for taking time off, all I can say is - get a life .
As bloggers we may disagree a lot - but we do our best to get information out there for people to consider - but sometimes time off is a good thing.

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