Saturday, December 27, 2014

Click for his Facebook Page

You can click on his Facebook page and ask him questions.

He promises to lower your taxes.  This will for sure not happen if Brownsville loses the extraterritorial jurisdiction issue.

But that aside ask him how he intends to lower taxes and:

Create more infrastructure;
Improve our quality of life;
Create a Veteran's Crisis Center
Build a library in the NE section of Brownsville; and
Expand Tourism

Now I have no problem with any of his goals - they are all good  - but do we not have the right to know how he intendeds to do this, while lowering your taxes?

Also, ask his position on Lincoln Park, Tenaska, Space X, Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, United Brownsville - these are all hot issues which in my opinion have valid arguments on both sides.  In many cases it is the process which is making the projects look bad, and not the idea.

Does he have a water policy?  Does he favor the weir dam?

Also ask about anything else which matters to you - post here issues which matter to you.

I am not limiting this request to William Garza - I am asking that my readers ask all of the candidates for all offices the same questions.

As to all incumbents you need to ask that they also list their accomplishments.

It is so simple people - just click on his Facebook page and send the message - you can invite him to post his response to the BV - I will not allow for distractions or nonsense - the only responses will have to go to his express ideas and solutions without insults.

Over the next few weeks as I know for sure the candidates, I will do a simple post with the same questions.  It is  time we start the discussion.  It is time we get to know the candidates without distractions- bogeyman associations and paid for defamation because an incumbent would not support someone's contract bid with the city.

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