Wednesday, December 31, 2014



What a week - first I finished building the case for my brother's VA disability - then I completed the process of finding Bela a home - 90 % moved - hope we can finish cleaning in the morning before the utilities are cut off. She is so funny - she is happy about meeting even more friends in her new school. I just hope all goes well with BISD and the transfer come Monday. And finally, today - I finished all of the research and complaints on a pretty big case

This is the problem with blogs - I love this story - it gets good - the state formally opened an investigation today.  I copied the complaint to DA Saenz and Chief Rodriguez.  I want to post the story, but I cannot because it is best I blindside the target..  The person I am helping wants me to next submit it to the special federal task force because my research showed the last time this person was targeted by a state agency two certain local elected officials intervened and the charges were dropped..

I hate holding the story - but until the blindside hits - it is better to hold the story.  This is the problem with blogging sometimes - sometimes if I go public with what I have learned I will mess up an investigation - so I remain silent.  By Monday I should have 5 witness affidavits to ad to the complain.

Also on Monday I will decide if I should file it with the new federal task force since press reports show two certain elected officials ran interference for the target of this investigation last time after the target guaranteed a certain someone a $30,000 loan at IBC bank.

I am asking the person I am helping to hold because I believe the Austin agency which is leading the investigation will do its job and does not need any help or interference from the feds.  But we shall see.  Last time around these two elected officials managed to get a state agency to drop their charges.

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