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"But Monday, U.S. Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Elena Kagan were full of warm praise for each other, saying that their common ground often overrides their ideological differences on the nation's high court."

"Scalia, as is his style, put a sharper point on it.

"If you can't disagree on the law without taking it personally, find another day job," he said. "You shouldn't be an appellate judge."

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Gun advocates complained that Associate Justice Elena Kagan had no understanding of guns and therefore should not be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.  Associate Justice Kagan took the complaint to heart after her confirmation and called Associate Justice Antonin Scalia and asked if he would teach her to hunt - they have been hunting together ever since.  In fact they hunt elk in the Northwest.

Further from the article

"Kagan and Scalia have built a relationship in part around hunting, with Scalia introducing her to guns. Kagan said during a talk at Princeton University in November that she and Scalia would come to Mississippi in December, in part, to hunt ducks"

It does not end their. 


Court watchers know that Justices Ginsburg and Scalia quite frequently attend the opera together. Again another left wing Justice having a good friendship with right wing Scalia.  A  lot has been made [strictly lightheartedly] of the fact married Scalia, a self professed conservative spends so much time hunting with liberal Elena Kagan and at the opera with liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Associate Justice Scalia and I may not agree on much, but I would have no problem being his friend and listening with intensity to his lectures.  I would love to go on a hunting trip with him - I would not hunt, but I sure would enjoy watching and eating anything he might prepare after the kill. 

Apparently an opera has been written about Ginsburg's and Scalia's opera dates.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

"She also discussed the opera based on her and Justice Antonin Scalia's friendship, which she says will hit the stage next summer. Her favorite scenes involves the time when her character drops on stage through a glass ceiling to rescue Scalia, who has been trapped in a locked room for excessive dissenting. She also loves Scalia's "rage aria." (Ginsburg's review of the opera and her friendship starts at 1:42:30.)"

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Some people just cannot find common ground.  I find bizarre the claims I keep on changing sides - I do not remember taking sides - I can be fierce on an issue and disagree with you big time, and the next day watch the Spurs with you over beer.  There is more to life than our differences - life brings its greatest joys when we find our common ground.

To paraphrase Associate Justice Scalia - if you cannot disagree with someone without taking it personally, then get help because you have problems.   Disagreement is what makes life interesting.

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